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The Gypsy Question

Here in Czech republic we have a big Gipsy problem. I am sure all Slavbros can relate.

Gypsies are low IQ parasitic tribe. Dark skin, originally from the lowest classes of India. They are mostly on welfare and very aggressive, even their females.

The minute you try to point out that there are differences, psychological differences, other than the color of their skin, then you're in trouble because of the (((liberal))) media. You're a racist. You're a Nazi. You're a xenophobe. You're a hater. A bigot. All of these are names. Nobody discusses the facts. There's plenty of facts to prove exactly what the Gyppos are.

There are dramatic race differences in crime rates. In Czechia, Vietcongs have the lowest rates, followed by whites (Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Bulgarians etc.). Gypsies have notably high crime rates. This pattern holds true for virtually all crime categories except profound white collar crime and for both genders.

What to do with them?
Huh...Gypsies are just another form the Liberator assumes.
>What to do with them?

Use the hot ones as sex slaves but neuter them, gas the rest.
I have a final solution to that problem
worse than liberators. gypsies are the peanuts of europe.
>infiltrate right wing groups
>lear military tactics
>find the most extreme members
>form splinter group
>hit gypsy villages
>go at night
>be silent
>clean 8-10 houses
>hit different village in different counties every knight
>gypsies are afraid
>they move further in europe
How about this
Hot. wouldhatefuck/10
Let them wörk in concentration Camps until they die.
Arbeit macht Frei
Take inspiration Czechs
At least we get entertainment in return.
Also, what should we do with them? Send them back to pooland? Maybe we should make a deal with Sadiq Khan and culturally enrich london with hundreds of thousands of gypsies. Why not? The UK is already a lost cause and the gypsies will love it along with Sadiq, and they will be seperated from mainland Europe.
>The minute you try to point out that there are differences, psychological differences, other than the color of their skin, then you're in trouble because of the (((liberal))) media. You're a racist. You're a Nazi. You're a xenophobe. You're a hater. A bigot. All of these are names. Nobody discusses the facts. There's plenty of facts to prove exactly what the Gyppos are.

Dude, if you dont follow homoglobo multiculti commie agenda you are called as nazi or racist anywhere in the west.
Liberal (((media))) used these terms on everything and everyone, being nazi is just a mainstream now.
Being labeled as such no value, nor meaning.

Its just vocal minority, who controlls media, screeching in their social bubble.
>low IQ parasitic tribe
tjey're literally dump peanuts
Inn my country there's a problem
And that problem are gypsies
They take everybody money,
They never give it back.
>Here in Czech republic
I'm thinking that gypsies are for us a sort of vaccine red pill. They teach us that some people/races are human garbage.

Look what happened to the Westerners that weren't inoculated. They believe that everyone is the same "we're all just people" and mudslime african liberators are nice, but unfortunate.

Because they had no gypsy vaccine, they developed the full disease: leftist pathological altruism.
Ostrava fag here. We have 40k of these scumlords here. I have plenty of experience with them, mostly negative. They are cancer.
deport them back home to rajasthan in india
thats where they come from

the ottomans dumped them on europe when they got their shipment of marranos cryptokikes from spain
post her nudes
Don' t listen to the fucking media. The media has become the cleric cult leaders of the middle ages.

Fuck the media, and fuck low-IQ gypsies.
I know how you feel. Gypsies are literally the indigenous liberators of Europe. Despite being only 5% of the population of Međimurje (northern Croatia), they're responsible for 70% of the crime.
I'd breed the gypsy out of her
Send them to America, unironically. We’d happily take them all.
Same in Bulgaria, but you see - it's our problem to educate them properly. Until this happen - no progress
Deport them to turkey. Turkey sends them to egypt. Egypt sends them to iran. Iran sends them to pakistan. Pakistan to india. Then they will be home.
I would unironically smash pic related so fucking hard
>What to do with them?
send them to sweden or france. they will accept them because they are not racist. If they try to protest call them racists back. They will shut up.and take more.
Send them to Germany
you have to somehow get the idea in their heads that the pasture on the other side is greener.
find a place where those liberals live, preferably full of media and peanuts and then subtly get the gypsies to overhear how nice it is there.
the goal should be getting them to move there
if you try and kick them out you got to be willing to go all the way because they fight back
but if you can convince them to go and its their idea it will be a win win
the trick is to have conversations that are overheard talking about how easy life is there and how the locals are well off but weak
Every 1st world country has the same problem with different folks.
Just wait for the collaps, nothing to be done
I thought everyone hated gypsies
We keep them contained in small area of the country close to Hungarian border and we dont gove a fuck
If they cause trouble they get beaten and moved. Here where I live there is 0 of them and in general they are discriminated against from everyone even the leftie liberals.
Low IQ peanuts is a good summary, they should all be deported to some island so they can steal each other all day.
But I'll recognize that at least they don't have ideologies behind them (no creepers attacks, no "we wuz kangz" and other shit).
>What to do with them?

Deport back to India
>wut do
If he commits a crime then put him in jail, if not then ignore him, as he is likely ignoring you.
Seriously guys, if this is some kind of existential problem for you then the future of Europe is bleak.
>walk around gypsy slum with frens
>abhorent stench in the air
>a whole pack of gypsy manlets teleports behind us
>whatchya doing here white bois
>subhumans can't be reasoned with
>they attack
>i get hit few times in the head by dirty smelly poo fist
>can literally smell his hits
>run away and leave pride behind
I'm still waiting for my revenge bros
Can you explain why you haven't been able to simply remove gypsies using force in the hundreds of years they've been around you? Is ot really that hard to group a violent posse?
Genuine serious question, aren't you people supposed to have very lenient gun ownership and gun use laws?
If yes, why don't you use them?
I was talking to some Indian friend and he told me that the lowest caste is where I’d find psychological stealers. He said those people can’t stop stealing, like a pathological liar but with theft.
can confirm
get jacked and do some MMA and get your revenge anon
I don't know how self defense works over there in czechoslovakia, but you won't get jail time if the poo in the loo attacks you first in the us lul
Same reason why the US can't get rid of the niggers. Liberal push to keep em there. Odd fact Marcus Garvey, an African Nationalist wanted to import the niggers back to Africa. Thing is, Liberia ran him out and it was considered a failure.