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>used to rule 1/3 of the world >now the 3rd world rules them...

>used to rule 1/3 of the world
>now the 3rd world rules them

/de/ agrees, these fucks deserve everything that is happening to them.

let them burn for their crimes against Germany and Europe

when you look at france and the uk you need to look at who rules them, pic related should give you a hint
Churchil sold out to zog and commited war crimes against Christian Europe and the Aryan race. Britain's gets what it fucking deserves.
It's your fault, Kraut. If you didn't go full schizo and try to reunite the germanic people so fast, people would've warmed up to Mosley, and fascism in general. But you had to go and fuck it up for everyone, didn't you?

Only 39% Germans think of the US in a positive way

According to polls, Germany officially hates America
Even China and Russia are in Germany more popularly than America
And Trump is a greater threat to world peace than Kim, Xi and Putin altogether


German nationalists are the purest form of human beings.
Germany is an American occupation Zone since WW2. The US is a Zionist/Jewish occupation Zone since 1931. Of course after 80 years of Judeo-Negro degeneracy even krauts have enough.
No one is angry at the American people. No one is angry at the US itself. We all know of whom in the US governemnt we're talking about. The current USA need to be purged of politicians, business and finance, as much as the FGR/EU.

The assblast of the burgers ITT only proves how you have been tied up hand&feet, gagged, strangled, brainwashed and fucked deep in the ass by Hebrew-wood, kosher media and the jews-industry for the last century.