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2. You can ask here people from Belgium anything anonymously, trolling is allowed, but must be funny and not malicious. Please be respectful.
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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Belgium, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgium

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Cliche country. Should be split up between France and Netherlands.

Good fries though.
de wanna wanga, nay Jaba no badda
This is the creature is known as a Hutt. They're a large slug like sentient species who are mostly carnivore in nature. They're often galactic gangsters and run several crime syndicates across the outer rim. If you come across one of these do not make deals with them, they often have incredibly high interest on loans.

Let me introduce you to Noord-Brabant

This province is filled to the brim with degenerate Belgians who forgot to declare independence. The only thing people do there is drink beer and celebrate carnaval. And because they celebrated carnaval like animals the last few weeks this region has half the cases of corona in the country. Roughly 500 people have corona simply because these degenerate Catholics do not understand that non-stop carnaval celebrations will make you a second Lombardy.

Belgianons you can take these idiots before they infect all of us.

Waffles are worsen then niggers.
Er zijn meer Nederlanders met Corona, kaashoofd :D
hoe komen ze aan hun eten , doen ze nog boodschappen of niet ??

heo werkt dat , als iedereen binnen moet blijven.