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Rank the following Germanic peoples >Dutch >Germans >Austri...

Rank the following Germanic peoples

How bout this instead
OFFICIAL peoples rankings based on WW2:

>British (Never surrendered sovereignty)
>Swiss (Never surrendered sovereignty)
>Germans (Surrendered sovereignty after 5 years of battle)
>Norwegians (Surrendered sovereignty after 1 month of battle)
>Belgians (Surrendered sovereignty sovereignty after 18 days of battle)
>Luxembourg (Surrendered sovereignty after 1 day of battle [Bonus points for being a micro nation but still showed honorable spirit] )
>Dutch (Surrendered sovereignty after 1 day of battle)
>Austrians (Gave up sovereignty willingly)
>Danes (Surrendered sovereignty after getting invaded in 75 minutes of battle [Minus points for allowing enemy invader to use their airfields in the fight against their allies in the north immediately)

Austria: Nobody knows what to do with TESA wrecks


>Tesla drives against tree and catches fire
>fireworkers cool it down for three days in a water bath
>now it's on a remote parking lot because nobody knows if it will start burning again
>Tesla has declared they will dispose it but nobody came to do it
>Tesls homepage says ÖCAR Automobilrecycling will get rid of it
>But ÖCAR has no permission to handle Tesla wrecks
>Tyrolan waste disposal companies refuse to deal with the car because they don't know where the battery begins and where it ends and that'S dangerous.
>Martin Klingler, disposal expert for enviroment company DAKA says, his company can't deal with such a big lithum battery Fbecause they don't know what chemical mix is inside.
>Tesla keeps it as a secret for not losing their competitive advantage.
>The fluid that cooled the car is a dangerous poisonous mixture but very sought-after.
>Montanauniversity Leoben has secured probes to find out the ingredients of the mixture.
>Professor Roland Pomberger, experienced recycling expert, says he doesn't know what to do with the car wreck and the 600kg battery. Tesla has to find a solution and criticizes that they have invented a product without thinking about how to dispose it.
>atm only two companies in central Europe can recylce these batteries. Umicore (Belgium) and Redux (Germany) but both are too far away. Transport of the battery requires a EU-dangerous-goods-transport-license which doesn't exist in Austra.
>impound company Greiderer who keeps the wreck on his ground says 1 week ago Tesla had said they will send an expert from Holland but nothing has happened yet
>I won't buy a Tesla now that I know I'm sitting on a time bomb.

Driving around on a thousand bomb, a state that's extremely unstable creates a battery between an anode and cathode.
they'll just bury it in some ukrainian village

produce nuclear trash for power nobody knows how to handle it longterm and nobody knows how to handle old tesla cars.

but beware of the fake climate catastrophe.