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>Hitler, 1920: "Germans are the purest-blooded remaining des...

>Hitler, 1920: "Germans are the purest-blooded remaining descendents of the Aryans, the race who spread across Eurasia, becoming masters over the local peoples and establishing civilizations. It was their ability to adapt and innovate that made them the greatest of all races and Germans today share that quality."
>Jews: "Noooooo that's racist! There's no master race. It's a pseudoscience!"

>Scientists, 2020: "Wow you guys we made this totally crazy discovery. Did you know that the Ar... I mean Yamnaya were the first people to domesticate horses and invent the wheel, and used them to spread across Eurasia in conquest?"

So didn't history completely vindicate Hitler's racial views? He was completely right about the Aryans.

this map is pure jewish fantasy
Do you wear your jew gold around your neck or do u keep it in your purse, pizza boy?

This is high school class in Germany

In order starting top left

Dragon ball Kip
Gucci Gustaf
Henry Hotzel
Shitskin Hitler
Tiny Tim
Arian Aaron
Arian Adriana
Forgot our hijabs at home sisters
Robert Deniros literally autistic son
The lanklet twins
US Army shirt... hmmmmm
Top row far right = schweinsteiger