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Why don't you Euros Partition Switzerland?

Is there any reason not to? You're letting a foreign country rule over your people, seems uncool.

I made this map, I unified some ethnic/cultural areas or made them their own country. I segregated some hard left areas of Europe also. I know imperfect but I think better than current.
Germany should have it.
>Is there any reason not to?
for the moment we're resisting quite well against american powered euro-degeneracy


The nazi LARP on ch is a kike strategy to promote globohomo.
Why is there such a push for authoritarianism here when the Jew World Order will obviously be an authoritarian system?

ALL the nazi LARPing here are jews just creating a PROBLEM so the media can give their REACTION and provoke society to demand a SOLUTION.

Nazis were always a zionist ploy to create this NWO. Nazis banked in Switzerland, as did allies and nazis never occupied the Reichstag because they accepted that they were an illegitimate and temporary regime.

Individualism and Libertarianism are a real problem for a system that needs you to blindly obey.

Don’t fall for this jew. They are terrified of a united front to fight and gas them. By making everyone “individual” we are divided and easily conquered
>leftwing people are subhuman vermin who lie all the time because their ideas are shit

Yes, this is a great example of it
libertarianism is chaos, stupid retard
it works only with pre-1750 technology, because there's no man-machine competition.
Either you go full Ted Kaczynski or accept some order.