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Is Switzerland based? Im considering moving there in the future. I know nothing about their politics except that they’re not EU members and low taxes? And there’s alot of jews there? Redpill me on them.
The first place to be swallowed up by the black holes CERN makes
Why are you considering moving to somewhere you nothing about?

Traving in Europe is so cheap. Why don't you go visit and find out for yourself you cheap bastard
We will not accept you, but we're fine with your money. So, come here, work hard, and then please leave our country again while leaving all the money behind before you can check in on your pension.
Also, we Swiss are always better than Sweden, no matter how often we both are being confused for each another.
Everything good that the Swedes did, will be attributed to us. Everything bad that we did will be attributed to the Swedes.
That is how much more popular Switzerland always will be.
I can get Toblerone down at the U-Totem, and they prolly don't have microwave burritos, so fuck the Swiss.
There are lots of Jews, lots of migrants, and our yourth is as bluepilled as the Germans, if not more.

its an absolute shithole full of green lefties. PLease dont come here, and please nuke us from orbit.
Lots of antifa in the cities, good thing Switzerland is one of the most rural countries in Europe. And I mean rural in a good sense, with perfect infrastructure.

Cities are also filling up with negroes, but largest foreigner group are Albanians (some of them are white, many clearly aren't).

As the other Swiss lads said, it's peaceful and extremely white (in sense of rule following and such).

I assume there are not many Swedes here, so go ahead... if every European country just had one or two thousand immigrants here we'd be just fine.
fuck off we're full
i wanted to move there but then i found out they give women rights and eat cats
Please, if you're afraid of diversity, don't even come here. we've got over 20% of foreigners, and 8%refugees in our population. We have a legally 45h work
week. 4 weeks holidays. No public healthcare, you will have:
1. to pay the mandatory pemium.
2. to pay upfront then be reimbursed in most case, and not 100%.
Rents eat up to 30%of you income
Taxes are way tooo high.
Life is expensive as fuck e.g. an apple cost 1 USD in the duopoly supermarket.
Enjoy your home
literally a non-nation
a part should go to italy, one to france and one to germany
shit tier third world country, all s*iss people should be executed
Old school switzerland is based. My parent's generation was learning while ACTUALLY working (apprenticrship system). This meant that the youth was in concact with the older generations and keeping it down to earth.
We fell for the everybody in comlege cliche however and the pozzed cliche degrees producing commie-tier wamyn is getting rampant and accelerating in the last 10 years.
I've met many Syrian-Swiss and Nigerian-swiss and they were based as fuck bro tier.
>Let's fuck our country guy!
>Shit, our country is fucked... Let's move to another country now

What does the lefties mean by this?
Exorbitant living costs. If you migrate there, be either well-trained or prepared to wipe Swiss asses forever.
I lived there for 3 years
Shitskins everywhere, hope you like the smell of shit because pajeets will work with you in office
Saw some pajeet piss on the street in daylight
avoid train stations!
You will attract lots of woman, which only want your money, that's no news but multiply that times 10 for swiss
and of course everything is overpriced as fuck

the good thing is the salary and the scenery of mountains, people are quiet nice too if you're white, they say gruezi on the street to strangers even
Fuck off we're full
they are a dull people, take themselves seriously, oh ur swedish, they will seem normal then,
Why would there be a lot of sandniggers in switzerland?
Fuck of, we're full.
You want to move into a country you know nothing about? Pure retardation aka typical capitalism. You escape instead of fix own problems. We should gun you down.
+ Good economy, good landscape, well-ordered

- fake people, annoying politeness, Schwyzerdütsch, eurojews
>Is Switzerland based?
>Im considering moving there in the future.
Cool, like half the world has moved here already. You'll feel just like back at home.
>I know nothing about their politics except that they’re not EU members and low taxes? And there’s alot of jews there? Redpill me on them.
You really do know nothing, that much seems true. I doubt you're even capable of going through the formalities that moving to another require.

>It's strict, well-run, minorities are fully respected but except for some socialist blurps they are well controlled, there are no no-go zones or anti-Swiss rhetoric in this country.
Never met a Swiss I liked. In fact the ones I worked with in banking seemed kind of retarded.
>literally eat cats & dogs
no they are masonery kikes and bolsheviks.
>Is Switzerland based?
if you have a good job, yes.
Its basically Austria but with way less culture and not nearly as nice people.
>Is Switzerland based?
No. Didn't read the rest, because you must be completely clueless to even ask that question. Direct democracy is a joke, people are NPC herd animals. We're not formally in the EU, but we're at their feet, licking their boots. Stop putting your hopes in any European country or people, there's no political solution and only a great crash can save us now.
>Is Switzerland based
Swiss also eat cats and dogs.They don't have this animal worshipping cuckhold mindset that the rest of westerners have.They are as based as chinks in this respect.So one of the perks of going there is getting to eat lovely cat and dog meat.

Geographically,I find this country is very similar to Asian countries like÷Nepal in that both of them are mountainous countries,have high hills and a lot of green vegetation,lakes and rivers.You won't find the kind of plain lands from where you are able to miles in any direction like in the US.But hands down,this is one of the most beautiful country in the world.
for sure it is better for a white cis male than sweden
switzerland based ?
moving to switzerland ?
have fun good luck as long as you are not planning on speaking french itailian and very important Swiss-German (Special Swiss dialects) to a degree nearing perfection as well as make yourself accustomed to and willing to adapt the local customs, you will most likely not have much success
oh and btw you will need to have a really well paid job and favorably a decent amount of money
oroginal Swiss people are awesome
Swiss foreigners not so much and they will be rejected rightfully and honestly asap if they dont match the swiss standards
also your low effort bread is indicating you bveing a fucking swedecuck
so better stay at home and fix the faggotry out of your country before gong someplace else to spread your cuckery
why does swiss cheese have so many holes like
a woman does between her legs, are the swiss
saying they are pussies? really makes you think.
we're full fuck off
It's not much of a country, but their flag is a big plus.
I dunno all the ups and downs of living there, but I know the matterhorn is a high point.
Also the flag itself is a big plus
The Swiss have been mountain Jews since Julius Caesar.
No its not is cucked as any other country.
Been there two years, it is boring and there is fuck all to do. The swiss hate all foreigners and are autistic screechers who will go mental if someone doesn't abide to their rules (rules that are common sense in any other society). If you are looking to make money there are much better and vidid places in Europe right now.
rightful albanian clay
Gonna move to Konstanz and work in der Schweiz to make ze gut monies and then also become the cheaper rent. Flawless plan
>Im considering moving there in the future.
you cant dude
I love yodelling.
rumor has it that the country was founded by jesuites, so that jews can hide their wealth from angry europeans
most swiss anons are pretty based tho

Liebe Eidgenossen, ich wäre euch sehr verbunden, wenn ihr Hazel Brugger aus dem Bällchenbad abholen würdet. Dankeschön.
Fuck off we're full.