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It's time for me to leave this shithole.

What are the most based states in America?

Chattanooga Tennessee is the best kept secret in the USA, its got great art museum, aquarium, natural sights and waterfalls, great parties and festivals and whatnot. I am finally giving this secret up because its already 3:30 AM so not everyone will read this and I am kinda actually getting tired of being so ignored and disrespected.
>It's time for me to leave this shithole.
>What are the most based states in America?
Maybe you would like Colorado? It's like all mountainous and shit.
Moving here would be a mistake.

Can the US really win a war with iran

Iran has been preparing for generation for this day.
The cost would be much higher for the US if war breaks out.
There is also the terrain to deal with that makes iran the kabab version of Switzerland.

uhh yeah, trump is not a pussy like Obama and will go all out for a total victory. I would gladly serve. would /ch/?
USA will win the war against iran, but it will not be colonial war like with afganistan, iraq, vitnam or libia.

You will lose much more than you will gain from war wirh iran, better is to conquer Canada lol
You guys don't understand Iran is goal is not to destroy the United States army, it is deterrence they wouldn't attack military hard targets they would bomb every single oil feild in the region crippling 40% of the world's economy causing a great depression, all of the Hezbollah Militants would be activated in the Middle East destroying half of Israel on top of that the Strait of Hormuz would be mined, all U.S forces in Iraq, Syria and the UAE would be attacked, the United States Would probably lose 60% if it's military trying to contain the region. 10's of millions of immigrants would head into Europe. The Petro Dollar would crash and every country would be fighting for the remains. China would come to the Iranians aid since they rely on oil from that region the world will never be the same. North Korea would collapse, the internet and infrastructure cyber attacks would start. Shia sleeper cells in Europe and America would be activated and start cause viral marketing all across the West and I didn't even include Russia you can be assured they would start some trouble seeing the US military distracted they may even try to take more parts of Eastern Europe.

War is the last thing we want and this won't be a war that someone will win, no one will win this war