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Self defence in Europe

Wanna buy a knife in Europe (Belgium) purely for self protection.
Anybody any tips?

Swedish Morakniv off Amazon. Solid, cheap, ergonomic knife. It's all you need. Leave the commando LARP knives at home.
Don't mind me old chap. I'm just an old man...This bad back of mine has been aching me for ages. Hohoho.
What's that sonney boy? My cash and keys? Sure, sure...Oh bother. My eyes aren't what they used to be...Which pocket were they in again?...

What's wrong sonney? I can't hand you my things if you're missing an arm.
>any tips?

Yeah, don't buy a knife if your locale is in any way hostile to the concept of self defense. Get a doctor to diagnose you with some kind of mobility issue, bum knee, whatever. Then carry a hickory cane with a small sharpened point and a rubber cap over it.

It's better to be thought of as the disabled man with a cane who was preyed upon and came out on top, than the man out looking for trouble with a combat knife.

short spear > knife anyway


In the latest polls the two Flemish nationalist parties together have a majority of seats in parliament. Not only that, it's even borderline impossible to form any other government than one containing those two parties.
All the other parties (socialists, christian democrats, liberals, commies and greens) all hover around 10%.

Right wing revolution in our lifetime.
Belgium will be deleted in our lifetime.

Godspeed waffles if you can get rid of the Walloons we can get rid of the southerners
Youre a faggot if you think belgium will ever split
If Belgium leaves the EU, where would they move the capital? The Hague? Or somewhere in Germany?