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There's a clear pattern here

>each european country was researched to see which other country they hated the most

the dutch and belgians hate the french with a passion.

italy hates themself?

iceland hates denmark...

We don't hate Spain, it's very much the opposite
I'd like to see liked countries instead :)
>not France
yeah I'm doubting this sourceless map

NEWS: Female police officer made Nazi salute in cell of man who died


>Belgium was in shock today after footage emerged of a man being pinned down by police shortly before he died - while officers laughed and one of them gave a Nazi salute.

>Jozef Chovanec's death in the wake of his arrest in February 2018 has sparked comparisons with the death of George Floyd in the United States.

>Chovanec was taken off a plane in Charleroi after refusing to show a ticket as he boarded, and taken to a holding cell where the footage shows him banging his head against the wall until his face bleeds heavily.

>One policeman sat on his chest for 16 minutes while a laughing female officer performed the 'Hitler greeting', before Chovanec died in hospital the next day.

Is she single?
I think she's calling someone, is a still picture, if no video, no proof, still would marry tbqh