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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Albania, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albania

You will Never Remove Albania

Albanians are the Chechens of Europe.
All Europe fears the Albanian.
Albania does not have any of the problems eurocucks have.
> islamification?
already refugee
> no guns
we don't care
> race replacement
we're expanding. Kosovo done, servia next.
> skittles
not welcome
> thots
we control them

You will NEVER beat us.

Send some virgin šiptar qts desu
How does every Albanian cooking book start?
'Steal 2 eggs'.
the most retarded individual i've ever known, not really disabled, retarded, was albanian

/BALK/anoid thread - ROMAN EDITION


>Romans conquer Illyria
>Illyrians continually revolt
>Romans slaughter them and colonize the country
>Surviving Illyrians move to South, mountains (Albanians)
>Area becomes fully Romanized
>Survives as Roman province for centuries
>Italy falls to the g*rmanics with the rest of the empire
>Province of Dalmatia remains
>Speaks Latin languages until 18th century

>Balkanoids (ROMAN, ROMAN CATHOLICS = 100% ROMAN, Orthodox = Possibly ROMAN, M*slim = turk, b*zantine)
>Italians (Possibly ROMAN, depends on region and appearance, eg. Venetians are pretty ROMAN)
>Iberians (Possibly ROMAN, probably G*rman, or, God forbid, p*nic)

Not invited:
>B*zantines (fake romans, junkie, refugee)
>jews (p*nics)
>GERManoids (the eternal barbarian)
>celts (fuck I hate gauls)
>Persians (horsefuckers)

Why are there so many balkan threads lately
cringe pls commit suicide faggot slav