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Hello. I made a new comfy small chan which is using jschan,...

Hello. I made a new comfy small chan which is using jschan, new alpha imageboard software. Only posting this on a few sites to keep things comfy. Come check it out if you'd like :) https://zchan.cc

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Sexy granny


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God damn I love being American. Hey foreigners, what’s it li...

God damn I love being American. Hey foreigners, what’s it like... ya know, being foreign? What I basically mean is, what is it like know my country could absolutely 100% glass yours within 24 hours if our duly elected leadership so chose? What's it like when another country builds bases in yours? You don’t have that capability. What’s it like KNOWING that America has the entire fucking world by the balls you... people(?) exist only because of our sense of kindness? What’s it like knowing we build bases all over the world and sail our warships wherever we damn well please and those of you who can project some power outside your borders can’t project any influence WITHOUT our approval? What’s it like knowing we spy on your every move? Remember when we tapped Merkel’s cell phone? lmao, we just did it 5 seconds later after you found out. What’s it like being foreign?

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White Pride

Why do you take so much pride in being white? There's nothing more nigger than stealing someone's accomplishments. YOU never discovered anything. YOU never invented anything. YOU never built anything. YOU never contributed anything to help progress society. YOU waste your time on a website blaming Jews and blacks for everything, boasting all the great things white people did. Literally taking credit for the accomplishment of others, THAT'S what niggers do. Reminder that as an individual, you have no connection or relevance to anyone's accomplishments just because you share a skin color. You, as an individual, have no worth to society.

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https://licky.org Cute Discord alternative :)

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Friendly greetings from https://10chan.net User board creat...

Friendly greetings from https://10chan.net User board creation is enabled.

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funny coubs

post ITT funny coub-videos https://coub.com/view/2clyq4

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It’s never too late to learn how to hunt. What’s your excuse...

It’s never too late to learn how to hunt. What’s your excuse fatty? Why havnt you brought a wild turkey home to feed your family? even this grandma can do it.

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WEBM/MP4 Thread

Let's post ITT random videos!

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Do niggers genuinely believe that because Hannibal came from Africa he was a nigger? Or is it some desperate attempt to believe that they contributed more to civilization than high crime rates? https://www.panafricanalliance.com/hannibal/amp/

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The American Question

How do we deal with the American Question? >muttoid niggers >hated by everyone >ZOG puppets >cowards, backstabbers and traitors >constant sauce of instability in Europe >Mongoloid subhumans at best, when their DNA is not ruined by indian, turk and nigger shit

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Ok you can see ATLAS WITH THE NAKED FUCKING EYE Outside RIGHT NOW This thing must be fucking huge it’s going to hit isnt it? That’s what all this shit is just keeping the normies calm while they move underground and hope for the best. Download any sky tracking app and see for yourself I’m in a major metropolitan area and it’s plain as day only thing I can see besides the moon. FUCK

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Ladyboy hate thread Please help me convince my gf that these...

Ladyboy hate thread Please help me convince my gf that these sickos deserve a bullet. post/discuss ladyboy stories, webm, pics

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Why the FUCK is Los Angeles like this?

Miles upon miles of urban sprawl, causing longer travel commutes with 8 lane fucking highways and more pollution. Not to mention that it is also fucking ugly Why can't Amerimutts learn how to build up? Building highrise residences would make Los angeles and other American cities soo much better, but they aren't, because "muh American dream middle class house in the suburbs with white pickett fences"

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>South Korea discloses more worrisome new info on those recovered patients who test positive for #coronavirus again https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20200417006800320 Most concerningly, 61/137(45%) of these cases showed #COVID19 symptoms again. This paints a very different picture from the data from China

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Sweden has 1400 Covid 19 deaths in a single day

So much for that herd immunity you literal fucking CATTLE.

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Which one of you fucking degenerates did this? https://twit...

