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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Switzerland, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switzerland


Is Switzerland based? Im considering moving there in the future. I know nothing about their politics except that they’re not EU members and low taxes? And there’s alot of jews there? Redpill me on them.

I love yodelling.
rumor has it that the country was founded by jesuites, so that jews can hide their wealth from angry europeans
most swiss anons are pretty based tho

Liebe Eidgenossen, ich wäre euch sehr verbunden, wenn ihr Hazel Brugger aus dem Bällchenbad abholen würdet. Dankeschön.
Fuck off we're full.

Why don't you Euros Partition Switzerland?

Is there any reason not to? You're letting a foreign country rule over your people, seems uncool.

I made this map, I unified some ethnic/cultural areas or made them their own country. I segregated some hard left areas of Europe also. I know imperfect but I think better than current.
Germany should have it.
>Is there any reason not to?
for the moment we're resisting quite well against american powered euro-degeneracy