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Would you rather live in New Zealand or Switzerland?

Would you rather live in New Zealand or Switzerland?

New Zealand is better. Lived in the States can confirm its fucking junkie.
New Zealand is Australia's shit that east, maybe if it was 3-4 times larger it'll earn some respect.

Swiss brothel swaps women for sex robots after demand soars for £70 romps


If women were that good, sexdolls wouldn't be a threat to them.
It can't accuse you of rape down the road.
Alot of hookers keep a little black book of men they slept with to threaten to accuse them of rape if they don't give them alot of money.
It's their retirement fund when they start getting old and can't demand as high of a price.
Shouldn't it be illegal to sell dolls obviously modeled on underage models, such as this one patterned after Silver Stars Bella?