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Serious discussion about the explosion in Beirut

ITT instead of acting like fucktards, let's sit down like gentlemen and discuss the suspicious explosion in Beirut.

Was it a nuke? Ignoring things we don't have access to ("muh satellite data"), what are the forensic signs we can examine to determine this.
How quickly does the mushroom cloud grow? What terminate height does it get to?
What's the size of the fireball?
What's the size of the crater?
What earthquakes were registered? We have two readings, Cyprus/Jordan say it was 4.5MT while the (((US))) claims it was 3.3.
Let's calculate the velocity of the explosive used, assuming it was ammonium nitrate it should not exceed 10,000 feet/sec. This doesn't mean the fireball formation but the actual propagation of the explosion inside the warehouse across all of the nitrates there.

Israelis, please don't post in this thread even behind a flag or while you're in the US.

Fuck kikes
Why could possibly want Lebanon destabilized? Is it just one player? Oh, I wonder.
>ITT instead of acting like fucktards, let's sit down like gentlemen and discuss the suspicious explosion in Beirut.
>Was it a nuke?
Stopped reading after that. Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

Is Miley Cyrus Based ?https://twitter.com/mileycyrus/status/...

Is Miley Cyrus Based ?https://twitter.com/mileycyrus/status/1135927919577096200?s=21

The mother-child-relationship is the basis of human civilization. We can't live in this world alone, and at the very least, there is always a mother there caring for us.

Destroying this relationship by cultural means is probably the most evil thing ever attempted.

Everyone in favor of abortions and trivializing infanticide should be "locked up" if you know what I mean
remember when she was wholesome and pure.
Peanuts really did a number on her.
I bet these (((pedophile Disney producers))) were diddling her as a kid.
About as based as the pope is Christian