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Bach, Mozart, Beethoven. Why are the greatest composers of all time all German?

Why did humanities greatest artistic contributions all come from Germans? Why did Hitler come from Austria/Germany? Why did operation paperclip that has the potential to take us to the stars come from Germany, and the Manhattan project which has the potential to wipe out all of humanity come from Oppenheimer and Einstein? Is this a coincidence?

Imagine being a germaboo
>Why are the greatest composers of all time all German?
Because you lack classical music culture. That's it.

the last stunt of the jews is insinuating that the romans ha...

the last stunt of the jews is insinuating that the romans had no actual rivals.

1. the phoenicians were the major force in the mediterranean sea since centuries.
2. the gauls, the germanics and the scythians always outnumbered the roman troops and the equipement was the same : armor and blade. the scythians in particular never suffered major defeats from anyone except for ROMA INVICTA (mithridatic wars).
2. the graeco-macedonians were at the peak of thir power.
3. persians. the romans raped them in their homeland over and over, from 192 BC to 198AD.

they won back to back against EVERYONE , the entire ancient world , in a timespan of 4 centuries, and most importantly kept them under control, which is the hardest part. when ROMA INVICTA died out due to the judeo-christian infection there were no enemies left.

if there ever was a master race, it was the romans.

Who cares what the jews think of others. Remember the 109 countries
Good thread, OP.
"Historians" discount the might of the goths/scythians to make the modern Europeans look like descendants of savages and to discount the ability of the Romans.
the Romans lost to the persians many times, technically it was the parthians but crassus? mark antony being btfo in armenia? the Iranic mainland was never penetrated by the Romans, Ctesiphon was sacked but its not the 'homeland' it was the administrative capital in Mesopotamia/the empire and most of the people there were Assyrians not Persians. romans never made it past the Zagros mountain range, which is where the true Iranian homeland is not Assyria

graeco-macedonians were not at the height of their power lol, this was like nearly 2 centuries after alexander and the diadochi, the macedonians had become weak and ineffective.
3. gauls were primitive, but they did outnumber the romans
4. scythians were primitive
5. germanics were primitve but eventually got better technology which is why they started winning at some points
6. phoenicians was a fair fight , since they fight them on equal terms
the only truly difficult enemies they fought were rival city-states during the nascent republican period and later equally powerful empires like the carthaginians and persians
Romans are master race but lets not pretend they were underdogs, the only true underdog period was from the founding by Romulus to 2nd punic war, after that it was like candy from baby