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Germany debates China style lockdown...for no reason

Despite record low deaths and low hospitalization, German politicians debate tight lockdowns. Why? Nobody knows, infection rates have dropped like a stone in the past days.

At this point, it is just about taking away freedoms, fight?

>At this point, it is just about taking away freedoms
they test in every western country how far they can go
They have gone completely insane. Everyone is talking about "the third wave" now, even though a third wave literally does not exist. It should be time to open up, there should not have been lockdowns to begin with, and they are doing the exact opposite. In some cities it's illegal now to go outside after 9 pm and any criticism gets shut down as lunatics being irrational. Nothing makes sense anymore.
>At this point
I'm afraid that's the whole point

EU army thread

One way to get a powerful EU army is to require each EU member state to designate parts of their military (EU Panzer Groups, EU Stormtrooper Units, EU Airforce Battlegroups, EU Navy Groups, EU logistics etc.) as “EU groups”.

If course these groups would then need to be open to all EU citizens to join. Command over these units would still be in the hands of the state, but overall coordination would be on an EU level.

How does this not make sense? This means tiny countries e.g. do not need airforce units because Germany could fly over them for protection.

Of course it makes sense for you, you ruined your own army and now you want to take control of the French armed forces and what's left of ours.
>How does this not make sense?

Distrust in Germany as a bloc leading force is rampant. Taking sovereignty from EU member states at this point in military questions could and imo will trigger anti-German resentments hard.
You have to create a sense of unity amongst Europeans. History tells that this only happens when a group is against a common foe. There's a lot of potential for creating this common opponent and provoking that into actions that will in fact pour fuel and that.
From that the feel of needing a common European army will arise. Although I see the rational reasons behind it, people would see it as a wet dream of the elites being made true without having the justification or the need. The elites as a whole are barely having the trust that they need to get anything big done anyway.

It doesn't make sense, because we're governed by retards who fail to enforce common social interests and laws on the inside but want to create a European military for the outside. Just fucked up lunatics at this point. They don't make sense and should they just roll it out, watch the EU cohesion crumble even more. It's stupid, because there's no readiness for it on the popular level.
The EU has to become a superstate for this to happen. I fully back it, along with the balkanization of my own country