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>Hitler, 1920: "Germans are the purest-blooded remaining des...

>Hitler, 1920: "Germans are the purest-blooded remaining descendents of the Aryans, the race who spread across Eurasia, becoming masters over the local peoples and establishing civilizations. It was their ability to adapt and innovate that made them the greatest of all races and Germans today share that quality."
>Jews: "Noooooo that's racist! There's no master race. It's a pseudoscience!"

>Scientists, 2020: "Wow you guys we made this totally crazy discovery. Did you know that the Ar... I mean Yamnaya were the first people to domesticate horses and invent the wheel, and used them to spread across Eurasia in conquest?"

So didn't history completely vindicate Hitler's racial views? He was completely right about the Aryans.

The funniest thing about indo cuckropeans and their ww wuz Aryans n shieeet is that they don't realize ALL indo cuckropeans are a 50/50 mix between EHG and CHG
Which means even the "purest" indo Europeans are sll racemixed.

I guess that explains why they have so many defects and highest cancer rates in the world.
this map is pure jewish fantasy

Merkel says 19,200 new infections per day by Xmas in Germany

This would make Germany a high risk country. Vaccines? They are a myth, Merkel says, we will need to live with restrictions to our lives forever. No more private parties, fun or no mask shopping.

> exploding numbers bad
> exploding skittles good
Wow that sounds like a bummer. If I was a guest there, I would get in my boat and go back to my own country.