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Honestly, I still don’t understand why Brits leave the EU

Brits were writing most of the laws the EU passed, simply because they were written in English and they were best at that. Brits were as influential as Germany in the EU and because the French, Spanish and Italians are socialists, typically aligned with the free market states of Dutchland, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. This free market block was able to stand up against the socialist, protectionist hordes led by France and Greece.

But no more, Britain wanted out. Officially, because Britain got so many Eastern Europeans. Guess what, Britain could have easily closed their country to these people for 10yrs... at which point those people would have long emigrated to the US or Germany and not the UK.

And lastly, money. Oh, the money! All those big payments... which net don’t actually come to much at all. It costs billions to replicate the administrative parts of the EU on a national level (e.g. competition authorities or banking authorities or medical authorities). Not to mention that 95% of the money put into the EU budget is paid put to states... it’s just paid out disproportionally to the poorer states. Why? Because everyone agreed that there is a brain drain from these poorer states to the richer states... and it costs like 200,000 to 400,000 euros to raise and train a kid until they graduate from engineering uni... then they move to Germany or the UK. Unfair. So that’s why these countries get EU welfare money.

tldr - Brits are retarded for leaving the EU, an organization they led together with other key states and which they only got mostly white, educated immigrants

If you lose your identity and independence in pursuit of what? material wealth? are you really coming out better?

And make no mistake, the EU is going down the path of federalization. Unless something major happens, there will only be a Germany in the sense that there's a Montana. Yes, absolutely, trade will be easier. It'll be easier to travel, it'll be easier to move, but the momentum of the economic change will erase who you are.

Look at the US. At one point, the states each did have very different identities. With the rise of things like first cars (making travel easier), radio ("normalization" of accents), and television (further normalization of accents, universalizing cultural touchstones, and the like), now almost all of that identity is gone. Sure, there's disagreements over politics, but that's not the same thing.

Maybe that's what's needed to preserve the grand traditions of Western Civilization, but to my mind, that's too high of a price.
holy shit shes so ugly
>But no more, Britain wanted out. Officially, because Britain got so many Eastern Europeans. Guess what, Britain could have easily closed their country to these people for 10yrs... at which point those people would have long emigrated to the US or Germany and not the UK.

zionist agitation through their puppets like Nigel Farage.

the liberal media knows this but they are also under the sway of the peanut so they present it as Russian interference.

Why do Engineers love her?

*floods the EU with undesirables and brings Germany to the brink of recession*

boo0mers elected her after her getting shilled for 10 years by her predecessor
than some behind the scenes faggotry going on socialist democrats betraying the working class hand in hand with christian democrats and a little help from the liberals (merchants) here and there...
in the meantime greens scam their way into state and nation level parliaments by pretending to be pro environment when actually they turn out to be globalist eco capitalists who actually only give a shit about environment when its raining gibs for them
as well as the communists who in the meantime reformed themselves with new corporate identity and are shilling all "underground" left wing liberal activism behind the scenes.
oh and dont forget recently we have a new partiotiic party gathering former liberals ( actually merchants ) and some people from every other party, basically those with a last hope of catching some nice govt. gibs while not totally scamming their voters and actually doing some opposition work ( what the others ceased to do some decades ago )
so IF you opt into actually voting light blue party is a viable alternative taking into account the possibilities and likely ups and downs through polarization
all this while she shilled for herself among aalll those fat leeches who stuffed their pockets with nice taxpayer funds for the last 12 years and some even before that as well as bowing down for their "consultants" ( here and there family members companies ) or being busy defending their faked/bought doctoral thesis, or bveing busy wasting tax payer money on uneccessary trips here and there , all while scheming for new positions in the eu parliament or some odd ministry, doesnt matter if you have no fucking clue about whats the matter at hand at your ministry , never having worked a single day in any job even so unknownst to your ministrys sector, all what counts is being loyal to your fellow crows
there is hope
but its very fragile...
She's on some Hillary shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR7Ug5y-va8