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Armenians should be genocided and Armenia should be divided...

Armenians should be genocided and Armenia should be divided between Turkey and Azerbaijan. Change my mind
middle/east should be nuked, change my mind
I agree.
Why not genocide the turks and divide turkey between kyrdistan Syria Cyprus and Armenia ?

Even Kebabs are Armenian creation.

Change my mind
Give me back tao klarjeti you fucker
Post the zogbot folder
Fuck off Cenky Turd
What is this cliche format called? the guy representing an ethnic group, touching his face with both hands? Thanks
WHy would I want to change your mind? What goes on in that shit-hole part of the world doesn't even register on my scale of consideration. Get back to me when you are thinking of invading a country that matters
>Armenians should be genocided

classical turkroach, disgusting people, never ever travel to turkey
I support invasion of Anatolia and the forced deportation of the t*rkroaches back to Mongolia
Idk, I don’t involve myself with lesser countries and could care less. As far as I’m concerned the world consists of Russia,China and the US. Only countries that actually do anything or have any significance.
couldnt agree more, gj karaboga
What use do you have of a country the size of a nipple anyway?
Are you not Refugee. Does allah not command thou shalt not kill.
Unless the quran is hypocritical?

- Armenians (Thieves, loansharks, failed Jews)

- Greeks (Rapebabies, crybabies, manlets, hairy and spoiled, worst warriors in history, invented homosexuality and pederastry)

- Chinese (Bug people, spreaders of plague, different species from Homo Sapiens. Eat everything that moves including doggos)

- Refugees (Learned boyfucking from greeks. All around paedophiles. Eat with their hands. Rabid dogs)

- Croats (aka CROACH. Claim "we were never fully conquered" while their women bathe in rivers of Austrian and Turkish cum)

- Albanians (Remnants from the previous universe. Unholy disgusting pig people. Think they actually are human.)
Armenians along with their greek brothers should be sent to syrian desert to perish. That's the best way to get rid of subhumans. Sand covers their bodies after they die so you don't have to bury their bodies or burn them
Turkey should be genocided and killed to last child then all there history should be burned till no one can even recall that Turkey ever was.
all roaches should be genocided
Poor Turkey, you've been mislead.
Enjoy that Russian ass whooping.
it should all be russified and then serbianized
This is the only fair option.
seen the midnight express? It's a great movie which shows what kind of people you are..
I too enjoy ethnic cleansing

Bulgaria's about 900,000 ethnic Turks, at that time representing 10% of the country's population, were to assimilate by changing their Turkish and Arabic names, including their deceased ancestors', to "Bulgarian" names. Exercising their Turkish customs and language as well as Islamic faith were also prohibited. The name-changing campaign was carried out between late 1984 and early 1985. The repressions lasted unabated from 1984 through 1989 under the communist government of Todor Zhivkov. Those who refused were subjected to persecution, including imprisonment, expulsion and internment in the then reactivated infamous Belene concentration camp, situated on an island in the Danube river.
In early 1989, in some areas with large ethnic Turkish populations severe clashes with fatalities occurred. Shortly after that, when the border with Turkey was opened on 29 May 1989 exclusively for the country's Turks and Refugees, over 360,000 people were encouraged to leave Communist Bulgaria for Turkey between 30 May 1989 and 22 August 1989.[4][5]

This 1989 expulsion of the Bulgarian Turks to Turkey has been the largest case of ethnic cleansing in Europe since the expulsion of Germans living east of the Oder-Neisse line during 1944-1950, as agreed at the Potsdam Conference. On 11 January 2012, the Bulgarian Parliament officially recognized the 1989 expulsion as ethnic cleansing. However, some of the country's mainstream parties tend to neglect and disregard this 1989 ethnic cleansing.

Learn to spell, Americans
Turkey should be nuked to its last atom. Change my mind.
Armenia will open your mind. Or at least your head.
No need to change your mind, because I don't care about turkey or armenia. Just kill each other please and DO NOT COME TO OUR COUNTRIES YOU FUCKING ROACHES.
I hope turkey gets nuked
Ankara should be beyruted.
I don't care about your opinion enough to change it
I just pray for the day all roaches are exterminated

Hail Armenia
The tragedy of countries s just another happening to me.
Absolutely based
Turks and Azerbaijanis should be genocided and Turkey and Azerbaijan should become Armenia.
You can't change my mind.
If roachistan is such a great place why is the earth infested with the vermin
>People unironicly belives that the Armenian genocide happened.
Pre war numbers are hyped up, no serious neutral scientist agrees that it happened
Armenia is a hirstoric land while Azerbaijan is a made up country after fall of soviet Russia.
It should cut in half for turkey and Armenia
t*rks and discount-turks should be genocided and their lands given to russia to colonize
change my mind
Turkey should be genocided and removed from every history book in the world. Armenia should conquer Turkey. Change my mind.
Give Greece Constantinople back you turkroach fucks.
Turkey should be split between armenia, georgia, greece, and persia
Why stop there? How about every named country in pic related? Make the planet great.
Atleast finish the job this time goyim
Mount Ararat belongs to Armenia, where Noahs's ark landed and remains still to this very day. Genocide Armenians once more trying to hide the history for your Jewish overlords and receive the full wrath of God. You won't, because you are scared. Pussy.
Fix your Lira first.
Good roach dead roach
Kill Turkroaches
if you give constantinople back to greece we will let you do this
>Only able to kill civilians
>ooga booga karaboga u mad
Turkroaches are so fucking retarded.
Just do something already you fucking roach. I wanna see some action.