Which one of you fucking degenerates did this? https://twitter.com/FENDIK00/status/1250969675208495104

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/b/ who hits them ?

serious question you janny-ladyboys. who punches them in the fucking face like that ?

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CNN caught trying to add subliminal message to news report.

>inb4 take your meds It's fucking real! >IT'S REALLY HAPPENING! So my boyfriend (inb4 shut up faggot) just showed me this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfbvLn3DgV8 Mentioning that there's an annoying heart beat sound for the first 2 minutes (after Fake news man cuts away). Now he's always wearing headphones. I could barely hear it on my external speakers. And I remarked "it's very subtle." So I put my headphones on and listened and low and behold it was very obvious. So I recorded a portion directly from my soundcard and zoomed in on the low end of the spectrum analysis with audacity...

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Are brown eyes subhuman?

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The Harrisburg state street towers are set to be destroyed in August because our faggot mayor says they have "fascistic imagery." Any PA anons want to help me protest this?

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Trump just bought the nigger vote

And it only cost $1200 hahahahahaha https://youtu.be/wKS0tmfe2m8

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WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON ?!!! GET THE FUCK IN HERE FUCKING FAGGOTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G18eNAVIzEI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G18eNAVIzEI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G18eNAVIzEI I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE OF THESE HABBENINGS !!

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>13 year old white kid engages two niggers who try to break...

>13 year old white kid engages two niggers who try to break into his house >the niggers actually return fire >white kid doesn't care, kills one, shoots another and continues to shoot at his car as he flees down the road like it's a fucking movie What the fuck did you do with your life by the time you were 13, b? This kid is already killing niggers like fucking John McClane.

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Belgium is fucking cringe

God this 'country' sucks. Everything our government does is bad or a fuckup, as a rule of nature. I'm not even cliche'ing or being ironic.

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Fuck Governor Tom Wolf

So this faggot just passed another order making it mandatory to wear masks in public and/or while in the stores. I refuse to wear a mask. I won't fucking comply. If a business tries to deny me service because I dont have a mask I'm gonna start coofing all over the fucking place.

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Pelosi Commits Political Suicide

Did she really just side with the Chinese shill agency? What a fucking moron!

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Conservative hate thread


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>still lives in a fucking PALACE >palace lined with guards h...

>still lives in a fucking PALACE >palace lined with guards holding fucking AUGs at the ready 247 365 >guards are their literal personal army >they take money from the people in return for nothing >they own most of the land in the country (and others) >they maintain all of their wealth from previous generations >they still perform all of their rituals, using the most extravagant venues the country has available, televised, in print, celebrated >they call the PM to them to get updates weekly >they sit in golden thrones in front of parliament and read their decrees >they are above the law, no literally, they are above it >they address the nation on TV, when they do, the media speaks about it more than any elected official >i will say again, they live in a fucking palace, they have their own army, they take money from the people in return for nothing, and they are above the law and make the PM play fetch for their cup of tea every week why are bongs such fucking retards? do they literally not see they are STILL...

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Is there a dumber, greedier group of people than landlords? I mean how fucking greedy do you have to be to do the *single* thing that could enable your tenant to sue you and seize your property? Fucking brainlets.

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This 2020 is a fucking wild ride >WW3 scare >Memevirus >Yellowstone >Krakatoa >Holopope >Pizzagate about to blow Now this Literally we only have alien disclosure left for this year to be the fucking cliche-iest

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THEY ARE USING A FUCKING DEEP FAKE ON SNL!!!!!! HE MUST HAVE BEEN EXECUTED OR IN LOCKED UP IN GITMO!!!!!!!!! FOCUS ON HIS HAIRLINE AND CHIN. The chin keeps clipping over his collar, there are dark spots where it looks like he's wearing a rubber mask lol. This is fake as FUCK! The vast sheer enormous amounts of shilling and "take your meds" in the previous thread just confirms it even more. It's so obvious it's a deep fake. It looks like his face is a 2D image pasted over another 3D image/video clip. His chin/neck keeps bulging out super fat and clipping over his collar, then goes back to skinnier. His haircut is supposedly so it blends in easier with the deepfake. The background kitchen is obviously a set or green screen. The resolution doesn't match with "Tom Hanks" in the foreground. Webm in the next post. You need VPN in Canadastan, couldn't find other link. From 6min on you get a good view of his fat/skinnier neck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kol7RE3wCNA&t=15...

