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even in white austria they are pushing this. the west is ove...

even in white austria they are pushing this. the west is over, what skill could someone with around 20k€ of savings can learn to work remote? I need to go to a safe christian country like Armenia and have a family, I will never grow my children here
You need to destroy that shit
>I need to go to a safe christian country like Armenia and have a family, I will never grow my children here
>country like Armenia
What blows my mind is its clearly not a coincidence at this point.

It cant be written off as random. Where is the evidence though? Is there any document saying 'push mixed race ads?' Is there any proof of orders being given? It can't just be happening on its own.
anyone else noticed that those type of ads popped up everywhere after the 2015 "migrant crisis" in 2014 I barely saw any if any interracial commercials or ads and now they are fucking everywhere and if its not some interracial shit they always shove a jogger or a mulatto in your face in every ad you see
Jogger you know what Hofer is right? It's abasically jogger tier walmart from germany(it's just called aldi over there). The real austrian only goes to Billa.
>20k€ of savings

Damn you broke jogger FUCK
It’s sad whites are so weak now all it takes is a few posters to defeat them
Armenia? Are you kidding me? You realize Armenians are just Christian Middle Easterners, and not even they want to live in Armenia because of how impoverished it is. I live in Southern California, and after seeing thousands of Armenians, I can attest that they are definitely not white.
>survives the fall of rome
>survives centuries of viking raids
>survives Islamic invaders
>survives the black plague
>survives two world wars
>sees on ad with a black man and white woman
>OMG!!! The west is over!!
Lets get a little perspective here.
Is this in vienna?
>giving a shit about some ad that everybody ignores
Reminder, nobody likes joggers not even leftoids.
execute every last refuge.
cowards run away

stand and fight
take your country back
Stop fucking running and do something.
Rage man.
If you want to, run for office. Just show up one day to a courthouse or whatever and do it. Get pamphlets and hand them out and see if you get more than one vote. Okay? Just do that, and if it doesn't work, then maybe move.
But I'm serious about running for some kind of office. Just do it for the fucking lulz. At least you can put on your future resume that you once ran for the bundestag or whatever the fuck you have there.
The girl I am dating is pretty hot but she is 35, used to be way hotter, blonde, blue eyes and she dated a jogger and a moroccan in her 20s when she was a goddess. What do? I am already falling in love.
Why is BBC such a moneymaking cliche for globohomo Jew companies and MBA holders?
Imagine really thinking about moving to this shithole.
why are these logos the same?
>what skill could someone with around 20k€ of savings can learn to work remote?

IT or software engineering/programming
Write them a couple of emails, just see what happens.
lmao schluchtenscheisser
And if you retards start flooding Slavic countries remember that we remember ... be ready do experience beatings + death
They have Aldi there? Huh, always thought it was a midwest US thing.
>i will never grow my children here
based children grower
what is the black population of austria? like <1%? <0.5%?
Start throwing rocks at windows, tearing posters down, something. Dumbasses let it happen.
friendly reminder that greeks are fine with that as long as they keep to swin in their pool
Why are Austrians pushing for relationships between Austrian women and Italian men?
Since we don't have Hofer markets in Poland I tried to search if some Eastern European country have it and found it's on Slovenia but their commercials don't have BLACKED shit, instead some weird dude, probably their comedian or something.
firebomb it at night
You maaaaaaaad white boi
I was consooming less and less shit over the years, but stuff like this and the whole Corona thing really drove me over the edge. Fuck this shit, fuck all of these companies, fuck the indoctrinated marxists and jews in advertising, fuck the useless chinese garbage they are shilling. Boykott all that stuff folks, I am a strong believer in "voting with your wallet", if everyone would do it, we would have fewer problems. Few things piss me off more than unprincipled cucks who see this shit, recognize it for what it is and still go to degeneracy promoting company xyz because it's near and convenient. If you think boykotts don't work, check out Gillette, their shit tanked hard. It's time to shit on the processed food jew and start buying local + cooking all your meals.
Austrian cities are gone. Move to the country and you might get a few more years of peace.
Where are these ads? I will make sure to pay them a 'visit' in the middle of the night
Me and my wife were on honeymoon in Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria. We saw a lot of white couples pushing around strollers with a black baby. I am really confused how anyone could willingly raise a black person.
the Germans don't fare better either
Wow it's almost as if G-d is avenging the nation that gave rise to Shitler or something.

Who would have thought.

You can rage all you want white women find this attractive.
Lmaooo retreat and take that while fragility with you please.
You're welcome :)
Come to serbia, we need more educated westerners not prone to crime
>white austria
uh what?
must be sad to be this insecure. don't blame the jew for being part of a generation who cannot please women
Pour black paint on it and move on
That's a cute girl. Name?
>I will never grow my children here

Excatly, i will even have no children.
Why are they erasing black women in ads?
Sorros money well used.
if i used to steal movie posters like that from a bus stop in daylight, you can at least trip and fall and accidentally rip the poster down.

or find a dumb black woman and convince her that images like that are jews trying to delete black sheeboons from existence, as joggers can only think of themselves, this is the only tactic to fight this interracial propaganda.
you don't like it? smah it, tag on it, just do something, only acts matters.
>MSM and Soros HATE black women... news at 9
If you relay this imagery in any other way, you're doing it wrong.
I've been getting more and more depressed, everything is shit, my country has no future. Almost everyone i talk to says everything is fine, but when I look around a just want to kill myself. I fucking hate jews so fucking much, they have corrupted everyone. vidya, social media, porn, everything is just to fuck with you, now they want to decide what you eat and shit, schools have vegan day and shit, this will only get worse. No one listens, and those who do are too few.

I'm just going to lay in bed all day and wait for Sweden to fall.
Its the alien plan to take over
To be fair he looks like an extremely tanned Med and at least not a congo jogger like in every American ad.

Not defending it but it could be worse, Austria is still good
So funny that so many people here attach their identity to how much melanin they have produced in their body. Lads, if you are blaming interracial relationships as the reason for your personal woes, you need to start looking in the mirror.
is... is Aldi called Hofer there?
Lmao, it's like they were specifically targeting /at/'s 'tradwife frolicking in the wheatfields' fantasy
It’s a BBC reference.
Look at the chocolate bar
>not vandalizing this the moment you see it
Hate right wing faggot crybabies.