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White Privilege at its best

Critics call out Billy Ray Cyrus's weed photo: 'Every single person in jail right now for smoking pot should be released'
Good ol billy is trans now?
Why does one rich asshole need all that weed? Weed communism now! From each according to his ability to grow, to each according to his need to smoke. Rise up stoners of the world! The only thing you have to lose is your empty stash!
nobody smokes that much.
that's for selling.
Disgusting. Imagine being this obsessed with a total meme drug. Anyone over the age of 25 still smoking pot, kys.
miley got old
Can someone remind me what it is this retard contributed to the world?
I mean other then one shit song and a degenerate whore daughter.
>'Every single person in jail right now for smoking pot should be released'
They should.
God gave us marijuana. I don’t even smoke it, but fuck anyone who wants to take away my rights that don’t hurt anyone else in the process. Using anything so it negatively impacts your life is degenerate.
Anyway pot saved the life of my aunt who couldn’t eat while receiving chemo when she got breast cancer. Unenforceable laws are unjust.
How is it Billy's problem that the law fucked over other people who were too dumb to not get caught selling/possessing weed? Ya, everyone who was imprisoned or fined should probably be released/compensated if the laws change in the area they were punished, but how does that have anything to do with Billy and other white people?
Is this the whore mother of Hannah Montana?
No one gives a shit if you smoke in your own home and are peaceful. It's retarded niggers who drive around with black tint and crazy loud bass trying to be gangsters with blunts and pull up at gas stations with clouds coming out when they open the doors.
It's celebrity privilege, you anti-White motherfucker.
>people think Billy Ray Cyrus prosecutes marijuana crimes
>be pot grower.
>get busted and go to jail.
>still on paper time 13 years later.
>manage a legal grow operation with 2,500 plants.
>still on paper for 4 more years for doing what I'm currently legally employed to do.
Somehow my white privilege didnt save me and I'm 100% whitey.
I think all drugs should be decriminalized.

If a drug can kill you, then let it kill you. Laws exist to protect you from others, not to protect you from yourself.

If a drug makes you violent, there are already laws on the books to protect against violent actions. You shouldn't criminalize the drug.

If a drug makes you happy, there are legal drugs that make you happy. Why are some criminal and others not?

If 100% of drugs are legal to grow, manufacture, sell, and consume then we would see an immediate 5-10 year spike in crime, suicide rates, overdose rates, and tax revenue - followed by a slow regression to normal which would mean less total crime, lower total suicide rates, lower total overdose rates, and still more tax revenue.

That said: Any person in jail for SELLING pot should remain in jail. Because even though in the future selling will be legal, the fact that they sold while illegal means they obtained their product through illegal means. So they have contributed to the cartels that directly caused our current humanitarian border crisis.

Exception: If they grew their own weed to sell, they can also walk. They weren't contributing to anything but their own self-respect and work ethic.
Most retards don't realize that what you see there is a typical harvest of a couple dozen plants. Grow outdoors and you'll be looking at 8oz + per plant. That picture shows at most 10 lbs.
Why do I get the feeling your nutella friends aren't just in jail for drug possession and skin color?
>for smoking pot
Who the fucks in jail for smoking pot?
No those nutellas need to be locked up for life. Weed is for niggers.
Lol what? It takes an instagram photo for people to realize what's been right in front of their faces?

These laws legalizing marijuana protect the consumer's right to purchase from select retailers. They protect the state's rights to collect taxes. But they don't give the average joe any right to sell weed, and some states even take away the ability to grow it. That's what happens when you have a legislative system for sale. Just because some rich dude had 50kg of weed doesn't mean Dindu won't be arrested for having 2 ounces. Of course, Dindu could apply for a license if he had the money and met the requirements so obviously the law is fair and just

Never mind that it's federally illegal while states rake in millions in tax revenue

For what purpose? I mean unless you are selling it or something of course but I think that's why Billy has so much. All that weed is going to go stale and dry. What a waste.
im pretty sure its illegal to have this much weed even in legal states
i once easily decimated a bag like that in 6 months
We are at a time that can very well be the end of Western civilization, but there are a large amount of people more worried about legally smoking a fucking leaf we've been smoking illegally for decades instead of addressing the bigger picture. It's things like this that black pills the shit out of me. I doubt there's much hope for the West.
is that whore Miley's old roastie mother?
>famous people get away with more than the average pleb
color me shocked
This is posted so much, so dumb. It's a safe in a dispenser. It's legal in that state. Comparing legal states to illegal states is so dumb. It's not about race or any shit like that, it's about legality in your sate. Race baiting fucking morons. This is a god damned slide thread.
if you think warlords, once they begin to rise and shine, aren't going to run amok and empty every prison they can get their hands on when the anarchy hits in order to garner public support, well you'd be out of depth
No wonder his kid's a fucking degenerate
>'Every single person in jail right now for smoking pot should be released'
Every single person in jail right now for smoking pot should maybe have waited until it was legal?
You have no issue with rubbing your nutrient salt in peoples wounds. Cool white people always been cool... = cold as fuck...
There's more weed in one of those bags than a man could smoke in a year even habitually.
Its like sugar coffee tea coka tobacco or anything white people claim. You get shot they make money.
Why is Iggy Pop showing it off?
White privilege is a racists statement. It has no Basis in reality either
Wtf mandala effect is this. Billy Ray was a man!
It seems like you could just buy 1 giant bag of weed then have your servants buy you another one a month before you run out
((("white-Semite"))) privilege..
so many privilege
All weed smokers should be sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 3 months hard labour.
clearly that's a safe in dispensary, no one in their right mind would buy that much for personal use since it would go stale by the time you get thru one bag.
Imagine being so retarded as to think white privilege actually exists.
Bsilly Ray Cyrus sure looks different.
>follow laws
>don't go to jail

>break laws
>go to jail

WTF broken law mechanics!
Nothing I could do.
thats a lot of cheech & chong
bust down thotiana
>Let more institutionalized subhumans out into the public
Surely nothing can go wrong