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Welcome to /al/ - Albania! Rules: 1. The default languages for discussions in /al/ - Albania are Albanian and English. 2. You can ask here people from Albania anything anonymously, trolling is allowed, but must be funny and not malicious. Please be respectful. 3. Remember all global rules apply to /al/, and general respect and courtesy is in this board no matter your opinions or the opinions of others. If you are not familiar with history and culture of Albania, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albania

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Why do you hate them?

I noticed a lot of hate to Albanians on /al/, I'm assuming its because they are "le rEfUgEES", while opressed "based serbs" are "christians". I swear, if thats your reason^, then your IQ is literally with two digits. I bet you dont even go to church or read a Bible. Stupid western atheists and agnostics. Balkan conflicts have nothing to do with religion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k2GJW8F38M >comments from angry incels incoming: >"albanian living in croatia"

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So apparently two males one Albanian one Chechen under the a...

So apparently two males one Albanian one Chechen under the ages of 18 were raped by Refugees last Wednesday. the violence which was albanians and chechens vs refugees started yesterday in france, but this shit has spread into norway as well. all i see on the albanians and chechens snapchat stories here in norway is threats to refugees and turks. imagine if we western europeans had that bond, imagine if english people in norway would have posted threats against pakistanis because of pakistani rapegangs, holy shit islamified eastern europeans are the biggest chads ever.

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This board is making Whites become Anti-White

I will share you my own story. I have been on /al/ since June of 2019. I have been Pro-White until fully going onto this board in August. I am White, I got Black Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, and White Skin. I am Albanian and Anatolian (Anatolian because my father came from those Anatolian Nomads with Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Pale Skin and with only little actually Turkic genetics). I look like a Spaniard. Yet people call me Non-White. It has gone to a point where I actually believed I was Non-White. First of all this board alienates fellow Whites (Southern Europeans and Hispanic Latinos) and makes them believe they are Non-White and so they post "Nordcuck" cliches to attack back at the Northern Europeans. If you want White Unity Stop trying to Alienate the White Race fucking faggots. The Second problem with this board is the amount of Racemixer Wannabes here. You faggots are destroying the White Race by mixing with Yellow Women. Stay with your own Women and stop paying Yellow Women to be in faulty Relationsh...

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You will Never Remove Albania

Albanians are the Chechens of Europe. All Europe fears the Albanian. Albania does not have any of the problems eurocucks have. > islamification? already refugee > no guns we don't care > race replacement we're expanding. Kosovo done, servia next. > skittles not welcome > thots we control them You will NEVER beat us.

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/BALK/anoid thread - ROMAN EDITION

BALKANOIDS = TRVE HEIRS OF ROMA >Romans conquer Illyria >Illyrians continually revolt >Romans slaughter them and colonize the country >Surviving Illyrians move to South, mountains (Albanians) >Area becomes fully Romanized >Survives as Roman province for centuries >Italy falls to the g*rmanics with the rest of the empire >Province of Dalmatia remains >Speaks Latin languages until 18th century Invited: >Balkanoids (ROMAN, ROMAN CATHOLICS = 100% ROMAN, Orthodox = Possibly ROMAN, M*slim = turk, b*zantine) >Italians (Possibly ROMAN, depends on region and appearance, eg. Venetians are pretty ROMAN) >Iberians (Possibly ROMAN, probably G*rman, or, God forbid, p*nic) Not invited: >B*zantines (fake romans, junkie, refugee) >p*nics (ETERNAL ENEMY OF ROME) >jews (p*nics) >GERManoids (the eternal barbarian) >celts (fuck I hate gauls) >Persians (horsefuckers)...