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Young men are about to get slaughtered in Austria.

After the Austrian Conservative-Feminist government failed to stop the spreading of Covid-19 in its early stages (economy > people), they ripped apart the constitution this weekend. The Austrian people have completely lost the freedom of movement and, if you're a young man, the right to bodily integrity.

Usually there's compulsory military or civil service for every male turning 18 where they have to do forced labour for half a year or even nine months with minimal pay (far lower than minimum wage). Now, in times of crisis, the goverment actived the militia and is beginning to draft young men for work in hospitals, retirement homes and supermarkets. Places where the infection is rampant.

Most of those men are working a job or studying at home (universities have shut down), but now they'll lose everything to slave away for the state in the next months. Not only will they have to suspend their work, they also keep their costs of living, like rent or tutions. But the worst thing is that Covid-19 is more agressive towards males than females. Those young men are literally putting their lives at risk.

All the while women are sitting at home enjoying their paid leave and laughing at Austrian men online. We'll see a spike of infections and deaths in the male population. Thousands of lives will be destroyed. But women, having no empathy, comment "finally men get to do something useful" or "cry me a river" to scared men.
Don’t die for a woman.

Go across the border to Slovakia and never look back.
Forcible impregnation after this passes. Then we’ll have our equality.
Women should take their skittles, and even shouldnt cry when it later becomes a bad decision.
I don't care any more, most are definitely trash, a waste of time and also too complicated.

Euro roastie stabbed to death by Afghan lover for texting her ex boyfriends

>A manhunt for an Afghan asylum seeker is underway after his 16-year-old girlfriend was found stabbed to death in her bedroom by her mother.

>The incident happened in Steyr, a city in the Austrian federal state of Upper Austria.

>It is believed 17-year-old Saber Akhondzada stabbed the Austrian teenager, identified only as Michelle F out of jealousy after she sent text messages to ex-lovers.

>According to Michelle's family, there were recurring conflicts between the couple as the boy tried to limit his girlfriend's correspondence with at least 3 ex-boyfriends and forbade her from talking to other men.

>In the evening, the girl's mother went to check on her daughter and her Afghan boyfriend.

>When the woman managed to get in to the room, she found the lifeless body of her daughter.

>An autopsy showed Michelle died from two stab wounds in her back, with one stab puncturing her lung.

>According to the Steyr Police, Akhondzada was no longer in the room when the woman entered having managed to escape through an open window.

roaster: toasted
Looks like she was a fatty
Good, fuck em.