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You are all a bunch of fools. Be Switzerland: > Not a libt...

You are all a bunch of fools.

Be Switzerland:

> Not a libtard nation, controls immigration based on Nationality

> If a group of foreigners come here and start doing shit, the immigration quotas for their whole nation are immediately cut or dropped

> Police here stops you on the street for whatever reason they want, simply if they don’t like your face or your color, everyone understands this is needed for the safety of the nation and no one complains

> not a commie nation, in Switzerland there is no minimum wage, still no one works for less than $3500 a month (basic rules of economics aka supply and demand apply and everyone lives happily)

> People here rejected a referendum that would give every citizen of the country a guaranteed monthly salary, basically free money to everyone (as Swiss people are high IQ they can see this will lead to a commie nation with hyperinflation and ultimately the destruction of their nation)

> Mandatory Military Service

> Military distributes machine guns for their own citizens to keep at home

> Strong sence of nationalism

> Not part of the EU

> Doesn’t interfere with other countries affairs, cool with everyone

> still, preserves their cultural values - rejects refugee minarets in national referendums and shit like that

> You don’t see anyone begging for money in the streets here

> Swiss President is not even elected by the people directly but by the parliament instead. Why is this relevant? Because it’s basically a right wing dictatorship nation and everyone here loves it

Hows your libtard nation going anon?
Kikes of europe
Do I look like the dictator of my country to you?
take off your pink sunglasses. Switzerland is a jewed hell hole like every other Western democracy. Were just 20 years behind the curve. Enjoy what the 90's looked like everywhere else.
Aren't your cities getting blacked and flooded with refugees?
So when does Albanian get official language status?
>Be Switzerland
there can only be one Switzerland, fuck off and lurk moar
Then why when I lived in Geneva for a month, it was stuffed with niggers and pajeets begging in the street? Selling cheap shit, etc.
None of your shit would be possible without incredible amounts of tax evasion which steal from USA and other country's infrastructure.
> libtard
You tribe of inbred sociopaths don't shit where they eat, capisci?
>you don't see anyone begging
Please lose your vpn
>Country has money
>Therefore it has Jews

Ah yes so based indeed
What happens to a person that utterly fails at his job and his life ?
Is he asked to go away ?
> Not part of the EU
Still has to follow EU rules and pay taxes to EU.
literally taxation without rapresentation
>be Switzerland
>don’t join EU because have bargaining power not to
>do everything the EU says anyway
Have fun giving up the guns next year
im going to switzerland and will impregnate a swiss girl
>be the center of international finance
>central bankers need stability in their base of operations so they don't flood you with migrants

Wow based switzerland
Envious of you swiss OP, you are the master race. However if we war china are u going to remain neutral like last time or will everyone else have to do the heavy lifting for you?
You all...

We can't control the traitors in our government Hans
>still no one works for less than $3500 a month (basic rules of economics aka supply and demand apply and everyone lives happily)
yeah try that in a niggerified country like the US, you'd guaranteed end up with people PAYING to work just to get experience in their CV
>reddit spacing
you need to go back mountain nigger.
yeah you forgot
>got given all the gold in europe
so basically you did fucking nothing and got rich by doing nothing, literal white kikes
we are red and white and things are comfy here too
i already know switzerland is the best stop rubbing it in holy shit. at least i live near the rockies so i can go there and pretend im swiss
How can I immigrate to your country?
Your national football team (the one true symbol of how cucked a nation is, look at France if you have any doubt) has more Albanians and Kosovars than ethnic Swiss
Switzerland is like 50 percent Albanian, it was pretty depressing to see when I visited a few years ago.
Yeah, switzerland:
>Needing a permit for owning literally every double edged blade, even including spooncarving knives
>Can't even carry a "tactical pen"without getting a license. Same with any other weapon - though for some reason, japanese swords are exempt.
>Accept migrants from literally everywhere as long as they have money.
Honestly, switzerland is one of the best examples for the evils of capitalism. If you want a country with liberal laws, look at austria:
>everybody can buy guns and ammo
>no carry restrictions on cold weapons, and carry licenses for firearms easy to get as long as you're not an excon
>Police does their job and nothing more
>forming militias is completely legal
Based Switzerland. Let me in.
The only reason why Switzerland hasn't been destroyed by Marxism yet is that it is the money nest of the Jews and where Jewish bankers keep their money and wealth. I would venture to say it will be one of the last Western countries to fall. He Rothschild Jews won't destroy their egg nest.
The only Based country in Europe.
Keep it that way snownigger.
90% of what you said is wrong
Yeah you're so lucky to have won the geographic birth lottery. Fuck off.

I'll keep my diabetes and race riots over you idealic, scenic Nation any day. Fuckin eurofag
And we will soon have junkie marriage and junkie adoption, right after accepting a law that makes it illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation. Our democracy of nationwide votes on every single, silly issue is great because you cannot argue that it was "muh elites deciding over the will of the pypo" and this shit was long overdue.