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Post ITT if you didn't get your fuckin trump NIGGER coins

Post ITT if you didn't get your fuckin trump NIGGER coins

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This fucking madman just admitted that White House/FBI sourc...

This fucking madman just admitted that White House/FBI sauces are saying the Chinese Wuhan Virus was created by humans. The origin of exposure being a woman scientist working with the virus in a lab setting who traveled to the Wuhan wet market releasing it to the public. He also said that he doesn't know who sends the Stimulus Checks but he's "not opposed to Americans receiving a fat Ol' check with my name on it". What can't this madman do

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Imagine being so mentally ill you think that a performance a...

Imagine being so mentally ill you think that a performance artist is a witch..... honestly man. I've been on this board for years and this has to be the pinnacle of autism on this board. All because this lady LOOKS like a witch and was photographed with some higher up people ( she is a world renowned artist, much like fuckin picasso was in his time, people fucking know of her you faggots ). Also "spirit cooking" isnt a fucking ritual you faggots. What the fuck happened to trying to unravel REAL conspiracies on this board ? Did it really get taken over by all these uncultured and unread incel cunts?

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Ladies get in here!!!!! Today's topic: male hate thread

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Niggers are voting for Trump after their Trump checks came this morning lmfao Donald Trump just won all 50 states http://theredelephants.com/social-media-erupts-as-americans-receive-covid-19-stimulus-trump-check/ >http://theredelephants.com/social-media-erupts-as-americans-receive-covid-19-stimulus-trump-check/

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the UK is a fucking joke

Look how small these fucking britcucks are and they STILL talk shit? They're literally the sizes of fucking provinces. If they understand that Russia and China could wipe them out within seconds why do these faggot midget islands still talk crap in /b/ Everytime an anon with an ARGENTINA flag says anything britcucks should ONLY reply with a sentence starting in "Yes Great Leader ArgieChad We gift you our women" from now on. Show respect ants. you have been obliterated since maradona's goals in the 86

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I now understand why Americans don’t give a shit about the world

If I were American, I’d be pissed. The whole world criticises you when you do anything, criticised you when you don’t do enough, and then again when you do nothing. The world essentially hates you, but wants you to look after them. I’m all for the de-fundment of WHO as they’ve done less than any other country, but why are people upset? Why is it the US’s responsibility to fund this or that? No one asked them to and what is your country doing? I’m so fucking sick and tired of everyone using the US as a scapegoat just because it’s run by old white men and it’s ok to hate white people. God forbid we blame China? That’s racist you bigot!! Fuck me I’m not even American and this makes me mad. So called “”””experts”””” predicting America defunding WHO will prolong the virus and kill more? Get your head out of your arse.

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Dear Pagans

Dear pagans, If muh christcucks are such weak faggot pussies, how come they submitted your ancestors with such ease, in every single corner of Europe? If muh christcucks hate the white race, why do they form the majority of voters for nationalist anti-immigrant parties everywhere (in white countries)? If might is right, why are you so hell bent on claiming that the Christians who submitted the pagans everywhere, are cucks? How can the statements "muh evil christians killed a gorillion based pagans" and "christians are meek weaklings" coexist, while being completely contradictory? How can you claim that you're pagan because of your ancestors, while your own ancestors have been christians for dozens of generations? How can the christcucks have conquered nearly the entire world, while being the meek faggots you claim they are?

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Landlord here...

