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>Haven't had meat in 4 months, too expensive
>Electricity is out for 9 hours+ everyday
>No bread in shops
>Bread price increased
>Everything is expensive
>currency depreciated -500% and counting
>went from 1$=1,500LL to 1$=9,000LL and still dropping
>Soldiers now have only vegan meals, meat too expensive
>Soldiers have salary equivalent to less than 100$

how much longer do i have till civil war breaks out?
will israel annex us? will syria annex us?
does anyone know how to build a DIY boat?

Had to check and see if canada got a new flag
No one want you here you fucking shitskin
Let me guess. You want to run to a white country, and then you will vote and turn it into the shithole you left.
How about you not be a worthless coward and fight?


Amendment 16 to be REPEALED and IRS to be dismantled and all facilities closed. Federal Reserve to be removed and the proper right to create currency will be returned to the TREASURY. SILVER, GOLD, AND PLATINUM based currency to replace federal reserve notes!


>fixing the dollar to a specific weight of gold.

This probably isnt a good idea because this would involve unironically destroying cash supplies as time goes on to the point where there will, unironically, a finite amount of cash unlike how it is now.
Shouldn't this be sticked if true? This is actually big.