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"Porn addiction is harmless"

>29yr old Porn addict NEET steals $200k from his family
>spends it on Bulgarian camwhore
>his family finds out, forgive him but send him to porn addiction rehab
>he comes back and steals from them again to give to camwhore
>they kick him out
>he comes back and kills his parents and brother
Such is life for the cumbrain

He blew his Dads life saving on a camwhore. Surprised his Dad didn't shoot him!
This bitch is based af
With or without porn this scumbag would still be a scumbag. And I like porn. Why should anything this scumbag does involve me and what I do?

Bulgaria: The World's Fastest-Shrinking Country


With the lowest birth rates and the highest death rates the world, Bulgaria is at the front lines of population decline

Well it's the darkest and gloomiest just before the dawn, i believe in Bulgaria.
Don't forget goyim, the world is overpopulated so you better not have children.
Don't forget goyim, population decline is a terrible thing, you must import more refugees.
lowest birth rates should receive a medal. However, with 30 turkshits and gypsies, I very much doubt that.

Bulgar bros, acknowledge our spilled blood in you being a country, shed the idiotic narrative of muh turkic (bulgar) blood which is same as magyar story. You're fucking 55 % Slavs, 40 %
Thracians and 5% bulgar original mix... until 1200s when turkshit came