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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Belgium, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgium

This is a Belgian classroom.

This is a Belgian classroom.

Is this Red Cross camp near some war zone in central Africa?

What the fuck.
Non-white kids are disgusting.

Except for hapas.
this guys face says it all

13 y old Greta has a PhD in Ecology & Informatics

Why don't you have a PhD anon?


I'm tired seeing that potato face every fucking day. Why is this kid constantly shilled here?
She's clearly autistic. Autistic people can achieve all sorts of feats if they truly desire it. At my old store I worked at, there was an older man who is pretty damn autistic. He has 2 master degrees in engineering. One electrical and one chemical. The guy is almost 50 and chooses to work at a grocery store and live with his parents, probably getting a life time of tendies. So tell me again why should I care some autistic 13 year old is pursuing different interests than me in life?
Poor girl. Her life must be very difficult.