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the greatest happening of 2020 and no threads

so apparently a kangaroo has escaped from a ranch in northeastern bosnia, so far he has attacked some farmers during the night and there are rumors he's already been sausagefied leading to a hefty bounty on his head, so far efforts to track him have been fruitless and it seems he will either enter the nearby city of bijeljina or hop over to nearby serbia which will make this an international incident

will the бaзиpaни oceanic rat evade his captors and continue to terrorise the populace? only repeating numbers will know
Is this the beginning of the invasion of eurasia by australia?
The bosnian fears the giant australian jumping rat.
That's my fucking boy. Kill 'em all.
Good boy, Skip.
This is unironically the most important thing happening in the world right now. Why aren't more people talking about it?
You fools... without a female he will hybridise your women, you can’t overpower them it’s your civic duty to keep his balls drained
This must be done by a man his pheromones will force your females to betray their race THEIR SPECIES!
God speed I have notified the Irwin family
at least you didn't plant the eucalyptus trees
Fuckin based mate. I live far west, quite near the border. If I see the little chad am gonna kidnap him and have myself a jumping dog.
I hope he makes it back to austria
Those fucking Austrian Krauts attacking us again?
what are the odds of him exhibiting a little killy kill on our ladyboy president or on our dyke pm?
People think this little fucker is jumping? Well he's not. Look at those curved claws. This fucker is out for blood and his insatiable psychosis allows him to levitate, propelled at high speed by his desire for human flesh.
Look at those eyes. Make no mistake, that animal has tasted the blood of man.
This post has made my day, thank you Bosnian Anon
digits and it's been captured and gangraped
oh god... this is a far reaching incident ... do you think it will effect me in California? Im really scared actually...
You mad, cunt boy?
Oh dear oh dear. More reasons to stay inside.
Let's hope he escapes to serbia.
I haven't ever had such a swelling of nationalist emotions.

Gods speed skippa the rippa.
Based roo get fucked wogs
This one south of the equator rat has a chance to change world politics as we know it, but only if you post in here


(Also check them)
move over california - we got us a high-speed 'roo chase!
>what's бaзиpaни?
Run free jumpy man, green pastures await you for your heroic deeds
Quality slide thread
Well... If janitors are sleeping
>fake nuke attack on OIL
>fracking ilegal due earthquakes
>1l gas is 10dolars
>nuclear plants closed due earthquake
Q is the greatest happening but jannies have censored discussion of it. Free speech my ass.
This happened in Norway last year, i think. Can’t remember if it was only one or several. The fucker survived for weeks in the woods. This was in the South, and in summer, or else it would have frozen to death quickly
Poor guy he must be cold af now, find him and send him back to warm climate
I can't stop thinking about a kangaroo breaking into people's houses just to stand over them until they wake up and kick them and their wives in the gut before hippity hopping off to the next home invasion.
Bosnians have disrespect the kanga, now they get the roo.
ex zookeeper here. Just rugby tackle the fucker and put it in a sack.
First they got Americans to plant fire hazard trees in huge numbers in wildfire prone areas

Got the entire deep state of America seething through shitpostipedia.

Sent a one man kebab removal unit to get their New Zealand neighbours cucked out of gun ownership.

Now they have got Bosnians invaded by what amounts to violent giant jumping rats.

What's next up their shitposting sleeves?!
R.I.P Bosnia. You're in for a world of pain

roooo-lin for more conflict in south ossetia
he can make it
Can we have a roos now?
First Tarrant, now Skip. Clearly Australians have to clean up filth in other countries for them.
he's now the mammal with the biggest dick in Bosnia, and that includes humans.
Just a warning. Don't look him directly in the eyes, any male that does this is doomed to be punched and kicked to death.
looks like a wallaby or a joey
God speed, little buddy
Why is one of our precious fauna in your impoverished country?

We'll go to war over this. Our Defence Minister is already making plans to invade.
not to be a Reddit mod but thats a wallaby you fucking brain slime faggot
>the greatest happening
>not the greatest hoppening
what a missed opportunity
Seriously, you guys are completely fucked. Europe is over.
Australia, they're not sending their best
He is heading to Germany for gibs.
Good on ya cunt
Finally some hope