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Czech based thread

The longer I live in Czechia, the more I love this country

> be Czech
> our media start informing about Derek Chauvin trial
> check what the people are commenting on like 4 or 5 different sauces
>at least 80% people are in favor of the cops, calling Floyd a criminal drug addict

What do you think? Is Czech republic the most based country?
Degenerate porn whores. The Soviets should have nuked you
All I know is that Kingdom Come Deliverance was made by a Czech development studio. That makes them based in my book
you forgot to mention the part where czech people always vote retarded politicians who can't handle this country once shit hits the fan (like the pandemic) because all they know is how to steal and lie
Yes, Czechs are truly master race. European wombs for Czech seed!
Your only contribution of value is being a sauce of cheap labor for Germany and producing more porn per capita than anywhere else. LMAO at your shit country.
Literally the most globohomo of all Eastern countries.
I literally forgot your country even existed
>at least 80% people are in favor of the cops, calling Floyd a criminal drug addict
Look fuck those cops and fuck fentanyl floyd, this is why English is the superior language. Look at your flag aswell, that shit looks like an 8th grade geometry problem
The only reason Slavs are "based" is that we survived communism. Hard times create hard men. Cringe but true. Now, OP, take a look at your zoomers. Like what you see? No? The decline is coming in 10 years when they start to take more and more power.
>What do you think? Is Czech republic the most based country?
No. Why the fuck would you care about what is happening in the US? Why is this even in your fucking media? What kind of cucked media do you have? You media should be focused on making your country better and supporting local businesses.
We don't even know what the fuck is going on in your country and most Americans don't even know you exist because or media doesn't even say a word about anything happening in Europe. Our media is full of jogger worshiping.
Don’t you have to change you name again? It’s almost summer again
Based White Serbs
o7 o7 o7
yeah... super based
If worshiping Germans, loving Jews and Americans is "based" for you, then yes, you are based.
I watched this video and read the comments and I was surprised that Czechs hate Russians even more than Poles do and love kikes, lmao.

>Fucking russians, they are to blame for everything, 1968 never forget, subhuman mongoloids
>Nooooo, we are not anti-semitic!!! Czechs love Israel and Jewish people bro!
Imagine being such a cucked nation

Yes but Prague is most degenerate thing i ever see on this planet. And even Bratislava is city of complete idiots who drink some shit mixed with water everyday and their brains are dying every single moment it's still not worse then Prague.
I live close to Czech border and been on many school trips near border region to ski and get to zoos, pretty comfy. Always bought knedles and bought that beer with peacock on logo with "studendzka" chocolate that has shit ton of things in it. In my adult life i've been to Prague couple of times and it is always full of tourists, last time 2 years ago there were literal joggers on each corners that i just straight up asked to buy weed
No you are not based because you closed your borders because muh corona hoax. Countries with corona restrictions are not based at all.
As a member of gook diaspora, I will gladly say the Czechs are indeed based. Everyone here is racist, homophobic, transphobic etc. Family values are still considered to be something desirable and no matter what sort of /poll/ they throw at you, be certain that average Czech DOES NOT support fags/coal-burning/ladyboys/"equality"

I can count on one hand how many times I've seen a jogger, crime is basically non-existant and the overall social fabric is very solid.
Based? My experience in Prague was kikes everywhere and weak effeminate men
>porn factory
>80% atheist
The fact that they even air Muttistan propaganda should have you extremely worried...
My girlfriend is Czech and shes cute af
Czechs are based and redpilled
i wonder what the czech accent sounds like
Budu kurva vaší kočky celou noc, pokud to nezastavíte okamžitě.
I don't know, I love your women though.
Absolutely based. I fucking love the czech Republic. Hands down favorite holiday destination.
can't wait for pirates to win in october so these LARP/cope threads finally stop
Same here.
Except it's far less talked about.
>Klaus quits week ago
>Kellner died yesterday
>30% (((Pirati + stan)))
>20% (((bogbis)))

I hate people oever here, I wish nuclear holocaust for prague and brno
Czechbro can you play tell me why are you a porn country. Your reputation is almost russian tier in the porn industry. I would like to visit maybe take a qt or cunny. Aren't you socially liberal with sex or something

Also why are most of you healthy when you are literally a mountain state. I'm always fascinated how this tiny country seems to attract venture capitalist
>Get occupied by Nazis, ethnic minorities all deported or exterminated
>After the war, claim to be have been victimized by Nazis, all Germans deported to Germany or USSR
>Create one of the purest ethnostates in Europe in a 10 year period with literally zero blowback or blame from allied powers
Unfortunately, the only thing you produce these days is porn whores.
Please let me innnnn! Get me out of this dump!!
Czesko is a better name. Czechia sounds retarded.
How long has this term existed? I know a bit more about Czech history than the ordinary burgermutt (not saying much I guess) but I've only started to see 'Czechia' being used over the past several years.

Other than that, Czechland always seemed based to me. The Czech Legion's story is legendary among history nerds, Tatras were cool, reputation for badass firearms and hot women who apparently do all sorts of things on camera for money.
How's dating in Czech?
Russian living in czech republic here.

My parents escaped 90s russia and went here, brought me here, let me tell you couple things about czech people.

1) Czech people are uneducated and envious
2) Czech woman are not worth more then two beers and chicken hamburger
3) again, czechs are uneducated and dont read books
4) i dont even touch czech girls anymore. They fuck since teenage years. Sucked more dicks then most degenerate whores in the west
4) czechs are sellouts, their politicians are traitors
5) the nature is nice and cities are ok.
6) like 10% of people are based, most are beer brains tho

We own a nice home here, you wont believe how envious czechs are that a russian immigrant can make more money and be more succesful

Czech society is not worth shit.
are there any good czech youtube channels? I'm trying to learn czech. Can be about anything pretty much. So far Im subscribed to Daniel Vavra.
I think you guys make good guns.
Thanks Czechbros
Confirm. Czechs are based. I have a Czech wife.
i woundnt want to live anywhere else
>What do you think? Is Czech republic the most based country?

If by "based" you mean "racist", then, yes, Checkia is indeed the most based country in Europe:

why did you guys let slovakia separate. that was a mistake.
Its the same here
Doesn't mean the politicians who are defending nugget rioting are going to win
Czech are great, I loved my time there
I remember watching a bunch of lads beat up gypsys that outnumbered them.
Fucking based
yeah it is based in the sense that some of the most beautiful whores ive had were from czech rep, good job with your daughters..