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Universal Basic Income is a NECESSITY at This Point

/biz/ I have been a conservative for most of my life on a lot of issues. I want to make it clear I am not a leftist. But in the last year (especially since February)I have come around to the idea of a UBI. If you're against a UBI and yet in favour of giving billions of dollars away in foreign aid and blowing hundreds of billions on stuff like the military, welfare for Shaniqua and the 8 rats she pumped out in 6 years, I have some news for you. You are a cuck like pic related who sucks the dicks of bankers that do not give a fuck about you.

>Milton Friedman on UBI

>UBI Explained

>UBI and Automation

>Advances Made in Mechatronics and AI in the last decade

I will allow UBI only to people who can prove that they have an IQ of above 100 and it should be 100 dollars per point (that will land me at least 4000 a month). Attempting to cheat on an IQ test will result in being exiled from the state and forced into hard, pointless labor just to underscore the crime of attempting to defraud the better man of his just desserts.
>work 60-70 hours a week
>haven't had 4 consecutive days off in over 4 years
>no health insurance
Why is he proud of this? Speaking as someone who served, he should have just stayed in..
Honestly, monetary policies have fucked us. We could have recovered after 2008 if they hadn’t reinflated the bubble, but now there’s really no hope. Do we want to go out with a whimper or with a bang? Because we are going out. Period. UBI could buy us time to figure out a currency reset and keep people from going revolutionary. But the recent collapse means we are heading into very scary territory if they don’t start sending out checks. The checks are the only reason this depression doesn’t feel like a depression. But that’s going to wear off and markets are going to start selling off. If they ever end the eviction moratoriums, we are going to see a breakdown of our court system and a wave of mortgage defaults that will trigger a banking crisis.
I don’t support UBI, except I do now...because I don’t want a Marxist revolution and the destruction it will bring.


Can UBI work? Does anyone else think it is possible to implement? Will Yang win in 2024?

The general idea is that most of our economic woes is because many of our jobs are being replaced by automation. If AI or robots take all our jobs, trying to force people into employment makes no sense, and the government should just give people monthly stipends to live off of.

Any attempt at it would need to be backed by nationalizing housing and a massive infrastructure project to build cheap, efficient and affordable single family dwellings. Usury would need to be crushed, banks would need to be cut off. It would need to happen before UBI arguably.
Has communism ever worked?
Yes, but only if it's for women only and funded by the surplus labor of federal job guarantees for men.