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“What we found in her lungs, was the development of these ca...

“What we found in her lungs, was the development of these cavities throughout both the lungs. This kind of resembles a ‘Swiss cheese’ defect,” said Dr. Ankit Bharat, the hospital’s chief of thoracic surgery and surgical director of the Northwestern Medicine Lung Transplant Program, at a press conference. “This has been consistently seen in the post-mortem analysis of patients who have expired from COVID-19.”

These kinds of cavities, he explained, give bacteria a chance to grow and cause sepsis – which he said the patient was experiencing.

“There were really no functional parts of the lungs left,” he said.
Cool story jew but Corona is a larp and not a real disease.
>“This has been consistently seen in the post-mortem analysis of patients who have expired from COVID-19.”

What about people who didn't die?
If you survive the disease your lungs don’t look like that
Don’t care still not wearing a mask
Fake & Junkie
The virus is not remotely related to the influenza and just jumped hosts, it’s no surprise that it doesn’t attack just our lungs in the “normal” way that well-established respiratory viruses do. The fact that people seem to assume this is a reflection of their lack of relevant education and critical thinking.

Is the mortality rate as bad as SARS or MERS? Thankfully no. But that doesn’t mean it is simply another seasonal flu/cold and we should be complacent. We know so little about this virus and disease, if you guys are truly red-pilled you’d be cautious and let those survival instincts kick in. Don’t wear a mask and avoid crowds because they tell you to, do it because of reality and the desire to survive and procreate and live today to fight tomorrow.

I stockpiled masks when they told us they didn’t work and not to wear them. I stocked up on supplies when they said the flu was worse and it wasn’t going to be a problem and praise China. I covertly practiced social distancing at work before the general public was even well aware or concerned about this. I was ahead of the curve because I knew this could be a bad virus given what little we knew at the time and I was damned if I’d rely on the WHO or the government to give me the heads up or facts to protect my family. It’s become political now because it suits the main parties to do so, but don’t get swept up in this bullshit. Focus on the science, the potential risk, and yourself.
Fake and junkie
>Swiss cheese defect
Nice sauce you fucking faggot
"Hey I microwaved this vegan cheese for 30 minutes, does it look like a lung to you?"
I smoked weed and cigarettes for over a decade, no way this faggot chinese virus is gonna do more damage than that
Looks like middle school lunch meat
>this looks like this other disease, but it's covid, because everything is covid now.
in a couple of weeks, broken bones will be covid too, because covid something something calcium
bovine spongiform encephalungus
>25-50% of people show no symptoms at all
>The rest have their lungs turn into cat vomit
Yeah, somehow this just doesn't make sense to me, OP.
Fake and junkie.
Coronavirus deniers are genuinely the most pathetic people I've ever seen.
Looks like a McRib when I pull it off the bun.
My cousin just died from covid

Age 37

No health issues aside from high bp high cholesterol. Very slightly overweight
That's not a picture of a lung (lungs have a smooth surface, much denser alveoli), it's probably a picture of OP's brainlet
damn that philly cheesesteak looks delicious
wore a mask, still got coof, probably going to sue fauci for medical malpractice
whatever happened to 'grey glue'? whatever happened to the whole thing about it actually being attacking via restricting blood oxygenation directly? what about the spooky neurological symptoms causing stroke-like non-strokes?

they still don't know the symptoms of this 'pandemic', nine months in. it's a farce.
I wonder how much of that can be correlated with people who were put on ventilators.
Ventiators can blow out the lungs due to overpressure.
Okay, lets say I believe you guys.

Why have all the young celebrities and athletes that have caught it not gone back in and died a month later?

