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What ethnicity are Austrians?

We talk about them even less that than the Swiss.
Walk into London around 9 pm and find the worst hole in the bar pub then incite a general brawl by slapping someone's sausage roll
At the end of the day when you're being dragged off to the brig the men who were too drunk to escape are the progenitors of the Australian race
looks like junkie
They are to Germans like Lexus is to Toyota. Slightly better version of a shitty thing
>What are Austrians? Can we investigate.
t. El Americano de los Goblino circa 2020
not sure, but what ever race is Austrian, it's clearly superior to all others. They look like Gods.
The swiss are mountain child molesters. They are not to be trusted. Austrians are same but lil less evil version of the swiss.
If anyone wonders why the Nazis lost the war then I recommend a experiencing living amongst them.
Hypocrites of the worst kind.
Age like rotten eggs.
Thier women are the trolls of europe.
But atleast the blue eyes and blonde hair is pretty frequent.
Inbreeding and cousine marriages to keep wealth in family made them prone to pschyho behaviour.
No question about it, in a world ruled by white people the swiss and austrians would go around claiming to be more equal than the rest.
This 2 country is legit mentally ill. Germans are much much more tolerable and fun.
Why are people obsessed with racial classification ?
How about you do some research into migratory patterns and the stock that emigrated to the island? Why do you expect us to spoon-feed you when you could just do five minutes of research on your own? Fucking faggot.
Many Austrians are very Chad-looking. I reckon they have retained more pure Germanic blood than Germans who got mass raped by asiatic hordes in 1945.
They can ski like banditos. They are cooler than any other Yuropoors in my book.
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where are their penises?
Australians can compete with Merica.
They're just more Krauts.
They're mountain krauts.
What the fuck kind of picture did you choose to represent typical Australians?
2 under-aged boys in wetsuits?
Is OP a junkie child rapist?
I read "Austrians" as Australians and got excited because they're our only friends.
basically Australians but worse at shitposting.
They are mutts.
They're Germans

>but then why not in Germany?
Because they're Catholics. That's the only difference.
They're like Czechians and Bavarians mixed with Magyars and Illyrians.
The dregs of british society inbred over several generations.
Not white
They are Slavs mixed with North Italians LARPing as Germans
I dunno. What race are black people? I feel like if you can tease out the answer to that question you might find a clue to your original.
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Anglo's that have been in the sun too long.
I’m Germanic, Scottish, English so that
What's even the point of Austria? What happens there? Are they pozzed?
>what ethnicity ?
Convicts and prostitutes of course
They have good art-house films.
Quintessentially british.
Descendants of BritBong criminals.
There's Austrians and various sub-people claiming to be Austrians like Wiener, Kärntner, Vorarlberger and then there's Bavarians that are honorary Austrians. The rest is animals that in a perfect world wouldn't exist.
I really don't care what ethnicity we are as long as we aren't fucking Anglos.
Germans but not German Germans
They're Germans. They will strongly deny that, but I honestly don't see what happened after WW2 that would've made them not German. Austrian identity isn't more pronounced than Bavarian or East Frisian identity. I'm not for a reunification though. Theyre better off far away from Berlin rule.
They are not Aussies.
Aussie kids dont need help to zip up their wet suits.
There would only be about 4 weeks of the year you would need a steamer.
No self respecting Aussie kid would wear a foreign brand wet suit anyway.
Why, of all possible pictures to represent Austria, did you choose one with two thirteen year old boys in skin tight clothing?
They are Rhaetian which is the same as Etruscan and clearly distinguished from indo-European sand joggers
They’re Germanic, retard. Uncle Adolf was the best European.
there is really no austrian race.
Most are german, many slovenians etc
If you take all those foreign nations out, you have someone who is tall, bright brown hair, bright brown eyes, light skin
Thats a typical austrian. Of course you have blue eyed blonde austrians also but they are mostly slavs
I dno i've tried google a few austrian 23andme.

Looks to me like they are 50% northwestern euros and 50% slavs most of the time.

Correct me if i'm wrong
German, you fucking retard
Really depends on where you look. Further east, especially Vienna, you have an admixture of germanic people with hints of former KuK empire people (eastern europeans). In the West you have less of the """slavic""" influence but more of germanic, italic and frankisch influences

Oh and pur Capitol City is about 40% foreign Origin...
Imagine if instead of freeing the slaves in America you fucked them all so they had mixed kids. That's what Australians did to the abo's.
>What ethnicity are Austrians?
They are culturaly germanized Czechs but their genes are still Czech
Best prostitutes in Europe by far
I wish we were in 1600 and I could enjoy a trip to Austria to listen to music and fuck the finest German whores
Emu rape babies
they're a mix of cunts and blokes I hear
had a hand in starting both world wars... to small for people to remember.
Feels nice bros :P
They're German
Their royal family larped as Roman emperors for 500 years but other than that they have a very rich culture, beautiful pieces of music,art and architecture have been produced by Austrians, they also started World War 2 and pinned the blame on the Krauts so we can safely say they are creative if anything.
Same shit
Swiss is french, German and italian
nevar forget
theyre cute uwu
Culturally south-germanic-central european-italian
Ethnically celto-illyrian-thracian-german-slavic
Religiously semitic
Linguistically germanic
the ethnicity that was built for big brazilian cock
it is not about ethnicity, bong
it is about phenotype
Austrians are Hallstatt Nordids, Celts and Cromagnoid upper paleolitic
Slav shitskins + modern shitskins are not Austrians
Austrians are one of the best white man stock
they're german.
reinstitute the kaiserreich already, fuck.
hail to the prussian king.
hitler were literally from austria
Are they 18? I am getting kinky thoughts just looking at them
Anglo, I would think.
They are our BASED alpine brothers.
Ethnicity? South German
Walk into Berlin around 9 pm and find the worst hole in the wall pub then incite a general brawl by slapping someone's wiener schnitzel
At the end of the day when you're being dragged off to the brig the men who were too drunk to escape are the progenitors of the Austrian race
we have the GOD gene and big dick energy
all europeans tremble at our feet
mostly chiense, refugee, indian, and black.
They used to be German but now they're full of turks.
I dont surf, but I fucking hate these wet suit things. So junkie. I do live like an hour from the gulf though and was there all the time as a kid and there would always be some fuckhead yankee wearing one of these with a skim board pretending they were surfing. Sad. What is even the point of these things? if water is too cold to get in without some sort of suit, it isnt going to be any fun anyways. Maybe there is a perfectly reasonably explanation, I just associate them with Yankees at the beach.
Mix of slavs & avars + little bit of german
Hitler was Australian