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Self defence in Europe

Hi Wanna buy a knife in Europe (Belgium) purely for self protection. Anybody any tips?

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In the latest polls the two Flemish nationalist parties together have a majority of seats in parliament. Not only that, it's even borderline impossible to form any other government than one containing those two parties. All the other parties (socialists, christian democrats, liberals, commies and greens) all hover around 10%. Right wing revolution in our lifetime. Belgium will be deleted in our lifetime.

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Say something nice about Belgium

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Let me introduce you to Noord-Brabant

This province is filled to the brim with degenerate Belgians who forgot to declare independence. The only thing people do there is drink beer and celebrate carnaval. And because they celebrated carnaval like animals the last few weeks this region has half the cases of corona in the country. Roughly 500 people have corona simply because these degenerate Catholics do not understand that non-stop carnaval celebrations will make you a second Lombardy. Belgianons you can take these idiots before they infect all of us.

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What the shit Belgium. What the shit.


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What do you guys think about Belgium? Do you think my countr...

What do you guys think about Belgium? Do you think my country is based? It feels like many anons think that it's worse than it really is

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Why are Belgium men such Chads?

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Restoration of Ghent Altarpiece Unsettles Viewers

https://www.cnn.com/style/article/ghent-altarpiece-restoration-scli-intl/ >There are no words to express the result" was the beaming reaction of Belgium's Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, after a 15th-century masterpiece -- painted over shortly after completion -- was restored to its former glory. And they were right -- commentators have been left speechless by one particular aspect of the newly revealed painting. The latest panel of the "Ghent Altarpiece," a large work by Hubert and Jan van Eyck, was unveiled in December as part of an ongoing project to restore the painting to its original design. >The painting -- also known as "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb" -- depicts a lamb, representing Jesus, being sacrificed on an altar.

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Textbook in Belgium

Textbook in Belgium

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This is a Belgian classroom.

This is a Belgian classroom.

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13 y old Greta has a PhD in Ecology & Informatics

Why don't you have a PhD anon? https://www.brusselstimes.com/all-news/belgium-all-news/56837/university-of-mons-to-honor-greta-thunberg-nicolas-hulot-nicolas-terne/

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If you were to suddenly have the launch codes to five MIRVS,...

If you were to suddenly have the launch codes to five MIRVS, which five countries would you glass off of the face of the Earth? Mine: 1. Belgium 2. Israel 3. The UAE 4. Saudi Arabia 5. India BONUS- California, since it might as well be a foreign country now.

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Marrying arabic women

/be/, Is it socially acceptable for a white man to marry a refugee arab woman? In Belgium it's not, because arab women furiously hate wh*te men so I will never be able to marry one.