What the FUCK with all the communists on b saying its OK to not pay rent? Are we a bunch of fucking leaches now? I have eight different tenants refusing to pay rent. One even laughed in my face. There's nothing I can do because no evictions. This is irresponsible and disgusting. You should ALWAYS have AT LEAST one year of rent and expenses saved up in a rainy day fund. I'm literally at risk of losing my houses because these leaches don't have money saved. sorry you retards are mad you made shit infestmens

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So what are you faggots doing with your Trumpbux? Shit?

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So this youtuber named Mouthy Buddha just released this pizza related video with some new information. This shit doesn't seem ever end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4uPgLMVI_g

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DUNE - Nigger edition

Are you all ready for Frank Herbert's timeless and eugenics-positive space epic novel to be butchered as a disgusting negress takes over the role of fearless White male planetary ecologist Liet-Kynes? What of ours will the filthy, perfidious Jews in Hollywood destroy next?

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Kek. Trump is the world's greatest shitposter.

He's a fucking savage https://twitter.com/DailyCaller/status/1249824813989978113

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>We are announcing that California, Oregon and Washington have agreed to form an alliance of progressive policies, trade, and governance. They may as well just come out and fucking say it at this point. The Balkanization begins. https://www.gov.ca.gov/2020/04/13/california-oregon-washington-announce-western-states-pact/

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IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING! BALKANIZATION HAS BEGUN! > California, Oregon and Washington Announce Western States Pact https://www.gov.ca.gov/2020/04/13/california-oregon-washington-announce-western-states-pact/ >Governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware to coordinate reopenings https://www.wtae.com/article/pennsylvania-gov-tom-wolf-reopen-economy-new-york-new-jersey-connecticut-rhode-island-delaware/32132514

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I fucking LOVE the real Europe and I'm not ashamed to admit...

I fucking LOVE the real Europe and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

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Zoomer hate thread

>No real culture >Listens to nigger music >Eats tidepods >Childhood consisted of watching minecraft YouTubers and not going outside. >Overwhelmingly left-wing, especially the women >More brown than white >Full of faggots and ladyboys >DUDE WEED LMAO >Voted for Bernie >All their women are tattooed sluts

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Bernie endorsed Joe Biden salt thread

Post them faggots

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The absolute state of communists.. My fucking God.

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AJ fucking destroyed him https://youtu.be/n8iUBzGTGEE

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WHAT THE FUCK LADS? David Icke was right, about fucking all...

WHAT THE FUCK LADS? David Icke was right, about fucking all of it. I mean how much more fucking proof do you need? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXCeyFhn6bw&t=1s

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Norwegian YouTuber takes DNA test, finds out she's 100% white, hates herself.

What a weird fucking frame of mind. Check out the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34XotnwSO58

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I can't even argue with these people

look i know my arguement is kinda shitty but these fucking liberals on twitter won't even give me more than five words as to support their point of view. At least show me what you think instead of insulting me

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Watch a Police K9 take a chunk out of nigger's leg

Anglero-Wyrick, 35, will remain in the hospital for the next few weeks after a “6-inch chunk” was taken out of his calf, including other bite wounds. “He can’t feel his toes,” a family member told the Post. He was arrested and charged with resisting officers and suspicion of violating parole. Deputies were told Anglero-Wyrick had pointed a gun at two people in a 911 call on April 4 — possibly a false report, as no firearm was found and the informant, Clyde Stauft, has become uncooperative with authorities. https://nypost.com/video/santa-rosa-police-dog-attack-shows-k-9-not-letting-go/ Video is good.

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>falsely claims millions will die >forces the nation to stay...

>falsely claims millions will die >forces the nation to stay home indefinitely >indicates people won't be allowed to shake hands anymore and other retarded nonsense Fauci is a fucking retard. He may know a little about medicine. He sure as fuck doesn't know shit about the economy or governing a nation. The damage he had caused already is worse then the coronavirus. When is Trump gonna fire this talking head and put someone knowledgeable and experienced his place?

