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I have $600,000 in low interest debt, over a million in assets and just enough cash to last to the next month. I pray every night for hyperinflation. Don't get me too excited.
Republicans lick rich asshole

Why aren't you mining etherium anon?

Obviously I understand most people don't own gaming gpus but if you wanted to you can purchase one and mine. Right now with my 2 gpu I'm getting 16 dollars a day. Obviously I won't get rich but an extra 480 dollars month is pretty nice (minus electricity). The etherium I mine is instantly turn into bitcoin. Fiat is not looking great fellows mine some money no?

Don't get into crypto, China will 51% it and ruin everything, or google will fuck with the chain with their quantum computer to push their own crypto
just sold 5 of my 3090's at 3k a piece
SELL you retard before july
What a massive fag. You know who is making real money. Me selling all the marked up GPUs that you retards are paying 2-3x over msrp.