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>under 3,000 infected >less than 100 dead, all in Chinkland,...

>under 3,000 infected
>less than 100 dead, all in Chinkland, a shithole so backward that ground up tiger penis is considered legitimate medicine (I'm not fucking kidding)

Why the fuck is everyone panicking about this? The death toll has literally been negligible. More people have died from shootings this year already than this "virus".

The news wants everyone to panic or otherwise no one will react quickly enough in the event that it does get bad - not that it ever would, its just that that they'd never get attention on the issue otherwise so they need to go this big to make sure it can't be ignored too long


not panicking. a dead chink is a good chink

I'm graduating from /b R.I.P. Kobe

Dear b:

I know I'm not the first one to express this sentiment today. Let me first identify myself: I am a race realist. Countries should remain predominately majority race, as traditional culture has done for thousands of years. And as an American, not a big fan of "niggers."

But Kobe Bryant wasn't a "nigger" in the colloquial sense. He was actually a stand up guy. Honorary member of the Aryan ethnostate. Seriously. As much as you mouth-breathing incels want to denigrate "nog ball" or playing sports as a dumb cliche, it's not just that. Sports express winning and losing, they invigorate our senses, they preserve the warlike tradition of our ancestors. Sport figures like Kobe Bryant are mythological. They inspire us - humans - of all colors and backgrounds.

Kobe wasn't the absolute greatest basketball player of all time. He was close. Probably MJ was. Kobe wasn't a good enough team player. But as far as individual excellence is concerned, Kobe was nearly unmatched in the history of sport. The Lakers won in 09 and '10 riding on his back. His abilities at the last second, "in the clutch" sent shivers down millions of peoples spines, absolutely legendary.

Has wasn't a nigger. He was a hard-working man who provided for his family. He won 5 titles with the Lakers and 2 world Olympic championships for USA. He helped write books, make movies, and fund non-profits. His only interaction with the law was absolutely laughable. A disgusting roastie who was found with 7 types of semen in her underwear claimed that chad blackman Kobe Bryant raped her. And you /b lacks try are suddenly screaming "Me Too." Give me a break. Ralphie May does a good job roasting this case https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO8naWBdT3w

In summary, I'm fed up with this board. Thank you for the years of red pills on Miscegenation
demographic shifts and ((them)) and cooming etc. But fuck you guys for having no morality beyond ontic tribalism. R.I.P. Kobe & Gianna

Bye faggot.
>posts ralphie may
>niggerphilic post
thanks for the junkie blogpost that i didn't read all of, but we know you aren't one of us anyways
>This larp thread hit 300+ replies

this board is dedder than koby