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This board is making Whites become Anti-White

I will share you my own story. I have been on /al/ since June of 2019. I have been Pro-White until fully going onto this board in August. I am White, I got Black Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, and White Skin. I am Albanian and Anatolian (Anatolian because my father came from those Anatolian Nomads with Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Pale Skin and with only little actually Turkic genetics). I look like a Spaniard. Yet people call me Non-White. It has gone to a point where I actually believed I was Non-White. First of all this board alienates fellow Whites (Southern Europeans and Hispanic Latinos) and makes them believe they are Non-White and so they post "Nordcuck" cliches to attack back at the Northern Europeans. If you want White Unity Stop trying to Alienate the White Race fucking faggots. The Second problem with this board is the amount of Racemixer Wannabes here. You faggots are destroying the White Race by mixing with Yellow Women. Stay with your own Women and stop paying Yellow Women to be in faulty Relationships. It is better to stay with your own beautfiul White Women. The Third problem with this board is how Anti Yellow it is. How do you autists not realise. The Yellow People (Asians) have greatness. They're also superior and have made this world better. Stop making cliches about Coal-burning with Yellow Women as well. It makes Whites look like degenerates. We are not degenerates though. We are a proud Race. We need to keep our race a proud race and not make it look like a failure through this board. If you want to act like true Whites then stop alienating other Whites (Hispanics and Southern Europeans), Stop making cliches abut Coal-burning, and stop shitting on the Yellow Race. Also if you want to act like true Fascists, Get out of your mothers basement and do something useful. Now stop trying to destroy the White Race with all these Anti White Sentiments against other Whites and Unite with fellow Whites. Even the Whites who come from Turkey. WHITE UNITY AND WHITE PRIDE!
>I have been on /al/ since June of 2019.
No need to state the obvious
I am sorry the noggers have demoralized you, but the truth is that whites are whites. And you are white.
Not reading all that lmao
>allowing shills to influence you
>jewish concern troll
Pick one
stop coping like an 80 IQ shitskin and maybe we will believe you are white. stop being a weak faggot, i'm not a 6 foot 3 scandinavian but I am white. you sound like a basedboy who can't handle meanspeak
Nobody wants to hear your life blog, newfag.
>analbanian with turkroach genes
Not even human.
>Since June 2019
>But things changed when I started going on it "fully" in a couple months...
I'll take things that never happened/OP is a faggot for $100.
>I have been on /al/ since June of 2019.

How can you still not handle the bantz? Try a Swedish or German flag.
>I will share you my own story. I have been on /al/ since June of 2019
Lurk more before posting, faggot.
You're taking banter too seriously. Don't forget that kikes and niggera use this board to try and put whites against each other
>Black Hair, Dark Brown Eyes
>I am White

lol, no.
>I have been on /al/ since June of 2019
Lurk moar
>... I actually believed I was Non-White
If you can't tell what race you belong to and if you're overly affected by the input of others you might wanna check your gender first.
>this board alienates fellow Whites
Ok, true...
>(Southern Europeans
>and Hispanic Latinos)
Gonna hope you meant white hispanics

The rest is anti yellow fever and semi-true base facts, this thread is worthless.
> If you want to act like true Whites then stop alienating other Whites (Hispanics
Stopped reading, Amerinigger spics and "muh castizos" are subhuman. They can't build a country they don't want to flee, they all get the rope.
just post the in-store prices
cool story bro
>An Albanian summer fag leaf
By Allah you are Satan incarnate
>implying people are bond together by their phenotype

Nigger, I know niggers, who accept the superiority of the white man, these guys are honoraries while you are just a pussy.
Whites = Only Anglos and Scandis, ie. protestant homosexual communists with a blacked fetish

I'm not white (Souther German) and I'm ok with that. I don't want to be put in the same group as these "people".

Also, /al/ is the biggest anti-white, anti-western board on the net.
> I'm white
> the mirror says I'm not white
You're not white.
>since June of 2019
Stopped reading there. KYS newfag
>The Yellow People (Asians) have greatness. They're also superior and have made this world better.
Masses of dirty people living together with no privacy. Men cucked by their wives. People spitting phlegm on the streets. People do what they have to and don't work for higher ideals
>I will share you my own story. I have been on /al/ since June of 2019
so you have not qualified to post yet? return in june 2021 and do not post again until then. you are the brownskin i was talking to in another thread the other day. it was a Das rite black israelite thread.
Lurk more. Unironically. You're on the right path but you need more board knowledge.
>/al/ makes white self-loathing!
>here, have a description of the most mutt half-jew half-negro "white" to prove this board is stupid
>hey, goy, have you heard it? everybody is white!
The shilling here, so hard. What is white to you? Having a skincolor lighter than Pantone charcoal? "White" is a symbol on /al/, a symbol to become better, to work hard, to improve one's self and one's own community, thus also having "jew" as symbol of the traitor who, while declaring himself as "white", sabotages the effort of the "white", and the "negro", who acts the opposite of the "white", preferring easy stuff.

To any fucking idiot who suddenly read this: /al/ is made up of symbols. Remember what your English teacher said about the red curtains of Shakespeare? That shit is valid here with every message, because it tells truths that the "jew" doesn't want to be spread and the "negro" is too dumb to comprehend
>I am albanian
Then you are not white
Simple as
It's the shills primarily doing the D&C shit.
I am a blonde blue eyed middle Easterner and I am far whiter than you are
>. I am White,
Fuck off, Moshe.
>browses /al/
>decides to take every shitposter and D&C shill seriously despite threads like nords vs meds being nothing more than a fucking cliche and friendly banter
>proceeds to make a blogpost about his insecurities and seething
Maybe they were right, seeing your abysmal IQ, need for validation and low self confidence. Maybe you should consider r.eddit instead?
also to correct you on something,
Spaniards and portugese (european WHITE meds) going south american poon hunting doesn't make the products of said colonization white.
And I always thought this board makes wishes come true
Sure it is leaf, now get back to choking on your maple syrup

It's true. I hate poltards so much I have started cheering for other races and replacement.

