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Austria looks at F-35 instead of the cheap Swedish Gripen fighter

If the Ukrainian war tought us one thing it is more equipment at lower costs without gimmicks like stealth is what wins a war against Russia. Why does Central Europe not understand this message? 60 Swedish Gripen for the cost of 20 F-35 is better vs Russia. https://www.airdatanews.com/austria-wants-to-replace-eurofighter-with-f-35-fighters-but-from-2030/

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/at/ ravaged and utterly destroyed by tiny Austrian

You seething incels done goofed https://youtu.be/fAFV49e2W5M

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even in white austria they are pushing this. the west is ove...

even in white austria they are pushing this. the west is over, what skill could someone with around 20k€ of savings can learn to work remote? I need to go to a safe christian country like Armenia and have a family, I will never grow my children here

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What ethnicity are Austrians?

We talk about them even less that than the Swiss.

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Austria re-introduced masks everywhere - new cases are falling again

Masks seem to work. Why does /at/ hate masks?

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Turks and Antifa fight

What’s going on Austria bros?

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Young men are about to get slaughtered in Austria.

After the Austrian Conservative-Feminist government failed to stop the spreading of Covid-19 in its early stages (economy > people), they ripped apart the constitution this weekend. The Austrian people have completely lost the freedom of movement and, if you're a young man, the right to bodily integrity. Usually there's compulsory military or civil service for every male turning 18 where they have to do forced labour for half a year or even nine months with minimal pay (far lower than minimum wage). Now, in times of crisis, the goverment actived the militia and is beginning to draft young men for work in hospitals, retirement homes and supermarkets. Places where the infection is rampant. Most of those men are working a job or studying at home (universities have shut down), but now they'll lose everything to slave away for the state in the next months. Not only will they have to suspend their work, they also keep their costs of living, like rent or tutions. But the worst thing is that Covid-1...

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Euro roastie stabbed to death by Afghan lover for texting her ex boyfriends

>A manhunt for an Afghan asylum seeker is underway after his 16-year-old girlfriend was found stabbed to death in her bedroom by her mother. >The incident happened in Steyr, a city in the Austrian federal state of Upper Austria. >It is believed 17-year-old Saber Akhondzada stabbed the Austrian teenager, identified only as Michelle F out of jealousy after she sent text messages to ex-lovers. >According to Michelle's family, there were recurring conflicts between the couple as the boy tried to limit his girlfriend's correspondence with at least 3 ex-boyfriends and forbade her from talking to other men. >In the evening, the girl's mother went to check on her daughter and her Afghan boyfriend. >When the woman managed to get in to the room, she found the lifeless body of her daughter. >An autopsy showed Michelle died from two stab wounds in her back, with one stab puncturing her lung. >According to the Steyr Police, Akhondzada was no longer in the room when the woman entered having managed to...

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it's happening Austriafags get in here

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Rank the following Germanic peoples >Dutch >Germans >Austri...

Rank the following Germanic peoples >Dutch >Germans >Austrians >Swiss >Flemish >NorDICKs >Anglos

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Austria: Nobody knows what to do with TESA wrecks

https://tirol.orf.at/stories/3021270/ >04.10.19 >Tesla drives against tree and catches fire >fireworkers cool it down for three days in a water bath >now it's on a remote parking lot because nobody knows if it will start burning again >Tesla has declared they will dispose it but nobody came to do it >Tesls homepage says ÖCAR Automobilrecycling will get rid of it >But ÖCAR has no permission to handle Tesla wrecks >Tyrolan waste disposal companies refuse to deal with the car because they don't know where the battery begins and where it ends and that'S dangerous. >Martin Klingler, disposal expert for enviroment company DAKA says, his company can't deal with such a big lithum battery Fbecause they don't know what chemical mix is inside. >Tesla keeps it as a secret for not losing their competitive advantage. >The fluid that cooled the car is a dangerous poisonous mixture but very sought-after. >Montanauniversity Leoben has secured probes to find out the ingredients of the mixture....

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28yr old Austrian woman who hiked in Portugal alone goes missing

She has been missing for a month now, all her travel possessions (rucksack, papers, dresses etc.) remained in the hostel she stayed in Portugal. She just vanished a month ago during a solo trip through Portugal. All of Portugal is searching now. How come Europe is so unsafe for single blonde women traveling remote areas like Portugal?

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Diversity in Austria

15 year old Austrian gets brutally beat up by a 13 year old migrant girl and a 13 year old migrant boy, who screamed "fuck Austrians" during the incident, while a 15 year old migrant boy destroys the phone of the victim. The part of the district this happened in (Seestadt in the district Donaustadt of Vienna) has 90%+ migrants/skittles. Both attackers won't be charged and are free to go, because they aren't 14 yet. The same two 13 year old tried to rob a store with a gun earlier this year and weren't charged, but left free to go. The 15 year old is being charged with aggravated theft, because he stole the phone. He won't get more than a year on parole and will not go to prison at all. https://twitter.com/dr_Intellekt/status/1138353634683576321 https://www.heute.at/videoplayer/[email protected]|[email protected]|[email protected]/community/leser/ Full sauce: https://www.krone.at/1938886 (use Google Translate)

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Serbian student charges at Austrian professor

After Austrian professor spits on him in Vienna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=24&v=ZPmV138ppGg Professor expelled from work. Thoughts?

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Happy Birthday to this humble Austrian painter Press H to H...

Happy Birthday to this humble Austrian painter Press H to Happy Birthday

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Liberalism has ruined my relationship. Tldr great white, bl...

Liberalism has ruined my relationship. Tldr great white, blonde hair, blue eyes girlfriend if 6 years, doing post graduate in Boston is changing fast, and I don't like it. Here is my blog. >Girlfriend and I began dating in grade 12. >Went through University together in our home town >We say we're committed to staying together while she does post graduate school in Boston MA, while I stay in hometown to work engineering job >Gf was always aligned with my politics. Pretty extreme right, favors traditionalism, having large white family etc. She's been in Boston for 2 years. Lives with an Asian whore in her program who invites guys over all the time since her bf is from out of state. Asian room mate is super student (huge Hillary supporter) from Austin Texas. I've been to Boston 6 or so times, very student college City filled with old single feminist hags. >I was convinced I was going to marry this girl as soon as she graduated, but I feel like Boston has changed her. >She is colder to me...