Schön en andere Alpeneger da inne zgseh, OP.
I’m moving to Switzerland, thanks for the info anon
didn't you fucks just give up your gun rights to the eu lol?
Bullshit, I was in Switzerland last Summer and the ginger white daughter of our hostess had married a coal black man from Peru and he'd knocked her up twice and managed to bring his family over to your nation as well. We were taken to a festival, and it was batshit insane, all these middle class white boomers and their kids celebrating literal niggers and their culture, while shitting on their own and crying with joy over multiculturalism. Leftism is worse than the Black Death and it has infested you too.
I'm fluent in German (don't speak Frog or Italian though) and have Dutch and US passports. If I get a job in Switzerland and manage to hold it for five years is there anything preventing me from becoming Swiss?
>Police here stops you on the street for whatever reason they want

Norwegian police can do the same. If they ask for ID you HAVE to show it (no reason required like in the US).
Would you take me? How hard is it to get in if you’d clearly be a contributing member of society but aren’t megabux rich?

Computer engineering PhD, ethnic German (not a mutt, I know the names and home town of every one of my ancestors), grew up speaking (Texas) German and also learned some shitty French
Switzerland is just shlomo's treasure chest.
>be witzerland

Forgets to mention it's the world capital of finance kikes and globo-homo kikes.

>You fools

Imagine being in a protected area because globo-homo kike lives there, but not realizing it. If they decide to leave, you're in more trouble than you know.
Isn't switzerland already full of rich french, germans, spanish, belgians, dutch etc? I feel like half the rich people I know fucked off to switzerland at some point. I drive through Switzerland to go skiing sometimes but I never stop unless it's to pump gas, it does feel weird driving a 740 and feeling like a peasant because everyone else has a nicer car. What's the catch? Is crime high? Is the food shit? Is everything super expensive? There has to be a catch. There can't just be a based low tax ultra conservative mega rich European country with no catch?
Don't tell anyone, you tard, people might start trying to change that.
Switzerland is based. If I couldn't be American I would be Swiss.
I'm partial swiss and notice that most others with my surname are working class Americans. It's pretty sad desu due to wasted potential, but that's life in united circumcised of cuckmerica
>Hows your libtard nation going anon?
Not so good anon ... :(
My great grandpa was Swiss, can I come visit. I won't litter and I promise Im not obese.
Ok it's not like we can move there. Do you have 2 million I can borrow for citizenship?

We get it but unrealistic for most of the world, especially Americans.
I'm gonna tell all you non-swiss people a redpill about switzerland. Swiss people have an inferiority complex towards germans. Swiss people know that their country is absolutely irrelevant on the global stage, americans confuse it with sweden. A swiss person has to know america, an american can easily live his life without ever knowing what switzerland is, that's how irrelevant this country is. Our geography also makes us feel anxious and inferior, we're a small. land locked country, all our neighbours except Liechtenstein are bigger and stronger and their military could steamroll us with the snap of a finger. Our system of government and legal system was all forced upon us by napoleon. Swiss people are aware of this on a subliminal level, which is why they desperately cling on any type of information that makes swiss people look superior. That's why they're so obsessed with roger federer, they're so proud of him and identify with him because he is the only well known swiss guy, they are so proud about the prosperity and the high IQ, low levels of beggars and homeless people and they cling to every study that says zurich is the best city to live in "see we are so superior, we are not irrelevant, this one travel agency has said zurich is the best city to live in"
Yeah that’s great. So why are there so many shitskins in Zurich though? And don’t say banking because I see them working at all the little shops.
I demand you tell me about Zug, is the tax rate really 11,91% and does it really look like this?
>Because it’s basically a right wing dictatorship nation and everyone here loves it
Kek, imagine being such a simp that you're proud of living in a dictatorship when you're not even the dictator.
>controls immigration
>filled with Albanians
>taxes out the ass
Take a hike
Nice larp faggot. I know for a fact that Switzerland is getting a French treatment by niggers in real time
t. Albanian
Huere Dräckjugo!
Wff are swiss posters consistently amongst the shittiest on ch, though? They're like maybe a notch above leafs.
your country will legalize same sex marriage anon i am proud of you!
>You don't see anyone begging for money in the streets here
You have obviously never been to Geneva.
Suck some Albanian cock you cuck.
Hello Medpack, hope you're having a good day.
How much do you pay programmers with phds and 6 years of experience? (Can I pay my rent and live comfortable? My only hobbies are studying and electronics)
How easy is to get a gun as a Spaniardpoor just for shooting at the range?
How much is the university per year?

It's literally a bank state that is protected at all costs and will never fail, it's not good cause you are smart
I was in Switzerland for studies and often saw 2m tall policemen push immigrants to the wall and search them in the metro station
Literally every "white" from Switzerland is Albanian mutt