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Armenia vs Azerbaijan Can someone red pill me on what’s hap...

Armenia vs Azerbaijan
Can someone red pill me on what’s happening?

Why is Azerbaijan attacking Armenia? Kim Kardashian says it’s an illegal attack

Standing on any flag is terrible

The Azerbaijan flag has the Refugee crescent moon on it so that tells me they’re probably evil
>The Azerbaijan flag has the Refugee crescent moon on it so that tells me they’re probably evil
Fuck why Amerilards are so stupid?
There were a region with 60/40 or 70/30 armenians/azeris in azerbaijan
With russian support that region separated from azerbaijan after soviet collapse
That's it
Google Karabakh
Armenians are mountain jews and Azeris are Turk-speaking Persians. Hopefully, Azeris finally ethnically cleanse mountain jews from their land.
Who cares, lmao
>The Azerbaijan flag has the Refugee crescent moon on it so that tells me they’re probably evil

Good Goy! Now go down to an evil Christian church and bust up some statues!
Contact an Israeli embassy if you need help
>The Azerbaijan flag has the Refugee crescent moon on it so that tells me they’re probably evil

Ugh, ameriturds. Why am i not surprised?

skirmishes are only interesting amongst nuclear armed countries.
Who the fuck cares? Where the fuck are these countries? Do they even exist? What voodo mumbojumbo even is Azerbaijan?
turks put their bitches azeris attack armenians so they have their back clear,because things in mediteranea are warm.but this won`t save them now,they are encircled
You know how the Jew's weaponize their victimization? Well the Armenians are the same, but don't actually offer anything good to the world.
>Stalin gave an Armenian populated (95%+) region to Azerbaijan
>Ethnic clashes started happening and the residents of this region democratically began a process to secede and become independent of Azerbaijan
>Azerbaijan did not like this and initiated genocidal pogroms against the Armenians in their country (see Baku/Sumgait pogroms)
>Armenian military despite being 1/10th the size of the Azeris decided to intervene to safeguard the lives of their countrymen in the breakaway region
>Azeris and their Turkish/Chechen/Paki/Ukrainian/Afghan jihadist mercenaries got absolutely destroyed and humilated
>Armenians won despite all odds and hold the region today
>Azeris have been bitching non-stop ever since, and despite being 3x the size of their enemies and being an oil rich nation vs a landlocked nation with nothing, they are having no success

Armenians today are continuing the tradition of humiliating the Azeris. So far they've lost probably 5-6x the amount of soldiers, and maybe about a hundred million dollars worth of drones. They launched a night time operation with 100 "special forces" recently, attack was fully repelled and Azeris lost 20 bodies with Armenians losing 0.

Azeris are incapable of governing over Armenians and that is why they will never get Artsakh back. Case closed.
only thing I care about is that one of them is supported by t*rks and fuck turkey so fuck azeris, I hope russia nukes them from orbit
It's because Armenia turned the Republic of Artsakh into a puppet state after the last major war in the Nargono-Karabah region.

To put it simply, armenians are the majority in that region and it's their clay and the Azerbaginas are a bunch of filthy moslems backed by Turkroaches.

>the absolute state of american education.. I thought it was a cliche
Which side does /am/ support in this?
>standing on any flag is terrible
I'd use an american flag as a cumrag. But i don't want to be anywhere near such a shit flag.
bitch looks like a demon with that eyes and facial structures. Whites have to become dragqueens to look anywhere near demonic, so what is that thing?
just a misunderstanding
>Standing on any flag is terrible
They burn the flags in the US. Why standing is terrible? Nothing is terrible anymore.
>not even steaming out the creases on the flag
I hate that people do this.
>MFW I looked up these countries on Google Earth and there's a city named Ganja
You got it exaclty right my man. Armenians are christian /ourguys/
I wish i could be that armenian flag.
Azerbaijan is refugee but most aren't really believers because of a long time under communism. It's a really corrupt shithole.
Holy crap you are taking geo-political opinion from a show star *shaking my head*
Armenia = Good guys.
Azerbaijan = Mountain Turk Mudshits.
Why not just create a secular republic a fusion. Those Refugees in the caucuses are not really Refugees anyway(they drink). In fact if they turn to another religion they can be free of religious meddling from both sides of the mountains and be independent. Better yet a greater kingdom.
All you need to know is that they are both subhumans who should just be left to slaughter each other
Armenians are related to the turks and jews. I laugh when people try and say they are aryans
>The Azerbaijan flag has the Refugee crescent moon on it so that tells me they’re probably evil
You are not wrong. The war is about refugees wanting to kill some Christians.
Azerbaijanis are just Turks who got conquered by the Russians back in the day. Not sure what to make of Armenians. They speak Indo-European language but so do Swedes, Hindus, and Afghans. They're Christian but so are niggers.

In any case it has absolutely no implications for the security of North America so we should just sell weapons to both sides.
You're a fucking azerbajina
>The Azerbaijan flag has the Refugee crescent moon on it so that tells me they’re probably evil
That's all you need to know.
lol at Azeris

they are trying to claim they killed 120+ Armenians in this month's clashes when all sauces clearly indicate fewer than 50 people died at all on both sides
> 1917 commie reds come to power
> split Russia into many "socialist republics", borders of which drawn up by inbred khazars with no consideration for ethnic or religious divide within newly-formed erzatz-states
> Novorussia becomes part of Ukraine, Abkhazia went to Georgia, Armenian Karabakh handed over to Ajzerbajdzhan, etc.
> once socialism naturally fails decades later and those republics gained de-facto independence, multiple wars and border conflicts begun because borders are retarded
> my oh my, look at how many conflicts nationalism has caused.
One churks vs another churks,the more of them will die, the better.
Armenia is the first Christian nation in the world, and where the first cathedral was built.|
They're hated for they chose to embrace the truth first.
Whoever has the hotter women.
>Why is Azerbaijan attacking Armenia?

Because they're Iranian rape babies larping as turks and want to accepted by actual Turks so they go full "hurry armenian must die kill kill kill".

Kinda like how we're majoosi Persian shias and ashamed of it so go full "hurr death to Israel kill kill kill" in the hope of being accepted by Sunni Refugees as real refugees.
>Can someone red pill me on what’s happening?
Christians vs Refugees
Unironically, Communism caused this.

Much like Yugoslavia multiculti was never meant to be. They've been going at in for decades we just haven't been paying attention to it like we did yugoslavia because in that case we had an ulterior motive to pay attention.
> Can someone red pill me on what’s happening?
Both are kinds of tatars.
Armenians were basically Turks christianized by Russians, so the culture in Turkey would shift towards Christianity and they will rebuild Constantinopolis and allow Russia to freely use the straits, while constantly fighting with Greeks about who of them is a more devout Christian.
Azers are just village sandniggers.

The whole region participated greatly in the Red Terror.

Now they just argue about territory that is originally rightfully Russian land.

CIA backs the conflict, based on hate of muds and pseudochristian monkeys, because 1st world supervalued idea is to shit on Russians and Americans think war on the border of the "Russian" Federation would damage Russians.
The only solution is the anexation of Azerbajian by Armenia