What is is an anonymous discussion forum in image-board style with focus on Continental Europe and the UK. Our goal is to give people space for self-expression and self-determination without revealing their identity. This means that our users do not need to register an account before participating in the community and we do not collect personal information in connection with these activities. However, posters can append a name to their posts, with a unique hash identifier known as a tripcode. The conversation on is therefore a great opportunity to learn a foreign language and culture in a fun and informal environment. So feel free to jump right in and start participating!

Global Rules
  1. In order to view any content on, you must of legal age to view adult material in your country, state, or province of residence.
  2. Do not post, request, or link to any illegal content that is illegal to view in Luxembourg or the United States. Examples include Child Pornography (any pornography with someone who is 17 or younger), revenge porn, and Illegal copies of copyrighted content (this includes download links too). Violators will be permanently banned.
  3. Do not flood or spam the boards with images.
  4. Do not post off topic replies, or create threads that are not about the board’s subject.
  5. Please use proper grammar and spelling outside of /b/. Mistakes are fine, but poorly written posts will be deleted.
  6. Refrain from trolling outside of /b/. Troll posts will be deleted, and the poster will be banned if this behavior continues.
  7. Do not abuse the Report system. Absuing report system may lead to a ban.

Global rules apply to all boards unless otherwise noted.

Remember: The use of is a privilege, not a right. The moderation team reserves the right to revoke access and remove content for any reason without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

-How do I start posting?
You start by choosing a board to post in. The board /b/-random is the usual starting point. After choosing a board, you can either post or comment on a post.

-Why e.g. German-board has shorthand address /de and Kosovo-board /xk?
This is not a random choice or a fantasy name. The board paths are named according to the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2. For more information, see:

-Do I have to post an image to start a thread/topic?
To start a new thread/topic, you must post an image. When replying to a thread, no attachment is required.

-How can I find an image to start a thread?
Anywhere on the internet, it can be from your camera or images you find online via an image search (like google). Just find an image that is related to your topic as much as possible. If you are not able to, note that the image is not related (i.e. Picture unrelated).

-How do I post videos from or
Just type or paste the plain link into your message (i.e.: The system will do the rest!

-What is sage?
"Sage" comes from the Japanese verb sageru (下げる) which means "to lower". Using sage allows a user to reply to a topic without bumping it to the top. A user would sage a topic when he or she doesn't like what was posted, so it then adds to the amount of posts the topic has, allowing it to be pruned from the board more quickly without bumping the topic back to the first page of the board. To sage a thread, simply enter "sage" in the options field.

-Why won’t my thread bump?
Depending on the board all threads have a set bump limit, and when this limit is reached a thread will no longer bump to the top of the board. This ensures that new content is fresh, ongoing and encourages people to continue ongoing threads that may be deleted by creating a new thread and redirecting people to another thread.

-What is a Meme?
Memes can be idioms, simple words, image macros, simple pictures, catchphrases, in some cases personifications (like i.e. OS-tan's). Some memes are site-wide and can be used in all boards/cases/specifications, others are specific to each board.

-What does a code behind some nicknames mean?
This code is called the tripcode. A tripcode is a way of authentication that does not require registration. Technically, a tripcode is the hashed result of a password that allows one's identity to be recognized without storing data on the server. We use the following schema for our implementation of the tripcode-login: the trip-password is first hashed with the SHA-2 algorithm and then translated into base62 representation with Fisher–Yates shuffle plus secret crypto-salt. After that action, the result of password translation will be reduced into 10 characters string and merged with trip-name part to somewhat like Anon!2GckUrubFg and saved into DB as plain text. Important note: the same password will always hash to the same result, be sure that your password is unique and is not already taken by another user. A short, human friendly password is generally not suitable for this form of authentication! What is Hash Function? What is SHA-2? What is base62? What is Fisher–Yates shuffle? What is Crypto-Salt?

-And what about privacy?
All traffic between your browser and our web server is encrypted with HTTPS and we do not collect personal information in connection with your activities. All your data will be stored locally on your device, where you have an option to delete it permanently. What is HTTPS? What is IP-Address? What is Web storage?

-What next?
Let your creativity go wild. Make informative, creative, even funny replies and topics. The beauty of imageboards is that it’s what YOU make of it. Imageboards are communites where corrobation, contribution and nameless expression thrive.


The stories and discussions posted here are works of fiction and falsehood, none of which are to be taken literally under any circumstances. All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective parties. Images uploaded are the responsibility of the Poster. Comments are owned by the Poster.