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Moving to Czech republic

I am 50% Czech I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. I don't support abortion/whores and want a strong family I am also catholic take that as you will but I'm by no means over the top with it. My beliefs are mine alone but unfortunately my grandparents move to America and have been here since I want out of this hellscape of nothing. No soul no purpose here other then to rot away or brought down by the system. I want to actually see beautiful architecture and wilderness something more then what America has to offer.
Would I be welcomed back ?
Whats the other half?
Yes, bring IQ and $ with you
>Moving to Czech republic
Highest atheist population in the EU
Having unclean orgies is part of the national culture
One of the top porn producers of the Eu
Cuck-country of eastern-middle Europe
Marked as a freemasonist dream state
Wow,nice choice,this is were you belong Cuckstein.
>Would I be welcomed back ?
A couple of tips though:
(Re)learn the language. While most people do speak english on decent level, they will pretend like they dont. You can have a nice chit-chat in a pub with students in english, but on daily basis, speaking even the most broken czech will make people more friendly towards you.

Dont move to Prague. Its a shitty tourist trap.

> I am also catholic
If you like going to church, consider a smaller city. Churches here are full every sunday and christian trad girls do exist here.
So close.
Do you speak czech?
Do you have a czech passport or a passport from the EU?
Do you have a skill that is in demand that will get you a visa?
Without those things, you will never live in the Czech republic.
How arrogant of you to think they would want some faggot of your caliber. Fucking pussy.
>I don't support abortion/whores and want a strong family I am also catholic
Imao they don't want you mutt.
I've been considering moving to Czechia too considering they seem to be one of the few non-PC cucked people. Should be easy as an EU citizen. I can't speak Czech but I can speak Russian & German fluently.
Actual czech, as long as you aren't an absolute retard, know how to behave and are an actual cogwheel in the machine, literally noone will give a shit
Respect their culture and people.
>moving to the Czech Republic
Sure, come over. If you want to see nature and good architecture, I suggest avoiding the heavily industrialized northern and north-eastern regions. Nobody cares about your religious beliefs, so don't bring them up unless you're in a house of worship.

Start learning Czech, if you don't already speak it. It's a difficult language (especially pronouncing special letters like ř) and you'll always be seen as an "other" until you lean to speak the language.
I actually have czech citizenship, feels comfy knowing I can ditch the ship that is america if it starts sinking.

But yeah heard from family that CZ has horrible rude people kind of like NYC, where everyone hates each other and are very jealous and try to one up eachother, also a lot of organized crime mafia type stuff.

Its shitty how it's so athiestic, all of my family from there are hardcore atheists.

How is the population of brown people treated there?
I know they have some garbage gypsies who are hated by nearly everyone
Come to Slovakia instead.
The Czechs became Hedonistic Pigs.
You are burger. Your bloodline is already mixec with muttness. You know shit about our culture, you can't speak the language. Stay were you are and fix that shit. We hate burgers as hell.
The language is crazy and this is coming from my family back there. I'd go back to but that's definitely something that concerns me from doing so. Also there really isn't much wilderness. There are surrounding mountains and a couple semi-forests but most of the land is hilly and farmed. You might be able to move into a village house but you would need to figure out what land you can have and how to sustain yourself. There's still a lot of poverty in these areas. Unless you plan on living to a town or city.
maybe if you drop your shitty christcuckery, only then you'll be welcomed. our country is one of the most atheist countries in the world. don't bring your abrahamic judaic superstions here. Either drop religion entirely or embrace the true faith of your ancestors - pic related
>Would I be welcomed back ?
Well, we are the most atheist country in the world, so you are not helping yourself much with being catholic.
Also depends on whether or not you can speak Czech. Don't expect us to treat you like one of us if you can't pronounce "Strč prst skrz krk." properly.
Young czechs are anti gun atheist whores
They’re a very low tier people
>hazel eyes

Kill yourself.
Czech rep. is the most atheist country in Central europe by far and the women are the most promiscuous on the plantet. Sloakias basically the same as Czech but more catholic and conservatve and has nice mountains.
>I don't support abortion/whores
they support it though
>Would I be welcomed back ?
Sure. If you are white, based and redpilled. If you would learn language and try to learn our culture, your kids will be real czechs.

Na zdraví.

Hasn't the Czech Republic been through enough? Now they have mutts trying to sneak in.
>I have blonde hair and hazel eyes
>I am 50% Czech I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. I don't support abortion/whores and want a strong family I am also catholic
you're german
OP if you're looking for a lawyer who will help you gain your Czech passport I can help you out.
Alteast you guys probably won't turn commie unlike the retarded college plebs want over here begging for it.

Literally All the old czech dudes talk mad shit about communism.
Tons of them escaped the country because of it
i hate czechs fuckign retrarted adfaggots subukmnaham kisll tem all
Whenever I have shitty mood,I just think about that Im neither czech,nor born in the Czuck republic,and most of my depression just goes away.
I'm half Czech too. Quarter German and French. I respect my heritage and the Czech people, so I will never flee there with my tail between my legs and give them a selfish coward. My land is my birthright. The blood and sweat of my ancestors is in the soil. I love it and if I have to I will die for it.
Do Czechs love jews over there?

our American boomers really love Israel
czechs are atheists. they do not give a fuck if you are catholic.

Most people in CZ hate Americans.
They are also not religious at all.
also dont listen to the Western degenerates

>never were in the wrong in the history
>strong culture
>based as fuck
>every revolution was bloodless
>no nigs
>fine woman
>best comedy movies
>will be spared when will jews take over the world cuz we bff
>strategic position
No one cares about you faggot.
So let's see.

Czechs aren't blond, dont have hazel eyes, they're atheist, and they support whores as the have the second biggest porn industry outside of Hungary.

And I'm saying this as someone kdo žil roky v Česku.

Pokud si myslítš, že te Češka přijme pak jsy obyčejný tupý amerimutt.
loks like you fit back properly
A country with sæx træffiking and fõrced prōstîtutions and brõthels! Absolutely Cruel and disgusting! Stop consuming commercial sæx and stop this Cruel act of Sax trafiked Africans and eastern Europeans girls! Imagine if they are your mother or sister or daughter