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Moving to Czech republic

I am 50% Czech I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. I don't support abortion/whores and want a strong family I am also catholic take that as you will but I'm by no means over the top with it. My beliefs are mine alone but unfortunately my grandparents move to America and have been here since I want out of this hellscape of nothing. No soul no purpose here other then to rot away or brought down by the system. I want to actually see beautiful architecture and wilderness something more then what America has to offer. Would I be welcomed back ?

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>Czechia is one of the wealthiest and most stable slavic nat...

>Czechia is one of the wealthiest and most stable slavic nations >Prague is widely considered one of the best cities in Europe >Czechnology renowned the world over >Czechs are generally based >Used to be part of the Holy Roman and Austrian Empires Are Czechs Honourary Aryans?

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daily czech invasion thread


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Stop calling these Jewish-Celtic-Germanic mongrels Slavs

They are not part of us Czech is the Slavic language that is the most remote from Proto-Slavic, compared to Russian for example. Czech is as much “Slavic” as English is “Germanic” really.

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Czech based thread

The longer I live in Czechia, the more I love this country > be Czech > our media start informing about Derek Chauvin trial > check what the people are commenting on like 4 or 5 different sauces >at least 80% people are in favor of the cops, calling Floyd a criminal drug addict What do you think? Is Czech republic the most based country?

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“All i have, are negative thoughts” Based czech republic is based

Of these countries, the ones in red have citizens that associate dark skin with negative thoughts. Czech republic is awesome. They legalized all drugs and they have safe streets full of nice people and they must have deported all the nigs to other countries.

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Based Czech police rounding up jew pornographers


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>CZECHCASTING PRODUCERS UNDER ARREST FOR RAPE AND TRAFFICING An unspeakable antisemitic hate crime is currently ongoing in the Czech'Em Republic. Merchant Producers of Czech Casting, an award-winning family oriented show in which countless thousands of mostly young starlets from Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary and Russia are being sodomized by Czech bulls are currently in prison and are awaiting harsh sentences. They are accused of rape, trafficing and degeneracy

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George Floyd death

Czech cops testing the kneeling technique. Results are interesting. https://youtu.be/nD9AToZJRz4

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What's your back up plan? Pic related going to Czechia for h...

What's your back up plan? Pic related going to Czechia for housing affordability and whiteness

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The Gypsy Question

Here in Czech republic we have a big Gipsy problem. I am sure all Slavbros can relate. Gypsies are low IQ parasitic tribe. Dark skin, originally from the lowest classes of India. They are mostly on welfare and very aggressive, even their females. The minute you try to point out that there are differences, psychological differences, other than the color of their skin, then you're in trouble because of the (((liberal))) media. You're a racist. You're a Nazi. You're a xenophobe. You're a hater. A bigot. All of these are names. Nobody discusses the facts. There's plenty of facts to prove exactly what the Gyppos are. There are dramatic race differences in crime rates. In Czechia, Vietcongs have the lowest rates, followed by whites (Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Bulgarians etc.). Gypsies have notably high crime rates. This pattern holds true for virtually all crime categories except profound white collar crime and for both genders. What to do with them?...