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Why don't you faggots have your ham radio license?

>useful for the boogaloo
>hear more happenings
>almost all huwhite hobby
>perfect for autists


>You need a licence to use radio waves
God I bet you pay for your movies aswell, faggot
What do you guys think the numbers stations are?
wew. All these newfags.

Remember a time when we would stream happenings. I miss radio happenings.

Why is living in America so unbelievably depressing?

Seems like no matter where you live the shitty aspects of American life will follow:

The city? In pretty much any society there are tons of minorities and signs of criminality anywhere. Even if you live in a relatively safe area you still live in a place with shit infrastructure and probably ride past ghettos with graffiti while riding public transport to work. And walking past homeless people sleeping on the street.

Suburbs? Might be even worse, suburban towns are fucking soulless and depressing with just generic chain stores everywhere and no sense of community because you drive everywhere. Also tends to be mostly old and ugly boomers and fucking everyone is fat. Isolating and dead.

Why does this country suck so hard? Living almost anywhere sucks. Other countries may have bad shit but something about American life feels uniquely empty, lonely and soulless.

What about smaller towns with old communities or moving to rural areas? I Love my home town and I feel deeply connected to it but I wouldn't object to moving to a rural area in the US with lots of surrounding woods if at all economically viable. That's one of the few things I dislike about living here. I can't throw a rifle and a fishing rod in the back of a truck and go inna woods.
In most countries youre even worse off.
Get inna woods you stoopid faggot