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Extremely Huge Happenings real?

Pic related https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1249469169646460928 I'm still seeing Q conspiracies going around. Could it be true? Adrenochrome has run out? Arrests coming or happening? No blackout though. Just an elaborate LARP? Was Elon fucking with schizos the whole time? I hope the pedophile elite are being arrested, but I honestly don't know what to think.

popularity: 76

What is this orange nigger doing

What is this orange nigger doing

popularity: 56

its fake

this virus is fucking fake, /CVG/ is full to the brim with shills who don't care about evidence. way too many shills here on this board.

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>slut posts about how much money she makes off only fans >so...

>slut posts about how much money she makes off only fans >someone calls her out on it >her fucking brother of all people jumps to her defense and starts simping for her >his DM's get bombarded with images of his sisters tits How can anybody justify sex work, especially in their own family? If theres nothing wrong with sex work, surely theres nothing wrong with someone sending your sisters tits? It's just a regular job like any other respectable job, they claim. Now poor Harvey here is traumatised because her sister had to be a slut. Sex work is mental illness

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This is the american health care system

>get a broken foot from riding my bike >go to the ER for an hour, go to physical therapy n all that shit >supposedly have very good insurance with my work that suppose to cover fucking everything >still get billed nearly 3,000 FUCKING DOLLARS after the insurance payments, >oh and all nearly 3000 due by may 2nd too :-)))) They can get fucked i'm not paying for any of this fucking shit! What the FUCK IS WRONG with the healthcare in this country where ((they)) can just suck us dry of money after getting something like a broken fucking foot?!?! Why do we just allow this to go one?!

popularity: 60

Italy hate thread

I just hate shitalians so much. Theya re literally niggers >we wuzz romans 'n shieeet

popularity: 73

>High school: "Like, EW! What an ugly creep!" >College: *com...

>High school: "Like, EW! What an ugly creep!" >College: *completely ignores you while fucking Chads every week* >Working life: "I, like, don't think that this candidate displayed enough of our Core Values in his interview. He got the technical questions right but he didn't show Excellent Enthusiasm or Majestic Motivation in his teamwork examples. We should reject him."

popularity: 82

I'm starting to really fucking hate cops

I'm starting to really fucking hate cops

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Why do mental illnesses travel in groups? For example, why a...

Why do mental illnesses travel in groups? For example, why are furfags actual faggots? Or why are weebs ladyboys? The average weeb also has high levels of faggotry. Also faggots in general are far more likely to be pedophiles. What causes this phenomenon?

popularity: 129

Low IQ schizo faggots have ruined this board.

>5G causes cancer >Space is fake >Earth is flat >(((Q-anon))) >Evolution is fake >CERN summoning demons >Big bang is fake >General relativity is fake >dumb nigger-brained boomers who dont understand basic physics/economics OH NO NO NO THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF THIS SHITHOLE

popularity: 132

For any of you fucking Holocaust denying speds...

I dare you to watch this shit and then tell me it didn't happen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQeDvnapdlg&t=1s

popularity: 62


HOLY SHIT FUCKING HAPPENING >HAPPENING https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12324190 https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/krakatau/news/101587/Krakatoa-volcano-Indonesia-violent-eruption-ash-to-47000-ft-altitude.html

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Nigger Twitter is insufferable

>smug nigger check >race bait check >LGBTQ+ check >100k+ likes check must be nigger twitter

popularity: 122

>white girls dance to song with lyrics from Koran >Refugees l...

>white girls dance to song with lyrics from Koran >Refugees lose their fucking shit https://mobile.twitter.com/yousefslym/status/1248043298482032640 https://sputniknews.com/viral/202004101078911047-tiktok-user-forced-to-apologise-after-quran-verse-dance-video-causes-anger/

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Why why why WHY is this form of sexual, mental, and medical...

