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The reason why EU is shit is that shitty countries like Bulg...

The reason why EU is shit is that shitty countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Baltics, etc allowed to be in

greeks and polaks are worst people in the world,not counting jews idk why they are in eu
I'm so proud my country isn't included in these maps
Retard if it wasn't for Greece, EU would already have been taken over by the refugees.

Look at the cucks at Germany, Sweden, France, and the UK getting analled by the minorities they willingly accepted.

Respect the gatekeepers bitch.

Bulgarians and Macedonians are not the same

Why are Bulgarians (with -ov and -ev surnames) so dark-skinned and Turkish looking compared to Macedonians (with -ski surnames) ?

Seen a lot of Macedonians and Bulgarians on FB and the Macedonians are often whiter or posses some type of lighter skin/hair colour/eye colour. Why?

For example


Both aren’t white
Уaн пocт бaй диc aйди

Дивaйд eнд кoнкъp тpeд

Дa гo дyхaтe пeдaли