I used to think blackened porn was disgusting, but now I fap over it just to spite al.
>June of 2019

Holy fucking newfag, you shouldn't even be making posts yet being that new.
What's your fucking problem? It must have gotten under your thin skin apparently. I'm 75% German and 25% Persian and you don't see me crying mutty tears here.
When shtf I will defend Europe and gladly give my Life for something worth fighting for. If I get the bullet after we won because my eyes are blue but my hair is brown, then so be it.
Still a better ending than living and drowning in a truly hostile environment that wants to see you dead, your sons slaughtered and your daughters sold off. Get your shit together and stop whining about who is or isn't white.
>Dark hair
>"I am white."
Okay, shitskin. Whatever you say.
The board is split between 2 large groups with subgroups.

The first group are:
European chauvinists, who love and respect Christianity, and love and respect all European cultures and people's regardless of stupid shit like skin colour, which is only 1 teeny tiny part of race. These people also don't really have a problem with non-European cultures, they simply wish for European cultures and peoples to exist long in to the future alongside their fellow man.

This group includes "classical liberals" who reject "identity politics" on principle, but "understand", for lack of a better word.
There is also a surging group of what I would describe as Catholic Integralists, who believe that stuff like the separation of church and state and liberty are spooks, and that the populist right needs God and good Christian optics to achieve their goals.
This group also contains some unironic fascists, left wingers who don't hate white people, and a whole bunch of people who aren't even European, but also "understand".


The second group is comprised of:
Pagan larpers, unironic "white supremacists", people who think Europeans came from atlantis, federal agents recruiting for their local KKK chapter, etc. etc. Basically everyone who has a view that can't be summarized briefly as "wanting to exist" or perhaps "exercising the right of peoples to self determination". These people are very retarded and you can identify them by their violent fedposting and/or thorough dedication to calling anyone who thinks Jesus was A-OK a jewish shill.
>the Whites who come from Turkey
Sage faggot
Damn I ain't reading all that shit, faggot.
>Yet people call me Non-White
Idiots or kikes
>the amount of Racemixer Wannabes here
Trolls like that chink kike dude
>mixing with Yellow Women
aaaa you mean this, yeah you're totally right here, idiots who cant see beyond their dicks
Didn't read, leaf.
Not even reading this newfag bait
>Dark Brown Eyes
u may be a nigger by part, no?
>muh white race muh white pride
You think I give a fuck about my people. The west is lost
>inb4 blackpilled cuck
>inb4 demoralization fag
I care about my immediate family and the people around me. I only visit this cesspool to harvest (You)s and laugh at retarded faggots and LARPers.
That's the idea

That's the entire reason behind the various "cults of personality" that the elite manufacture. Alex Jones, Trump, /al/: it's all the same game. Give the goyim a leader and lead them to invalidate themselves. They're very good at this game, and us peasants are too dumb and emotional, too predictable, to realize it
Lol the only thing white on a shiptar is all the leftover semen from ejaculating on goats
Btw no hate on you specifically, but Shipos are 1/2 non-white it's obvious, mostly amouting to racially ambiguous Kosovars. Actual Albanian proper is fine I guess as long as he isn't PURE ILLJIRIAN BLUT UND BODEN.
Tirana = master race
Prizren = untermensch
>Hispanic Latinos
based post. ignore all the illiterates
i wish more europeans would achieve your level of enlightenment...
not sure on this particular one but usually ist 2-10 years of being ahead of the mainstream...
lets see how times and narratives will change in that timespan...
keep at it and godspeed to (You)(OP)
Don't be so sensitive to cliches here.
Middle eastern hybrids can be allies in our fight against globohomo and ZOG but no mass immigrating to Europe. They cause a lot of crime and create too much problematic spawn.
Are you one of those niggers that fled their country instead of fighting and rebuild it. Instead you bring your filthy mentality to other countries. Albanians are fucking scum.
A white man doesn't take no for answer, when people say he is not white.
> I am Albanian and Anatolian
i will spare you the banter for being an albo. but in all seriousness if you are anatolian you are not european, period.
you are niethern nordic nor mediterranean, just middle easterner as all turkroaches.
>since June of 2019.
This place is comped by feds and other entities
LOL....racism is for fags. All it matters what you believe. Your white is in your values. Do you have less Aryan DNA then Nordics, absolutely. But there many pure Africans that are whiter in their values then those feminized Nordic liberal faggot male Swedes nowadays.
>I'm Albanian
>Take me seriously

Pick one. Also you tell people not to racemix with bugmen (wholesome concept) then go on one sentence later to glorify them and imply that coal-burning with them could be a good thing (pro tip Bugmen suck you just don't know enough of them/havent traveled to their countries).

Shqip faggot.
90% + of the people in the world (including 90% + of whites) are not worth saving. Even all the nazi Germany pictures you see is all propaganda. People are horrible, always have been, always will be. The Chinese will rule the world soon, Im just staying alive to see the shitshow at this point
>lurk moar faggot
your way too new to be posting threads let alone saying what this board is about.