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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Belarus, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belarus

Is he still alive?

He went with a Belarus chick to Mauritania and thought his charisma protects him. I hope both of them will get out of this shithole alive and well. Should have traveled China or some other 'soviet' country but no shithole with savage towelheads. Pray for him.

He's been taken into slavery. Alina is in chains getting fucked by 200+ men a day
would very much enjoy seeing him get skull-capped in 1080p.
>Is he still alive?
i hope not. hes an arrogant piece of shit. youtubers are the worst. chechnyens nearly pushed his shit in for him. sad they didnt really

Why aint you all planning on moving to Belarus?

>NO jews
>NO niggers
>NO shitskins
>NO refugees
>NO (((modernity))) and degeneracy
>NO cucks
>NO feminism
>NO globohomo
>+99% white
>Blessed by having a conservative dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, contempt for (((democracy)))
>Hasn't sold out like the rest of the Eastern Europe, most of the industry is still in the nation's hands, protected from (((foreign investors)))
>lowest immigration rate in Europe

Belarus is basically Poland, but isolationist and more conservative.

Go home Bald and Bankrupt.
For some awkward reason they don't like Germans