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They are deporting my Girl

It's official, they are going to deport her within a week or two. She has two options:
1. She Leaves voluntarily/own accord (Pros are she gets her Passport back and she can leave drama free)
2. She says 'No' and then risks getting swatted any minute/any day

We decided for her to say Yes, get her Passport, and then hide at my place. A couple of problems with that one that I can go into detail if somebody wants me to, but this isn't why I made this thread.
I want to marry her. Of course I've discussed this with Family, Friends and myself extensively, but I want to hear clear, unbiased and unfiltered opinions from strangers about this situation. It's still not clear if we're even going to be able to marry, there are a dozen complications that I never thought possible before shit hit the fan, but again, that's another story.
Few infos:
>Been together for exactly 2 years now
>Been living together for 1 year now (unofficially because she was not allowed her own residence, was forcced to live in a Flat Share)
>I'm 27, she's 25
>She's from Azerbaijan, came to germany in 2017
>She's very attractive, traditional (no hijab don't worry), an amazing cook and a great housewife
Her only flaws are that she sleeps a lot and can get very, Very jealous. We had countless fights because I starred at another womans ass for exmple.

>Skittle GF will get deported soon
>Decide to Marry her
>Want unbiased opinions on this

I apologise for the Long Post, and thank you for your Time.

What's the doubt? This will only make your love for each other grow. Good luck anon. Don't throw away a genuine, intimate connection with another person. It's the most valuable thing you can have.
Not worth it bro, heard enough of these stories and they ALWAYS end up bad.
>gf getting deported
>thinking about marrying her so she can stay

Tell her that you want to be with her and that you are going to go with her because as long as you are together, you can take on the world. If she can't go back because of coming from a Refugee country, start looking at which countries you can move to that would probably accept you and have somewhat decent living conditions.
If she is on board, then congrats m8. Marry her and figure out how to get her citizenship. If not, walk away because she is using you to get citizenship and will likely leave you later to get her refugee husband and family moved to germany.

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