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Moving to Czech republic

I am 50% Czech I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. I don't support abortion/whores and want a strong family I am also catholic take that as you will but I'm by no means over the top with it. My beliefs are mine alone but unfortunately my grandparents move to America and have been here since I want out of this hellscape of nothing. No soul no purpose here other then to rot away or brought down by the system. I want to actually see beautiful architecture and wilderness something more then what America has to offer.
Would I be welcomed back ?

So let's see.

Czechs aren't blond, dont have hazel eyes, they're atheist, and they support whores as the have the second biggest porn industry outside of Hungary.

And I'm saying this as someone kdo žil roky v Česku.

Pokud si myslítš, že te Češka přijme pak jsy obyčejný tupý amerimutt.
loks like you fit back properly

George Floyd death

Czech cops testing the kneeling technique.
Results are interesting.


Oh, the "disinterested" experts giving their expert opinions. I was in Navy Spec Ops and was trained in a variety of holds, "sleepers" included. Perhaps no cop should be taught these in a civilized society.
exterminate those rioters now