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If you were to suddenly have the launch codes to five MIRVS,...

If you were to suddenly have the launch codes to five MIRVS, which five countries would you glass off of the face of the Earth?

1. Belgium
2. Israel
3. The UAE
4. Saudi Arabia
5. India

California, since it might as well be a foreign country now.

Washington DC
Vatican City
keeping two for posterity
1. Israel
2. Saudi Arabia
3. Belgium
4. Hollywood
5. Peanut York
1. Western Russia
2. Northern Russia
3. Eastern Russia
4. Southern Russia
5. Central Russia

Marrying arabic women

Is it socially acceptable for a white man to marry a refugee arab woman?

In Belgium it's not, because arab women furiously hate wh*te men so I will never be able to marry one.

Kill niggers with whites, nuke with extreme predijuce in your case
Well that's goodbye white race lmao.
No problem
No problem
>Muslim Arab
Yes problem