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What's your back up plan? Pic related going to Czechia for h...

What's your back up plan?
Pic related going to Czechia for housing affordability and whiteness

Better go to Chechnia

The Gypsy Question

Here in Czech republic we have a big Gipsy problem. I am sure all Slavbros can relate.

Gypsies are low IQ parasitic tribe. Dark skin, originally from the lowest classes of India. They are mostly on welfare and very aggressive, even their females.

The minute you try to point out that there are differences, psychological differences, other than the color of their skin, then you're in trouble because of the (((liberal))) media. You're a racist. You're a Nazi. You're a xenophobe. You're a hater. A bigot. All of these are names. Nobody discusses the facts. There's plenty of facts to prove exactly what the Gyppos are.

There are dramatic race differences in crime rates. In Czechia, Vietcongs have the lowest rates, followed by whites (Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Bulgarians etc.). Gypsies have notably high crime rates. This pattern holds true for virtually all crime categories except profound white collar crime and for both genders.

What to do with them?

can confirm
get jacked and do some MMA and get your revenge anon
I don't know how self defense works over there in czechoslovakia, but you won't get jail time if the poo in the loo attacks you first in the us lul
Same reason why the US can't get rid of the niggers. Liberal push to keep em there. Odd fact Marcus Garvey, an African Nationalist wanted to import the niggers back to Africa. Thing is, Liberia ran him out and it was considered a failure.