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even in white austria they are pushing this. the west is ove...

even in white austria they are pushing this. the west is over, what skill could someone with around 20k€ of savings can learn to work remote? I need to go to a safe christian country like Armenia and have a family, I will never grow my children here

Lmao, it's like they were specifically targeting /at/'s 'tradwife frolicking in the wheatfields' fantasy
It’s a BBC reference.
Look at the chocolate bar
>not vandalizing this the moment you see it
Hate right wing faggot crybabies.

What ethnicity are Austrians?

We talk about them even less that than the Swiss.

I dont surf, but I fucking hate these wet suit things. So junkie. I do live like an hour from the gulf though and was there all the time as a kid and there would always be some fuckhead yankee wearing one of these with a skim board pretending they were surfing. Sad. What is even the point of these things? if water is too cold to get in without some sort of suit, it isnt going to be any fun anyways. Maybe there is a perfectly reasonably explanation, I just associate them with Yankees at the beach.
Mix of slavs & avars + little bit of german
Hitler was Australian