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“All i have, are negative thoughts” Based czech republic is based

Of these countries, the ones in red have citizens that associate dark skin with negative thoughts. Czech republic is awesome. They legalized all drugs and they have safe streets full of nice people and they must have deported all the nigs to other countries.

Are Serbians very religious? Sometimes, being very religious can make you quite cucked regarding race ("all men are equal before God").
Yeah I dont buy this, I have heard people say antisemitic and racist things outloud, I dont buy this, maybe in Ljubljana
Croatniggers are just a supreme breed of subhumanery. Every turkmutt is a Croatnigger, every Croatnigger is a turkmutt. All Croatniggers get the rope, all ropes get the Croatniggers. That’s about it

Based Czech police rounding up jew pornographers


Why don't they just let us buy the women directly instead of pornographizing them? I would gladly pay in the neighborhood of $10k-$20k for a multi-year lease on the girl in the OP image.

The Czech brokers would get the majority of the money, the actual girl would get a little and would get travel and room and board in the USA paid for and get citizenship in return. After 5 years (or whatever the term is for citizenship through marriage to solidify) the lease would terminate and the woman would be free to either seek a divorce or continue the marriage if it was beneficial for all parties.
It was definitely conseual in most cases, unless they are talking about shit that went on outside of the filmed scenes, if not those women should be considered on the same level of children then.