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The reason why EU is shit is that shitty countries like Bulg...

The reason why EU is shit is that shitty countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Baltics, etc allowed to be in
EU is based, makes USA, Russia and China seethe
The reason why eu is shit is because commies took over and westerners praise these motherfuckers.

Kys schlomo.
You switched up Netherlands and Luxembourg flag :'(
show your flag you hebrew rodent
Yes, we are the problem, and not Brits, Germanoids and Swedes that welcome the brown hordes and let them rape their women.

OK bro.

based, third world semi-roaches out!
Belgium is the real shithole.
Yes jogger, we also want to leave your kike union so it can finally fall apart. Fuck the euro, fuck your MEPs, fuck your corrupt "world leaders" and most of all fuck your autocracy.
nah, it's probably the gorrilion shitskins you import and the sexo-marxism
I'll take that blame as soon as you deport all the joggers, sandniggers and stop importing them en masse.
But until then you can lick my asshole.
True, except for greece. Greece is important.
The EU is shit it should've just been a trading union fuck all these kike faggots calling for a federalized Europe and MUH NO BORDERS MUH SCHENGEN.

Imagine dying for some slav or gypsy across Europe, or for the other Faggots that are responsible for the Destruction of Germany and the state Germany is in.
Yeaaah right

Idiots need more soon money
EU is shit because westernoids don't want to held their ruling elite accountable for tanking the continent.
That's the result, not the cause. The cause is that amerimutts and Nato convinced european politicians that having a large alliance against russia made more sense than building a fourth reich from germany, france, austria and benelux.
You keep spending what you dont have
No, that's a consequence. The reason why EU is shit is because it's kike shit and that we allowed a trojan horse (UK) of muttmerican kikes to come in.

Also, EUSSR was a bad idea, Europe should be ruled by a nation only, if ever it has to be united. This country is obviously not Kraut except if you want your destruction.
>The reason why EU is shit is shitty countries…
>our nu-monarchy fucked up
>quick, pick a member that we can bully
They could be carrying you on their backs and you'd still betray them to try and justify your failure.
It's has always been shit. I hope it dies.
Merkel is a Polish kike and the last German government has been toppled over by the Allies which most of your Wigger Countries have been part of, the modern "GERMAN" is everything but German the Military has no German tradition
Always funny when some guy cries about Migrants from an Country that was part of the Allies when his shithead of a grandparent was sucking a pajeets feet.

Same shit with the Euro, Germany wants to keep the Deutsche mark but had to accept the Euro to even be allowed to reunify, or another one wants to keep the 1 Leader politicial system toppling the Democracy introduced by the Allies after WW1 to reintroduce it with Hitler get occupied and get it demolished and have Democracy installed AGAIN that doesn't accomplish shit where people sit arguing for the next 100 Years.

I'll believe you that there is a German government again when we have Laws for Germans and that helps and betters them instead of 24/7 Propaganda with the destruction of the Culture and traditions and the ethnic demographic and society.

Fuck the EU fuck Merkel and fuck every single pos Country that was part of the Allies and fuck a federalized Europe the day a German dies for anyone non German is the day the hell freezes over.
>memeflag pitying whites against each other
Sweden looks like a limp dick. How fitting.
Be brave OP, show your flag and prove to us all that you are better than us "shitty countries"
Better to be called a gypsy than to be a coward memeflag
The real reason why the EU is shit is because western leaders consider (((liberal values))) as the core foundation of the EU.
cry more white boi
West will go full jogger mode then we slavs will go and ''liberate you''
Everything is going according to plan
>Countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Baltics, etc, are pointless, inconsequential and should not be in the EU...
>Countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Baltics, etc, are ruining the EU.
In this episode of "Another Intentionally Divisive OP on /bg/", OP puts up another shitpost to keep white countries squabbling over nothing in order to prevent them from uniting.
Tune in and watch the fun!
Europe without Greece? Dumb shitskin
ok memeflaggot
sage and cage

mods do yourselves a favor and remember to not ban countries where most of the IPs are dynamic, fucking idiots
This is why Britain voted to join in the 1970's when it was just ubermenschen countries like Germany, France, Netherland etc.

We left because of sub-human Romanians and Poles.
The reason the EU is shit is because it was created by freemasons (aka shabbos goyim).
>The reason why
Time for your meds, Chang.
Yeah that's the reason it's shitty, not the luciferian pedophiles wanting the end of you, retard.
Get us out from the German yoke supressing our agriculture and raping the heavy industry with free trade, thanks.
This, also Germany looks at the EU like it's alrady a federal states.
Economically they look at eastern countries like they were colonies.
eat shit and die memeflag, go be a gypsy somewhere else
other way around, the reason those countries are shit is because they are in the EU which tantalizez gibs while shoving democracy, human rights, immigration, closing national business to rely on import, and other jewries down their throats

we took care of gypsies just fine before the eu came in and called us barbarians, then gypsies started emigrating to france who cucked out so badly it started paying them to go back, so they did only to return and get paid again, while also committing plenty of crimes westerns would punish them too softly for, reason why they managed to get rich
Gee I wonder who can be behind that (((memeflag)))
They need those poor eastern European countries to manufacture goods that they pretend are made in Germany.
That is a pivotal part of the whole scam.
The reason why EU is shit is because krauts are self-hating kikes bent on destroying white europe
Also anti-sovereignty unions like that just don't work with european countries.
bigger problem is that the EU benefits from mass migration by removing national identity
>The reason why EU is shit is that shitty countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Baltics, etc allowed to be in
Forgets about: France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden, Finlan, Cyprus, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, that's about all the shit countries.
>The reason why EU is shit is that shitty countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Greece,
what about Italy and Spain, the biggest welfare queens in the EU
I busted a nut to the death of George Floyd. Seeing that jogger ape under the boot of his white master gave me a raging boner. He deserved to die because he was a jogger. Is that normal?

PS. I included my cum tribute and the time stamp
agree, kick us out but also deport ALL the workers you lured from our country with wages that are cheaper than other eu nationals but higher than romanians could afford back to romania.
Get a recent map you fucking jogger
Exactly. Please expel us from you homopedo, refugee-infested shitskin communist utopia. Oh wait.. You want our kids.
net contribution of the rich eu countires is peanuts compared to benefits they have from transition countries. everyone benefits from the eu, but rich countries are far more than poor ones. with exception of greece, but thats because of the eurozone
greeks and polaks are worst people in the world,not counting jews idk why they are in eu
I'm so proud my country isn't included in these maps
Retard if it wasn't for Greece, EU would already have been taken over by the refugees.

Look at the cucks at Germany, Sweden, France, and the UK getting analled by the minorities they willingly accepted.

Respect the gatekeepers bitch.