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Slavs are invaders in Europe. Albanians only converted to Mu...

Slavs are invaders in Europe. Albanians only converted to Refugee during medieval times when Ottomans invaded Balkans. Until that time Albanians, Bulgars, Serbs etc fought together against Ottomans.

Serbs are slavs coming from east. Kosovo has always been inhabited by Albanians.

>picture related serb reaction when they read this thread
Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe fuck off
seethe and cope more shiptard
Honestly I believe that we have almost nothing to do with our Slavic ancestors anymore. I feel like saying we're Slavs is disingenuous at this point, we're basically 90% mutts
Racially pure slavs are very close to what western europeans are/were. The ones mixed with turks and mongols are not. Balkanites are racial bastards who live in shitholes because they are mixed, russians are mixed with turks and mongols.
Tonibler is that you
albania or middl east. looks like a crowd of refugees
slavs are backstabbing, narcissistic cunts.
>the first written mention of the Albanian language was on 14 July 1284 in Dubrovnik in modern Croatia when a crime witness named Matthew testified: "I heard a voice shouting on the mountainside in the Albanian language"
nice attempt at faking history
>Albanians only converted to Refugee
To Islam you fucking retard.
>Slavs are invaders in Europe
yes, invaders in europe from europe, just like rest of europe. Retard. And if you mean "native balkan", serbs, croats and bosnians are more "native" than albos who larp as illyrians
bulgars and serbs never fought ottomans
we fought them and payed a huge price for it
i'm i lying?
wait and see
turkey is rising again with the neo ottoman theory
you will find out pretty soon how slav are going to help erdogan neo ottoman agenda
and never forget
turkey and islam were neve friends of albania
now fuck off cuz as always we are going to solve ourselvs our problems
you just keep on the handbreaks of our car
Greeks and Albanians are literally what is left from the ancient, pre-Latin Balkans. Everyone else is a late-coming jogger, especially Slavs, Turks and Gypsies
Why do Europeans hate Serbs so much??
Theres a Serbian immigrant girl at my workplace and she's hot as fuck. She's very white too.
South 'Slavs' aren't even Slavic.
They are slavonized Illyrians.
The s*rbs will get what's coming to them, worry not brothers.
all the (((swedes))) in this thread lol. it shows they didn't just take up middle eastern shitskins.
Belgrade is NOT Serbian
eastern europeans are whiter than western europeans
except southeastern europeans, but they are still whiter than us southwestern europeans so even their southrons are whiter then western southrons
Only the jogger albanians/Bosnians were weak enough to succumb to islam, and thus should be gassed.
I have dealt with balkan people and generally they are nice people. However, nearly every single time I deal with Bosnians or Albanians, I have problems with them. Borderline criminal, lazy and unintelligent. Just very nasty people, but why is that? Since they are so close geogphically, why are they so different in looks, morality and intelligence?
>Slavs are invaders in Europe.
imagine just imagine that your race is so cucked that the word slave is based around slavs and their eternal cuckoldry and servitude to europeans, africans and asians....
why is albania so unlikable? does albania have any friends except minority of croat nationalists who haven't grown out of "serbs bad" phase
Srbe na vrbe
Op, my favorite quote:
"Others do not conquer our land, we conquer theirs – so it shall always be for us"

Bdw: He stuck around and found out (in 1914).
Hidden flag-sempai we do not wish for the hand to turn black again now, do we?
Go ask muts to drop more uranium on Beograd so we get more of your land.
I don't even know what the fuck this is, what is this thread
Cope you faggot. I think you have far bigger problems than balkans in eu...Sorry they* since you are most likely a paki that got beat up on his way to claim free money in eu.

Keep coping with the fact that balkan will never give in to you sand nigers.
kosovans are traitors to europe,they cling to their former masters religion instead of embracing christian ways and stabbing their brother serbs in the back

fuck kosovo
To paraphrase Dobrica Cosic.
>Serbs lie to hide how pathetic they are.
As far the Ottoman census books go, Shiptars are brought in the Balkans around 16th century. In time span of 3 centuries, they ethnically cleansed entire regions. You see, Ottomans were not barbarians, they were highly advanced empire and they kept record about everything. The so called Albanians I know of today, you can recognize them by their face and they do not look like Brad Pitt. And if they do, I guarantee you its a blood line from a stolen Christian woman, centuries ago. They were the Bashibozuk (un-organized army) of the Ottomans. The rapist, murderers, thieves that operate right after the trained military.
You're all Turkish down there as far as humans (Anglo-Saxons and Germanics) are concerned.
analbanians are not natives of the region
what the fuck are you on?
>itt Balkaniggers

Make some new cliches at least, I've seen all of these 6 years ago
German guy here living balkans for 2 years. Here's the true rundown as someone who spent about 6 months in each of the following countries:

Expected it to be a Refugee shit hole. Tirana was actually really nice. Very small, but I saw 50% churches and mosques. No hijabs. Honestly I think it was half and half christian/Refugee. But very secular and nobody cared about religion.

People were white mostly, but some would have darker complexion. Felt very European and surprisingly nice place. Very friendly locals. True diversity where christians and Refugees actually live together as bros. Girls are kinda cute in the face but not good bodies. Short, chubby, and short legs.

Definitely white, walking down the street you just feel like the locals could be British or even German. More brown hair, but very white. Very tall people. I'm 190 and feel short most places I go. Women regularly over 180.

Very nice people, again good English. Belgrade is very livable, great nightlife, and the girls are very hot. VERY hot.