Why why why WHY is this form of sexual, mental, and medical abuse on children viewed as fucking progressive? And why is this shit gaining traction over the last couple of years. It's seriously blowing my mind that hormone blockers and teenage representation for ladyboys have taken off in some states.

popularity: 157

Reporting a Pedo I work with

What are the political implications and process I should go through to report a pedo I uncovered at work? I won't post his info here, but I usually do a background check on everyone I work with just to see if they are who they say they are. Profile of this guy: >Massive faggot who pretends hes a lawyer (we work in IT) >he spent years in Thailand because he "loves Thai culture". >Said "You can learn a lot about someone from their personal email" >Pissed me off one day >Look up his personal email >Find his tripadvisor, old forum posts, youtube account, and reddit account all using the exact same name (lol) >read through his reddit history >Posts about fucking young boys, traps, the most degenerate shit you can think of and so on. >I call him out saying "I know about <his username> " >He freaks the fuck out and denies it all (before I even accuse him of anything) >He shows his decoy reddit account but confirms all other accounts are legit. I'm thinking about just emailin...

popularity: 73

Why are Australia and New Zealand so full of white trash?

All the people I've met form these countries have shite attitude, drug habits, listen to nigger/rap music all the time, smoke cigarettes and just wanna spend their whole lives back packing and partying

popularity: 109

British man told by police he cannot use his garden.


popularity: 90

Niggers and Covid 19

Why are niggers like this? >Covid 19 hits >Warned by govt officals to avoid large gatherings and social distance >Mane who give a fuck nigga bix nood 1 month later >Niggers get hit the hardest by covid 19 >MANE ITS DA SYSTEM MANE YALL NIGGAS KEEPING US DOWN

popularity: 98


https://www.cbsnews.com/news/beth-potter-killed-wisconsin-physician-and-husband-killed-by-daughters-boyfriend-khari-sanford-police-say/ The Daughter, a white girl, conspired with her NIGGER boyfriend to kill her own parents. America what is happening to you?

popularity: 122


Get in faggots, we're starting the second civil war

popularity: 125

Essential workers only

Who else /essential/? Sparky here. Bout to fuckin quit this job though. Not risking my life over this shit.

popularity: 54

Bulgaria hate thread

ITT we piss and shit on this shithole and show our utter contempt for its subhuman inhabitants

popularity: 65


It’s the fucking flu

popularity: 70

I guess everyone is going to pretend this didn't happen

Not even Drudge is touching it. lmao ITS A HOAX YOU IDIOTS. Fucking kys you bootlickers. This entire thing is a test on our obedience. There are now several US cities stating fines up to $1,000 and jail time for not wearing a fucking face covering. Not even a real N95, just anything like a bandanna. WAKE THE FUCK UP. https://archive.is/KQZqE

popularity: 67


here's a testimony from myself, a 2000 zoomer growing up in sweden: >all males listen to xanaxpopping nigger music, act exactly like them (similar to wiggers but different style) >many girls are together with refugees or blacks >i even experience white girls being rejected by black guys because they literally got to pick the best from the buffet This not a larp, I went to gymnasium (high school) in Sweden between 2016-2019. Sweden is doomed. They're population is already 15% refugee (10% according to official figures, probably 15-17% if you count illegals), add niggers and other subhumans and you are up to about 25% non europeans and gypsies in Sweden. Swedes are literal cucks paying 55% tax for niggers to breed their daughters

popularity: 95

Is being conservative the most cucked thing one can be?

