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where do Albanians come from?

(Not a thread for Anti-Albanian LARPing or shills I want direct answers)

Honestly I have been baffled by this shit. I am Half Greek Half Albanian and I don't even know where Albanians come from.

I have been lurking in so much /balk/ threads that I think I'm gonna get autism but when I was in those threads I saw lots of posts from Serbs and Macedonians saying Albanians are from the Caucasus or are Turk Rapebabies. I see posts from Greeks saying they are some type of proto-Greek or Pelasgian. And I even see some Westerners say Albanians are a type of Italian or even sometimes Vlach. This is a hotly debated topic and I have came up with some theories myself being that I live in a household were Albanian, Cappadocian Greek, and Turkish are spoken and I have a first hand experience of the Albanian Language.

So far I am stumped but I am leaning to the theory Albanians are some type of knock off Greek as in a Pelasgian mixed with a type of Pre Slavic Balkan population (Not Illyrians) but a type of Daco-Moesian population.

You come from Noah through his son Japheth, maybe you also have the blood of The 12 Lost Tribes of Israel.
Don't worry. Can't be worse than leaf.

Slavs are invaders in Europe. Albanians only converted to Mu...

Slavs are invaders in Europe. Albanians only converted to Refugee during medieval times when Ottomans invaded Balkans. Until that time Albanians, Bulgars, Serbs etc fought together against Ottomans.

Serbs are slavs coming from east. Kosovo has always been inhabited by Albanians.

>picture related serb reaction when they read this thread

what the fuck are you on?
>itt Balkaniggers

Make some new cliches at least, I've seen all of these 6 years ago
German guy here living balkans for 2 years. Here's the true rundown as someone who spent about 6 months in each of the following countries:

Expected it to be a Refugee shit hole. Tirana was actually really nice. Very small, but I saw 50% churches and mosques. No hijabs. Honestly I think it was half and half christian/Refugee. But very secular and nobody cared about religion.

People were white mostly, but some would have darker complexion. Felt very European and surprisingly nice place. Very friendly locals. True diversity where christians and Refugees actually live together as bros. Girls are kinda cute in the face but not good bodies. Short, chubby, and short legs.

Definitely white, walking down the street you just feel like the locals could be British or even German. More brown hair, but very white. Very tall people. I'm 190 and feel short most places I go. Women regularly over 180.

Very nice people, again good English. Belgrade is very livable, great nightlife, and the girls are very hot. VERY hot.