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the greatest happening of 2020 and no threads

so apparently a kangaroo has escaped from a ranch in northeastern bosnia, so far he has attacked some farmers during the night and there are rumors he's already been sausagefied leading to a hefty bounty on his head, so far efforts to track him have been fruitless and it seems he will either enter the nearby city of bijeljina or hop over to nearby serbia which will make this an international incident

will the бaзиpaни oceanic rat evade his captors and continue to terrorise the populace? only repeating numbers will know

He is heading to Germany for gibs.
Good on ya cunt
Finally some hope

What do we do about the refugee Europeans?

pic related; blue-eyed blonde Refugee Bosnians

Their supposed high IQ will make them grow out of religion at some point in their lives.
Call serbs to finish the job and try to force convert
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