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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Albania, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albania

Albanian Women

I find Albanian to be 1 of the most beautiful ethnicities among the Euro people. The females of Albania have an exotic Europan look and also seem to have a bit of attitude and backbone that is sorely missing in most of the other Euro ethnic groups. I would be a happy man to fuck and impregnate a bad Albanian babe and have a family with her.

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How do you define who is and isn't "white"? Is it just anybo...

How do you define who is and isn't "white"? Is it just anybody of European blood?
When I see an Albanian, for example, I see a foreigner; an alien in my land, no different than if I saw a chink or a paki. Certainly not somebody I could ever consider kin.
Whereas I feel a much closer kinship with other Northern Europeans.

Here, fixed it for you. Hungarians are a bit mixed with you central yuropean mutts, so they're not technically fully white.
People with heritage of the violet race aka Adam and Eve.
The eyes dont lie.