/b/ talks how whites are intelligent, beautiful, and creative but these qualities within the white population are possessed mostly by white liberals. All the scientists, artists and supermodels you idealize so much are liberals. You are fighting to preserve, to conserve these people yet these people fucking hate you.

popularity: 65


WHAT A FUCKING JOKE THE FLU KILLS 50K PER YEAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HQakEfWC14

popularity: 143


Is there anything scummier than wearing one of these in public right now? Mere civilians have no business wearing or owning an N95 or any other respirator. These masks only work for doctors and nurses, not for your hysterical little 20 minute trip to the grocery store. Just stop being so fucking selfish. Doctors need these to LITERALLY save lives.

popularity: 135


https://truthout.org/articles/incarcerated-anti-fascists-report-targeted-beatings-by-guards/ >The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is targeting Eric King, an unapologetically vocal anti-fascist, yogi and poet who has been incarcerated since September 2014, for his political beliefs. King was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison after being charged with attempting to set fire to a government official’s empty office building in support of the Ferguson, Missouri, uprising in 2014. >Lt. Donald Wilcox ordered King to attend a private “interview” in a prison storage room at FCI Florence in Colorado on August 17, 2018, according to a statement written by King. Lieutenant Wilcox works in the Special Investigative Services (SIS) unit, a shadowy nationwide department that investigates and surveils people who are deemed threats within the BOP system. >The lieutenant yelled about his hatred for creepers and screamed bizarre, false statements, including that King had killed Wilcox’s daughters. King wr...

popularity: 79


"EMERGENCY ANTI-DOOMER STREAM" BANNING EVERYONE LEFT AND RIGHT KICKING OUT EVERYONE WHO'S BERNIE OR BUST JUST BITCHSLAPPED SHOEINHEAD FOR IT THE SALT IS SO DELICIOUS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N06ubnIGGF0 he's so fucking butthurt and pretending he isn't kek ANYONE WITH DISCORD CALL IN AND "DEBATE" HIM ON WHY HIS FATASS GF DESERVES YOUR TAX DOLLARS FOR HER HEALTH CARE!!! He's so close to snapping and producing the best clip on the internet, he's just kicked off two debaters because he's so mad ahahha

popularity: 139

You realize Trump is going to lose right?

You can laugh at Bernie as much as you want but at the end of the day, Trump almost lost to Hillary Fucking Clinton. He lost the popular vote to her entirely. What has changed since 2016? Prisoners can now vote. A more likeable president will be running against Trump. Immigration numbers have increased by well over 10,000,000. More young people have shifted to the left. Do any of you morons honestly believe Trump will be re-elected? Cope harder its fucking over for magats.

popularity: 138

25 year old at a Walmart in Michigan stood on top of his car...

25 year old at a Walmart in Michigan stood on top of his car, said that "there's no cure for the virus so why even be here" and blew his brains out.

popularity: 74

>go to Germany >nearly everyone is white why did you lie to...

>go to Germany >nearly everyone is white why did you lie to me /b there is no white genocide stop fucking around with the rare outliers fucking autist housebound spergs

popularity: 54

This nigger is trying to ruing these girls live

All over calling them for what they are https://twitter.com/annabelleeem/status/1247626742988263425?s=21

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Just about 2000 people died in the US alone today. Is everyb...

Just about 2000 people died in the US alone today. Is everybody finally done with the fucking retarded "it's just a flu, bro, Trump's got it under control, trust the plan, Q predicted this" BS?

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Fucking Sweden. Because you are royal cucks and cannot take...

Fucking Sweden. Because you are royal cucks and cannot take care of your self it has lead to this: Because you open your ass for all the threaths in the world, this time for corona virus, we finns have to deal with your shit. Sweden didn't apply restrictions and shit is of course beginning to hit the fan. You even did BURN you maintainance supply warehouse including 7,3 MILLIONS respirator masks in the early 2000. Also medical, food and oil supplies were disposed. The argument seemed to be that "hurr durr we dont need these supplies anymore in the united world hurr durr". https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/kolumnister/a/BRXn37/andningsskydd-for-alla-svenskar-brandes-upp--utan-protester In the meanwhile Finland never stopped stockpiling after the Cold War, because we are not hopeless pussies what Sweden is. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/05/world/europe/coronavirus-finland-masks.html The swedish resources are already in the limit and behind the scenes Sweden is basically crying Finland for h...