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Armenians BTFO


This is literally war you fucking basement dwellers. There's no cliches, no Evola quotes, no Wagner soundtrack, nothing but utter shock at realization you were born, had a childhood, loving parents and family, laughed and played and grew up with your friends, had love interests, ideas, hopes, dreams, hobbies, but met your end left alone in a trench in some fucking backwater with only death to sing the tale of your doom.
I really wish Turkey starts shit, is the CSTO still a thing?
Get out of my territory you fuckin mongrels


The Armenian garrison north of the front towards Agdere has been surrounded completely by #Azerbaijan Forces. Hundreds of Armenian soldiers surrendered and later captured.


remember folkks azerbajan is jew, Armenians are Christians
Good. Armenians are literally discount jews. They go into the same professions as jews. Lie like jews. Seclude themselves and make everything about race like jews. The only difference is they aren't anywhere near as successful as jews.
>Discount shit lawyers
>Drive salvaged BMWs
>Sell fake jewelry or cheap phone accessories
>Spend all their money on Armani Exchange or Hugo Boss but live in shacks
Azerbaijan is a refugee israeli ally. JIDF is siding against the Christians.