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Bulgarians and Macedonians are not the same

Why are Bulgarians (with -ov and -ev surnames) so dark-skinned and Turkish looking compared to Macedonians (with -ski surnames) ?

Seen a lot of Macedonians and Bulgarians on FB and the Macedonians are often whiter or posses some type of lighter skin/hair colour/eye colour. Why?

For example

30% of Macedonians are ethnic albanians thags where then aryan features come from. Bulgarians are slav speaking turks. my city is full of east Europeans and the difference in appearance between poles/balts and Romanian/Bulgarians is stark
>ski surnames
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macedonians and monkeydonians are not the same
>so dark-skinned and Turkish looking compared to Macedonians
the only bulgarian ive ever met had blond hair though im aware this is not common. the macedonians ive met looked more like greeks than other slavs.
There are turkish rapebabies though, I have to admit, but it's not as common as in Greece.
Why are Russians so dark-skinned and Turkish looking compared to Belorussians?

Seen a lot of Belorussians and Russians on FB and the Belorussians are often whiter or posses some type of lighter skin/hair colour/eye colour. Why?
Of course they aren't. But the people who inhabit the former yugoslavic republic now known as "North Macedonia" are Bulgarians.
Both are based.

mbullë egër(bulgar) meaning wildlings withdrawel battle ground.

matizë ndajne(macedonie) meaning crossbreeding cats for best sound reception/research.

mati zë(cat) meaning measuring sound.

Cats can hear much higher pitched sounds. Up to 64khz, 1.6 octaves above the range of a human.

Gje zë(giza) meaning finding sound. cats were worshipped in giza egypt.
who even gives a shit? whys this board so obsessed with being accepted as white? lol why isnt it okay for someone to call themselves not white. im Slavic not white.so easy now your turn.
Because they live next to the BLACK sea. Are we going to rename it too? How about the JUNKIE sea since all the countries surrounding it are full of fags?
>(with -ov and -ev surnames) / (with -ski surnames)

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The original surenames of south slavs are actualy -Ich. But only serbs keep the tradition afaik.
In our case we emulated the russians since they were very popular after the liberation war.
>bulgarians --> christian turks
>macedonians --> slavised albanians

The further East you go in Bulgaria, the less white it gets. Most Bulgarians I’ve met looked pretty white tho.
Macedonians have Aromanians(who look like Meds) and Sqiptar Caucasus monkeys so they’re also a mixed bag.
Machadonian lives on mountain. What do you do on mountain ..? You -ski.
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We are Bulgarian you dumb gopnik.
>with -ov and -ev surnames)
I went out with Bulgarian girl for about six years and was over there a lot.
I just read your comment and I legitemely can't think of a single person I met that had a name that didn't end in ov (ova)

Also, what the hell is with you guys plastering photos of your dead all over every surface in every town?
As a Serb I came here to say I DONT CARE! FUCK THEM BOTH!
can you easter european motherfuckers just get along
Since you're Russian I know you'll appreciate pic-rel, enjoy.
Macedonians and Bulgarians were never the same, Macedonians can understand Serbian better than Bulgarian and have completely different culture, history and mentality, they're like Southern Serbs that made their own country instead
Macedonians are Serbs end of. They will never stop getting bullied from bulgar, shiptars and Greek rats until they join us back. It's not Macedonia though, that region is called Old Serbia or Vardarian Serbia, they are celebrating Slava like us, they had -vic surnames before the 1945. etc. Etc.
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Ski is Slavic, usually denotes village
Yes, they are: same language, same culture, same religion and shared history. They are the same ethno-cultural community, that being said, it is obvious that Macedonia has some regional particularities
Bulgarians and Bulgarians are not the same lol, welcome to Bulgaria as long as you are not a gypse or a nigger you can pass.
Both dogshit people. Bulgarians are ungrateful to the sacrifices the Soviets made to keep them safe from westernization and Macedonians are low IQ Croats.
Monkeydonians are the laughing stock of the balkans... Literall cliche country... The monkeydonian is the autistic brother of the Bulgarian, the Serbian and the Greek...
>and Macedonians are not the same

Are you retarded mate? There's no Macedonian race neither a country!
Both aren’t white
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