Why are we not hearing about college athletes that can no longer exercise after "recovering"?
Lungs are usually found inside people, of course it's gonna look nasty if you just rip it out
You're gonna die like this one day anyway, you're just moving the goalpost, if you get it you get it.
I have lung pain for the last 3 months, should I see a doctor for antibiotics?
A nice picture and all, but that image is not of a lung that was affected by COVID-19
I honestly wish this were true, all BLM fags would catch it.
that is real danger
no wonder why hydroxychloroquine was being used initially

that shit is no joke
people who dont take this virus seriously are totally fucking retarded
Fuck off. Nobody is buying anymore. I know tons of people who know tons of people, and nobody knows anymore that got it.







I know multiple people who’ve had COVID and they’re literally fine right now, this is larp tiger shit
Looks like it would be tasty on the bbq
Ok so the tweet implies this otherwise healthy 20 year old was left with that lung "even" (nice choice of fearmongering words by the way) after surviving it.

If he's alive, then why the fuck is his lung sitting on a table for someone to take a picture of?
No sauce.
Trust me bro.
Why is this asshole posting his overcooked lasagna?
So you're telling me all those rioting niggers and wiggers will most likely die because of their reckless chimpouts? YES!
lmao its all bullshit to stir up the masses and ruin Trumps chances of reelection, the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD is in on it too
you gotta be a schizo to understand it, but if you are it all clicks
first google result
.Fails to link to a reputable paper published in a peer reviewed journal.
I personally don't care. I want to die. I want my spirit to move on to another body trillions and trillions of years from now so I can leave this piece of shit world behind.

I hate it.
Any regex fags have a good COVID filter? The shlling quality has fallen off a cliff.
You are trying to pass off a man with an Anime avatar as a medical expert.
Get better at your job, or kill yourself. This is pathetic. I'm not even mad, I'm disgusted at how shitty you are at agitprop.
Fuck off chink, we aren’t buying your scare tactics anymore. Saged.
what they don't tell you is that is the lung of a pneumonia victim. (((honest news)))
MSICU staff
I physically counted how many patients were tested for covid vs. other dx, like flu, on my unit one night and counted 20/21 were tested for covid (just had an admit from ED so the results were not likely processed yet) with all being "positive". 5/21 were tested for flu (with some results being over a month old, as in no recent retest) with 1 being positive (coinfected with covid & flu). It's just strange how we are lacking a comprehensive understanding of our own patients' overall health status and we are "treating them"?
Also, as an ICU we have an abnormal amount of people being admitted to our unit with abnormally low thresholds for ICU status. Seeing more pts being able to eat with ICU status is a detail even a brainlet HUC can see as being odd.
But sure, these pts decompensate "so fast" so we admit in case there's a need to intubate. What about the odds of being mismanagement since now no one is testing for flu and other resp issues. But of course it's fine to trial all of these medications like hydrochloroquine, or remdesivir, or iNO trials on our patients and go on TV for general clout and social points.
Anyone else find it convenient that this made up fake disease requires everyone to wear a mask just as anarchists are committing crimes and destroying cities wearing masks?
During flu epidemics, the old people usually don't die to flu itself but secondary pneumonia. Corona is just very good at making your white blood cells go berserk in lungs, inflaming the tissues and resulting in severe secondary pneumonia. That's how a classmate who is an army medic explained it to me anyway.
If you have bad reaction/weakened system, corona basically makes your lungs so inflamed pieces of them rot. Nasty shit.
Don't care. Still Voting Trump

> Why, no -- I shan't provide a link. Why do you ask?

Typical useless op.
>t. Be afraid!
I had school lunches worse than those lungs, back in my day these whippersnappers never said me too because you didn't want to 2nd from father Pietre
looks slightly overdone.
So? What about that lab organ growing technology muricans were bragging about?
>oh look what we re researching
Really? It s still not ready?
Guys, take a look at apache helicopters, notice the amount of technology invested. Do you even invest in shit that is not army related? Even colonisation of the moon sounds like "ooo new places to build army bases"
Little pepper 'n salt, some onions
Maybe some bbq sauce
Lungtartar, smoked
>Their lungs were already fucked that's why covid was enough to kill them
This is from vaping