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They are deporting my Girl

It's official, they are going to deport her within a week or two. She has two options: 1. She Leaves voluntarily/own accord (Pros are she gets her Passport back and she can leave drama free) 2. She says 'No' and then risks getting swatted any minute/any day We decided for her to say Yes, get her Passport, and then hide at my place. A couple of problems with that one that I can go into detail if somebody wants me to, but this isn't why I made this thread. I want to marry her. Of course I've discussed this with Family, Friends and myself extensively, but I want to hear clear, unbiased and unfiltered opinions from strangers about this situation. It's still not clear if we're even going to be able to marry, there are a dozen complications that I never thought possible before shit hit the fan, but again, that's another story. Few infos: >Been together for exactly 2 years now >Been living together for 1 year now (unofficially because she was not allowed her own residence, was forcce...

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You are not European

You are not European Eat my white ass