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Germany wants to bring in up to 2 million Ukrainians for work - /Thread 2/

Old thread:

Germany has put in place new immigration rules that will go into effect at the end of this year. In particular, it will allow millions of Ukrainians, Russians and Bjelorussians into Germany if they find pretty much any job... and they can even take a train to Germany for job hunting.

Can these Eastern European Suebi integrate into the Germanic tribes of the Central forests and fields?

Great! Hohols will wash toilets in which skittles who receive allowance and free housing shit!
there is no worker shortage in germany
our core industry is currently getting dismantled putting masses of trained employees on the market
many Ukrainians are Germans who were brought in by Catherine(?) the Great to better farm the region.

IIRC that had much to do with Nazis gaining power in Germany. Prior to Jews slaughtering the Ukrainian upper-class peasant farmers (German stock) most people around the world didn't care too much about Jews doing mass murders in USSR because they felt relieved SOMEONE was "dealing with" the mess of Russian after WW1, and many Germans felt the Nazis were sorta like guys in the USA like John "Insane" McCain who want to re-fight the last lost war.

I guess Merkel realized she's gonna need some actual workers to support all her Brown Pets.

New German immigration law wants to bring in 2 million Ukrainians

The German government has had good experiences with Ukrainians, they are cheap, white, Slavs and over 1.5 million already learned how to work in Poland.

Is it wise to get 2 million Ukrainians into Germany?

Ukraine immigrants? When did dis happen
i guess 2 million Ukrainians is better than 2 million Refugees, but untermensch is untrtmesnch. The fact ethnic Germans won't have babies at replacement level is depressing.
It's an improvement at this point