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Is Miley Cyrus Based ?https://twitter.com/mileycyrus/status/...

Is Miley Cyrus Based ?https://twitter.com/mileycyrus/status/1135927919577096200?s=21
Women aren't human
so based
She claims to be a Christian? LMAOOOOO
I bet Billy Ray Cyrus wishes his wife had gotten an abortion.
Poor man's Taylor Swift

Both were "le cuntry grill" which their peanut managers then switched over to degenerate music, since the types of conservative girls who listen to country would possibly be corrupted as a result
>Killing is healthcare

Are we in 1984 yet?
didn't she almost get raped recently?
Hot and redpilled.
No. Miley Cyrus is not based.

I like how this cake is WHITE.
have a free template
Miley Cyrus is a fucking liberators cunt.
Yes. We should give her the freedom to live like a slut and kill unborn children because it would be an inconvenience to her "music career"
I thought she went tradthot?
>I'm having my cake and eating it too
textbook woman
i wonder how billy ray cyrus feels about his daughter. has he commented?
Muh freedom to murder LUL
I thought she was moving to Canada?
Based David the peanut
Fuck you liberator trash
I hate the peanut pig
she is a disgusting whore pushed by the peanuts
> based?
no faggot shes trash
miley cyrus shouldnt be allowed to have any children

She's a roastie plastic surgery operated celebrity whore. Not based when her back is protected by the media peanuts.
She does absolutely anything her Peanut managers tell her to. Absolutely nothing is too debased for her.
Supporting abortion is way off base. So, no, she's not.
so she wants to have her cake (orgasm) and eat it (fetus) too?
no, she’s a baby eater. Only Peanuts support abortion muh niggarz isn’t an argument.
She can't even make a point without acting like a third grade gutter whore. Women are a cliche
Once I get the freedom to kill whoever inconveniences me you can have your abortions.
Free based maybe
This pleases Moloch.
Miley Cyrus is dead, they made a clone of her.
Reminder that abortion is the equivalent of baptism for the religion of Leftism.
Literally "have your cake and eat it too"
How are popularist feminists so retarded?
Why does Miley Cyrus want to murder children?
>Be woman
>Let random men impregnate you
>The state allows you to kill the child on the male taxpayer's back
>The father has no choice in the matter
>Decide to keep the child, tax paying men still have to pay for it
>If you know the father you can siphon money out of him too
>Raise a criminal

Miley Cyrus is dead and buried in the desert. Who is this cunt?

Yeah, I'm now 100 percent certain the sick fucks think it's a Moloch sacrifice, and brainwashing women into thinking it's a "right", give the degradation aspect.

Sick fucks.
i support anyone who wants to do an ole in n out and leave her behind a dumpster
Just get married to a christian and have sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation and don't worry about rape, incest, medical complications or the countless number of personal issues that can make people decide that they don't want to have children
>Is x musician/entertainer based?

None of them are based. They're all morons.
Absolutely degenerate
The mother-child-relationship is the basis of human civilization. We can't live in this world alone, and at the very least, there is always a mother there caring for us.

Destroying this relationship by cultural means is probably the most evil thing ever attempted.

Everyone in favor of abortions and trivializing infanticide should be "locked up" if you know what I mean
remember when she was wholesome and pure.
Peanuts really did a number on her.
I bet these (((pedophile Disney producers))) were diddling her as a kid.
About as based as the pope is Christian