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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Albania, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albania

This board is making Whites become Anti-White

I will share you my own story. I have been on /al/ since June of 2019. I have been Pro-White until fully going onto this board in August. I am White, I got Black Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, and White Skin. I am Albanian and Anatolian (Anatolian because my father came from those Anatolian Nomads with Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Pale Skin and with only little actually Turkic genetics). I look like a Spaniard. Yet people call me Non-White. It has gone to a point where I actually believed I was Non-White. First of all this board alienates fellow Whites (Southern Europeans and Hispanic Latinos) and makes them believe they are Non-White and so they post "Nordcuck" cliches to attack back at the Northern Europeans. If you want White Unity Stop trying to Alienate the White Race fucking faggots. The Second problem with this board is the amount of Racemixer Wannabes here. You faggots are destroying the White Race by mixing with Yellow Women. Stay with your own Women and stop paying Yellow Women to be in faulty Relationships. It is better to stay with your own beautfiul White Women. The Third problem with this board is how Anti Yellow it is. How do you autists not realise. The Yellow People (Asians) have greatness. They're also superior and have made this world better. Stop making cliches about Coal-burning with Yellow Women as well. It makes Whites look like degenerates. We are not degenerates though. We are a proud Race. We need to keep our race a proud race and not make it look like a failure through this board. If you want to act like true Whites then stop alienating other Whites (Hispanics and Southern Europeans), Stop making cliches abut Coal-burning, and stop shitting on the Yellow Race. Also if you want to act like true Fascists, Get out of your mothers basement and do something useful. Now stop trying to destroy the White Race with all these Anti White Sentiments against other Whites and Unite with fellow Whites. Even the Whites who come from Turkey. WHITE UNITY AND WHITE PRIDE!

>I'm Albanian
>Take me seriously

Pick one. Also you tell people not to racemix with bugmen (wholesome concept) then go on one sentence later to glorify them and imply that coal-burning with them could be a good thing (pro tip Bugmen suck you just don't know enough of them/havent traveled to their countries).

Shqip faggot.
90% + of the people in the world (including 90% + of whites) are not worth saving. Even all the nazi Germany pictures you see is all propaganda. People are horrible, always have been, always will be. The Chinese will rule the world soon, Im just staying alive to see the shitshow at this point
>lurk moar faggot
your way too new to be posting threads let alone saying what this board is about.

You will Never Remove Albania

Albanians are the Chechens of Europe.
All Europe fears the Albanian.
Albania does not have any of the problems eurocucks have.
> islamification?
already refugee
> no guns
we don't care
> race replacement
we're expanding. Kosovo done, servia next.
> skittles
not welcome
> thots
we control them

You will NEVER beat us.

Send some virgin šiptar qts desu
How does every Albanian cooking book start?
'Steal 2 eggs'.
the most retarded individual i've ever known, not really disabled, retarded, was albanian