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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Switzerland, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switzerland

You are all a bunch of fools. Be Switzerland: > Not a libt...

You are all a bunch of fools.

Be Switzerland:

> Not a libtard nation, controls immigration based on Nationality

> If a group of foreigners come here and start doing shit, the immigration quotas for their whole nation are immediately cut or dropped

> Police here stops you on the street for whatever reason they want, simply if they don’t like your face or your color, everyone understands this is needed for the safety of the nation and no one complains

> not a commie nation, in Switzerland there is no minimum wage, still no one works for less than $3500 a month (basic rules of economics aka supply and demand apply and everyone lives happily)

> People here rejected a referendum that would give every citizen of the country a guaranteed monthly salary, basically free money to everyone (as Swiss people are high IQ they can see this will lead to a commie nation with hyperinflation and ultimately the destruction of their nation)

> Mandatory Military Service

> Military distributes machine guns for their own citizens to keep at home

> Strong sence of nationalism

> Not part of the EU

> Doesn’t interfere with other countries affairs, cool with everyone

> still, preserves their cultural values - rejects refugee minarets in national referendums and shit like that

> You don’t see anyone begging for money in the streets here

> Swiss President is not even elected by the people directly but by the parliament instead. Why is this relevant? Because it’s basically a right wing dictatorship nation and everyone here loves it

Hows your libtard nation going anon?

It's literally a bank state that is protected at all costs and will never fail, it's not good cause you are smart
I was in Switzerland for studies and often saw 2m tall policemen push immigrants to the wall and search them in the metro station
Literally every "white" from Switzerland is Albanian mutt

“What we found in her lungs, was the development of these ca...

“What we found in her lungs, was the development of these cavities throughout both the lungs. This kind of resembles a ‘Swiss cheese’ defect,” said Dr. Ankit Bharat, the hospital’s chief of thoracic surgery and surgical director of the Northwestern Medicine Lung Transplant Program, at a press conference. “This has been consistently seen in the post-mortem analysis of patients who have expired from COVID-19.”

These kinds of cavities, he explained, give bacteria a chance to grow and cause sepsis – which he said the patient was experiencing.

“There were really no functional parts of the lungs left,” he said.

Little pepper 'n salt, some onions
Maybe some bbq sauce
Lungtartar, smoked
>Their lungs were already fucked that's why covid was enough to kill them
This is from vaping