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Federal Europe

Should Europe integrate into a single federal state? I think it's a good idea. The reality of modern geopolitics is that you're either a superpower, or a superpower's bitch. If you want your country to truly be sovereign, it needs to become a superpower. No country in Europe has to capacity to be a superpower in 2020, so the only real option is for them to federate into a single country. The European Union is already moving in the right direction, so here's what I think they should do:
-Annex all the country in pic related except maybe Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova
-Merge the armed forces of EU member states into a single European Army (and Navy and Air Force of course)
-Replace all local currencies with the Euro
-Ban treaties between member states and outside powers (to prevent dividing and conquering)
-Single citizenship shared by all EU member states. If you're citizen in one EU member state, you're automatically a citizen in another
-Free movement of people between EU member states (movement between EU states and non-EU states can still be strictly controlled)
-Leave NATO and all other treaty organizations that promote American hegemony. Negotiate new treaties that are more favorable to Europe.
-Establish English as the primary lingua franca
-Allow EU member states to use their own local languages in their local affairs
-Abolish the European council and the President of the European Commission
-European Parliament will be the supreme federal governing body of Europe

What are your thoughts?

>I think it's a good idea
Who cares about the opinion of an american? You are a mutt.
All that's needed is this.
Sounds good, but if you want to be independent from America, why do you propose to use it's language?

Post average students from your country Belarus:

Post average students from your country

reminds me of canada 20 years ago, new clean desks etc. now we've been culturally enriched.
Some of them look like they want to murder me
Some look Pakistani
Some look like American college kids