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The Serbian part of Bosnia, Republika Srpska will soon leave the country and join Serbia.

>Tensions have flared in the divided Balkan country since the Bosnian Constitutional Court earlier this month rejected a regulation passed in Republika Srpska on farmland that used to belong to the Yugoslav state as unconstitutional.

>The law, adopted late last year, declared such land as property of Republika Srpska, but the court ruled that the state of Bosnia was the owner.

>Addressing Republika Srpska’s legislature in Banja Luka on February 17, Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of Bosnia’s multi-ethnic presidency, said: “Goodbye [Bosnia], welcome [Republika Srpska] exit.”

More Serbian war music?
Is the ENTIRE Adriatic coast REALLY populated by ethnic Croats or was that just ZOG trying to cuck Serbia
Won't happen, the serbs are shit at war and would lose again.
Nice, let's see how round 2 will go down anyone got popcorns? I'm fresh out from corona virus.
this serves as notice the US is done with NATO
we will shut this fight out unless we get to conquer Jerusalem from those kikes and pedos.

these Jews have been terrible stewards time to take it back into Christian hands. knock down that faggot Refugee Temple and knock over that stupid kike wall.

remove and replace the entire population.

Israel has always been a pure white and Christian country.
And read what happend in the end, they concluded that current constitution is OK. Bunch of idiots from either side, but these year are elections, so we can expect more of this.

Dodik needs one more elections to win
LOL!!! This dodik dude says we are gonna be Independent soon since 2006. Absolutely nothing will happen except this :

West says to serbs Stop this faggotry or we will stop sending Money. Serbs: O-okay.
NATO diddled these countries. Just like Germany's, the borders of these countries are now FINAL.
are serbians white?
What is actually going to happen:
- Serbs and Croat will cooperate
- Creation of Herceg Bosnia, the croatian entity with its center in Mostar
- Removal of foreign judges
- Peaceful dissolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina into Republika Srpska, Herceg Bosna and Bosna
- Croatians will first have a referendum, join Herceg Bosna to Croatia
- Serbs will follow since we can't do it first cause of all the flack we have in Montenegro and Kosmet
- Republika Srpska joins Serbia
- Refugee municipalities sperg in the meantime
- Some break off and join Bosnia
- You get enlarged Serbia and Croatia
- Serbia is pushed towards NATO with Kosmet partition between Serbian and NATO controlled parts and Kosmet in name being in Serbia
- Serbia accepts, takes control of North of Kosmet, Pec, Prizren
- Rest is NATO military protectorate, similar to Bosnia
- NATO rekindles its meaning by having land of its own
- Montenegro tensions settle down since Serbia is in Nato but north of MNE grows closer to Serbia to reduce the Raska oblast aka Sandzak issues with refugees.

t. someone who talked to our diplomat who saw the CIA map for the Balkans
Oh please, he is just a fat fuck who wants more gibs.
fuck yes finally a real happening in the motherland
will believe when i see, fuck off.
sure would be a shame if some skittles got caught in the crossfire
A shitshow in that region would disturb the migrant routes into western Europe, aside from the cuck rafts.
Digits confirm entirety of Bosnia annexed to Serbia.
same shit everywhere
ukraine gets crimea, treats them like subhumans and bleeds them dry because they're the other and subhumans
same all over the balkans and in so many other places
England and Scotland, Scotland the only country to strike massive oil reservoirs and get poorer in the process because the crown bleeds them dry an even tries to destroy their public healthcare system, that they pay for themselves.
Good for them but who could honestly care
It's not the most surprising thing. I figured that Serbia and Croatia would/should partition Bosnia, only leaving a rump state for the refugees.
The eastern part joining Serbia makes total sense, but the border-gore the western part makes will probably cause more trouble. Just having a three-way country in itself was always going to clause another cluster-fuck.
why not just unite into Yugoslavia again?
Hope this time we fulfill our duty and join Serbia in the fight to REMOVE KEBAB from Europe.
as a refugee, I will gladly matyr myself for the homeland of mavlavi ali izbetgovic
the s*Rb vermin will once again experience the jizyah
My Serbian pride I will not hide.
My Illyrian blood flows hot and true.
My Serbian people, I will stand by you.
Through thick and thin till the day we die,
our Serbian flag WILL ALWAYS FLY HIGH
Here we go again.
Oh god the fucking border gore. Europe is gonna look disgusting
Doubt anything will happen, it didn't even make the news here.
Finally! I don't know about you Balkan-bros, but I am ready to kill and genocide again!
>Republika Srpska

Which country stole all their vowels?
Serb dual mentality
>Waaah, we want to have the lands in Bosnia where ethnic Serbs are living in
>OMG REEE!!! Why does Albanians in Kosovo want to join Albania! RUSSIA HALP!
more skittles... wonderful. at least they're white...
Oh boy that reminds of Alois Irlmaiers prophecy
>mfw greater serbia becomes real.
But they still don't have access to the sea.
War is needed in Western Europe to raise nationalism, not the Balkans again
Honestly why shouldnt that be possible?
Fuck Balkanoids, i hope we will not join to this shitstirm again.
And serbians still think they are the good guys, yet they start all the wars. Lmao
Would serbs just fuck off with this shit
>Tensions have flared in the divided Balkan country since the Bosnian Constitutional Court earlier this month
the tensions are here since 1998 when western powers and their liberals cuck traitors are engineering the downfall of croats and serbs and resurrection of refugee emirat but ok
The whole of Dalmatia is Italian soil since the Romans
Serbs get fucked over again. Next question?