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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Albania, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albania

Why do you hate them?

I noticed a lot of hate to Albanians on /al/, I'm assuming its because they are "le rEfUgEES", while opressed "based serbs" are "christians".

I swear, if thats your reason^, then your IQ is literally with two digits. I bet you dont even go to church or read a Bible. Stupid western atheists and agnostics. Balkan conflicts have nothing to do with religion.


>comments from angry incels incoming:
>"albanian living in croatia"

I've grown up around a lot of Albanians here in NY. My good friend irl is a first generation and taught me a lot on their history. Tbh it's a interesting one.
Also their country isn't all about Islam, historically they been Catholic. Only under Hoxha did Islam thrive because he suppressed Catholics.
The way to view the country is based on
Typically Music
>Mountain Albanians

All the Catholics from what I assessed kept their traditions solid throughout history in Albania by being isolationist tribes. I.e "Come up me fokin mountin, I'll blast yer ass" type shit.
They did however bud-heads with the Montenegrins from what it seemed though with over the border skirmishes between villages near Shkodër
Success breed Jealousy. We basically got away with all our actions during the last 3 centuries without as much as a slap on the wrist.
Cockroaches. I am yet to meet someone who actually thinks they are human

So apparently two males one Albanian one Chechen under the a...

So apparently two males one Albanian one Chechen under the ages of 18 were raped by Refugees last Wednesday. the violence which was albanians and chechens vs refugees started yesterday in france, but this shit has spread into norway as well. all i see on the albanians and chechens snapchat stories here in norway is threats to refugees and turks. imagine if we western europeans had that bond, imagine if english people in norway would have posted threats against pakistanis because of pakistani rapegangs, holy shit islamified eastern europeans are the biggest chads ever.

Haha... Now they are raping the men..
Balkans and eastern euro Christians are pretty similar, Protestantism ruined the west
>Two boys
Ahhh yes my refugee brothers keep slaying tha boipussy