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Based Czech police rounding up jew pornographers

Your body is a temple of God, it is a spaceship, in a great sense the civilization exists inside bodies more than it does outside of people.

We're not wild animals who run around masturbating each other for fun, the objective is to recreate the universes by ideally recreating our bodies.

Pornography distracts from all of those ideal outcomes.
Proof they are Jews?

Misinformation faggot
These girls have every advantage: white, female, aryan, hot, middle class (in most cases), western nation, at least one parent they can turn to, armies of simps, corporations and institutions that will literally kill men to have them perform at even 5% competency. Tons of welfare programs and support systems, scholarships, and of course the ubiquitous "women-are-wonderful" bias.

At any moment any one of these girls can get blackout drunk, pass out ANYWHERE in the city, and wake up in the care of medical professionals, or on the couch of some simp being offered eggs and a loving relationship. They have to work hard to not end up wealthy and in loving families.

They are the most privileged and pampered human beings in the history of the universe, yet due to this pampering, they seek out destruction and chaos. Life doesn't feel real to them, so they destroy shit for fun, the way you do in a video game. They go do porn for what amounts to a minuscule amount of money, then sue and prosecute the pornographers for fun. It's all a game, it's all mindless disassociated bullshit. And the world cheers them on, even this post venerates absolving them of responsibility by blaming the pornographers.

It's not a question of whether or not porn or coooooming is bad for you, it's a question of spoiled whores and the various simp ideologies which span the political spectrum; From white knighting christcucks, to white knighting sjws. Stop treating them like victims, it's pampering and victim worship that creates these women.

No sympathy for spoiled whores.
Would czech and rek
I actually subscribed for a month since the women looked good. I had no idea the women felt bad and needed medical attention.

I feel so ashamed of myself now.
link to any of the abused chick scenes
They should get the firing squad. kikes have ruined our women long enough.
That's a very unimpressed look.
Also what exactly is the crime here?
>Adult signs contract to perform a service.
Are women legally considered to be so mentally retarded that they they need the authorities to protect them from making dumb choices?
What the FUCK? She looks 100% like my sister except my sis' is blond.
NGL this made my dick a bit hard.

Holy shit, it's been 6 hours and this guy's still simping for this whore. Just find some whore of your own, OP.
Wait, the women were raped. Don't we like that? We usually celebrate when women are raped and abused, especially by niggers. In fact, if the nigger kills the woman, we usually give him about a week's worth of celebration. I'd say we should give a toast to CzechCasting for putting filthy whores in their place and making money from it.
did you even read the article? these guys manipulated women and are getting sex trafficking charges. porn isnt illegal in czech
Bump for cutie and jailed jews.
Finally, something.
Pornographers should be shot like dogs in the street.
The best girl ever in this site is Regina.
Perfect tits, pretty face, beautiful eyes. Nice body overall.

Damn lucky guy that could fuck her pussy.
>Based Czech police rounding up jew pornographers

for what exactly? The only one who should be ashamed are Czech themselves, they allowed LEGAL and VOLUNTARY pornography to fluorish in their nation. these whores are just suing for giggles, everything they did was voluntary and they were happy doing it.
>police rounding up jew pornographers
We need to bring back death penalty for pornographers bros. Society doesn't need them. Get rid of them.
Imagine applauding roastie propaganda
I have seen this video.
It always does it for me when I just can't get it with the latest rimming video while another slut is gagging on dick and another slut rides a dudes face.
I know it is porn. I know she was paid.
I don't care.
Something about it does it for me.
Just, the uncontrollable flush all over her as she approaches orgasm, her unabashed giggling as she admits to not having given head before...
If she's clean of STDs, I'd take her.
And laugh at the people who called me simp. She'd become a citizen, and take care of our kids, and I'd have a hot piece millions wanted.
Who is the winner there?
Damn lucky the guy that could fuck this woman.
I always thought the 5000 was for the pretend story line since it was so fucking cheap. Damn, these women are retarded.
>I'm going to Czech to fuck me some hotties though.
She literally 10/10 female and out there doing porn

I would interracially marry her and even risk getting killed by some czech right wingers for this qt
KEK you mean all those nervous Czech girl casting scenes are real? Holy shit. My dick can only get so hard.
does she have social media?
she was so cute
>1000- 5000 czech krones
>thats between 40-200 euros
>for porn shit

brb, going to czechistan to get me some high quality low cost pussy
thats why publicagent went to shit
Czech women are the best in the world


making porn illegal?

this sounds far fetched
I've never seen a scene where the girl is actually forced to do anything, ever. Strongly coerced, sure, but she still sucks the dick, still takes it up her ass and still finished it on her face. Could she get up and walk out? I dunno, maybe then they turn the camera off and tell her they'll kill her mum and rape her baby brother or something, but the girl still shows up and does the scene. I can't really feel like justice has been done here. Because I'm not sure who's in the wrong. Some dude for making money getting his dick wet on retarded roasties. Or the roasties themselves, who now get to play the 'wah, wah, I was raped card' on every guy they meet from here on out.
Basically, everyone's retarded and I don't care.
12 years in prison??????

for multiple accounts of human trafficking and rape????

in chill European prison?
No justice served until they are hanged or shot.
Martin Stiborek does not sound like a Jewish name you stupid cunt. The most Czech name there is. And Czech do not need to be manipulated into the sex industry. They are literally the whores of Europe. Thousands of Czech women work as high class prostitutes and escorts all over Europe. Known for their better than average looks, dedication to satisfying their customers, and above the average prices. Like they were natural whores and proud of the work they do. It's true. The Czech cucks here may want to tell us why so many of their women are like this. Why it is the Czech who are the whores of Europe? Aren't you ashamed of yourselves? Aren't you fuckin' embarrassed?
I can't believe this thread has been going for this long with no link to sauce.
Kill all pornographers
Why don't they just let us buy the women directly instead of pornographizing them? I would gladly pay in the neighborhood of $10k-$20k for a multi-year lease on the girl in the OP image.

The Czech brokers would get the majority of the money, the actual girl would get a little and would get travel and room and board in the USA paid for and get citizenship in return. After 5 years (or whatever the term is for citizenship through marriage to solidify) the lease would terminate and the woman would be free to either seek a divorce or continue the marriage if it was beneficial for all parties.
It was definitely conseual in most cases, unless they are talking about shit that went on outside of the filmed scenes, if not those women should be considered on the same level of children then.