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George Floyd death

Czech cops testing the kneeling technique.
Results are interesting.

Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose. The cops had nothing to do with it.
More black lies exposed.
Fentanyl Floyd was a raging degenerate who needed to die.
everybody not half retarded already knows this.

that nigger would have died even when they would have removed the foot of OD
It was the dude on his back that caused problems; I don’t get why everyone is ignoring them
NPR interviewed George’s brother, he called him a “gentle giant”. That nigger died of an overdose. /ourcop/ did nothing wrong
Racist cops!! How dare they demonstrate how this technique is used effectively and safely on jogger ex-cons that are ODing.
based Czechs this whole thing was so retarded from the beginning on
Floyd didn't even get choked out. The nigs can't accept that it was a drug overdose.
Anons, when did it become impossible to NOT consume propaganda on YouTube?
if you did this video from a western european country you'd be jailed for h8 crimes
Any BJJ guy knows this. You gotta compress both carotid arteries, both sides of the neck.
Knee on the neck does suck though.
I dont even have to watch it to know they didn't address the variable of pressure on the neck.

You need that weight to be constant for any testing to be valid. That weight is never constant in the real world.
Based Slavs, always telling the truth.
How I envy you fuckers.
I never took these drugs Floyd did. Can anybody tell me if the act of getting arrested might cause a 'horror trip' on these drugs? Meaning his mind went nuts, like a panic attack?
>he was fine before the arrest
>clearly see him go from a living man to a dying man in 8 minutes while his neck is pressed
>cop stays on his neck even though he has no pulse
>the knee was not a factor
It doesn’t matter what the results are. Black people have a different biology and are more susceptible to death from this knee thing.
Holy fuck how can one country be so based?
wait how do we get the czech cops fired for racism?
Cultists dont care about the facts.
So you CAN breathe...
blacks break easy
Niggers fear the knee.
Ain't nothing like empirical science.
I'm starting to think that /cz/ is the only group left that cares about Floyd's death
>that music
based czechs
Please annex us already, based czech bros.
Jews do it all the time
and to kids
no one cared
I'm going to be nice and tell that Cezch cops are just retarded.
The knee on neck (kon) put pressure on the muscle, central nervous system and blood vessel in the neck both common arteries and vertebral arteries on both sides. But in itself, it is not an issue.
If someone lying face to the ground, has pressure on his/her thorax, the lungs cannot expand and the diaphragm neither.
The air flow in the lungs is reduced and the blood can't get oxygen to the tissues, especially the brain, the heart and the lungs.
Another effect is the pressure raise on the heart and blood vessels in the cardio respiratory system of the upper thorax.
The combination of the two technique is prone to generate positional asphixia.
Eric Garner got killed like because of positional asphyxia, 6 years ago, with a choke combined with somebody compressing his thorax.
Effects of positional asphixia are known since a decade at least.
Link related:
>Ty bjj black belt that teaches kon to 16 y.o. kids and policemen alike..
Czeched and Slovakpilled.
Wouldn't think anyone would have the balls to piss against the current winds, but these guys did.
Based Czechs

What's it like living there? I might be moving out of the country soon.
i weigh 410 lbs, let me try
That nigga died of heart attack
What does this prove exactly? Does choking somebody for 5 seconds without killing them prove that choking is non-deadly? If anything you're just proving that fatal application of the technique implies intent, making the enforcer guilty of murder. High IQ.
Based Czechs, they probably hate their cops more than we do
BASED Czech'em pilled
Floyd was a pornostar with a heavy criminal background who died of opioid and meth abuse, coupled with preexisting heart disease which could be caused by drug use as well.
damn i understand 70 percent of what they saying
Inb4 the video and channel will be pulled for racism by Youtube
killer soundtrack to this video
Fuck i love the Czechs. I'm going to have to visit one day
He still had 400 pounds on his back. He clearly suffocated.
the point isnt if the knee literally killed him, the point is that the officer could have taken different actions to avoid the outcome we got. if you are restraining someone and they sound incredibly panicked saying its difficult to breathe and are going to die, yeah i know some could be lying to simply escape, but you have to make a judgement call and think "hmm, if his panic is genuine and will die, will i be blamed for this retard's death and incite a race war?"

maybe if someone is saying they are going to die, analyze how panicked they sound, analyze if they are high on something which may contribute to their death, and make a call to maybe flip him over and go into side control and attempt to slowly ease off of him. If he is resisting again or posing a threat, then you restrain him. But when the guy is posing little threat PLUS claiming he is about to die, maybe change what you are doing in that moment. Whatever im just going to be called a nigger lover for suggested the police do anything other than stomp a criminals head into dust so whatever
but floyd also had another guy pressing his body on his lungs and also another one holding down his legs.
>A Russian could do it for 10 seconds
>That's proof that kneeling on someone's neck for 9 minutes can't kill them
Oh, the "disinterested" experts giving their expert opinions. I was in Navy Spec Ops and was trained in a variety of holds, "sleepers" included. Perhaps no cop should be taught these in a civilized society.
exterminate those rioters now