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I am absolutely appalled that blacks do this

Everywhere I go nowadays, there’s always some nigger blasting his horrible “music” out loud from his phone, no headphones.. It doesn’t occur to them in the slightest that other people may not want to listen to that shit..

I’m appalled.. Horrified

I would never do this. I always where headphones as to be courteous to others around me, I even turn the volume down on the headphones to make sure.

Do blacks have no awareness whatsoever?

They have no self awareness. I live in what was mostly white apartments. They sit in their car for hours listening to loud bass music in their cars, bouncing around inside. Old people, those with babies, etc are not considered - who naps? Result: wave after wave moving out, now at about the 50/50 threshold. Heard guilty neighbors bitching about cars being broken into. No sense of cause/effect either.
Native people do the same thing when i'm putting on my steel toes to go to work, its always some shitty trap rap garbage, everybody in the room is like" wtf nigger"

Oh wow, look - Tom Hanks is back in Los Angeles

Quarantine over, back at his LA mansion. Nothing but crickets from you autistic faggots....God it’s all so tiresome.

How do we know its actually Tom Hanks? It can be a clone, like what they did to Gucci Mane.
We never once said he was imprisoned, just that it is a possibility, learn the difference. By the way, not every post Q makes has to be accurate, if they were people wold get suspicious. There has to be some false information, you can tell when real info comes out.
>300 replies over a fake pic
Can’t you autists tell that man isn’t Tom Hanks? No excuses, the fence doesn’t hide that much aqay