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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Switzerland, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switzerland


Switzerland is very nationalistic however all the Swiss identity is a carefully calculated product, The swiss society is very yet they host all the internationalist organizations from The International Baccalaureate Organization to the International Olympic Committee to World Health Organization, etc.

According to wikipedia
>Switzerland hosted the International Centre for Fascist Studies (CINEF)

Post all your redpills, critiscisms or praise for the swiss here.

I want to leave Portugal and Switzerland seems like a safe bet to stay in a long term basis. Swissbros, are you that xenophobic against southern yuros? I intend to act as swiss as possible, would that help?
Country of freemasonic trash
Didn't you niggers just pass gun control a few months ago?

Happening : Trump sanctioned today Nordstream 2.

The swiss company building the pipeline is having their assets frozen and confiscated.
Germany is already preparing counter-sanctions against USA.


You can have our gas, Hans. We have plenty to spare.
How the fuck do we think we can just tell other sovereign countries what to do? God I hate my country..
And yet Pissrael is allowed to steal and sell American tech to the Chinks.