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Can some American explain this shit? You shit on us for bein...

Can some American explain this shit? You shit on us for being too bureaucratic and too focused on papers and licenses and all that shit but at least for voting you could learn a little from us. The fact that tourists and illegals can just vote for fun in your elections makes you a complete banana republic.

Just as a comparison in Germany, if you're a registered citizen you get a letter with a notification and a permit to vote in your district. If you show up at the booth without that paper you simply don't get to vote. For example I fucked up by requesting to vote by mail as I wasn't planning on being in town. Then I was in town and not at the location I thought I'd be, got the letter there so I didn't have it with me and my voting notification was already inactive to prevent double voting. That's how serious we take that process, it's not about racism or some shit, it's about making sure the basis of your political system, the election, is as legit as possible. Of course there will be fraud but not on a scale like 10 million illegals being able to cast a vote.

I mean shit what the fuck do you want? For us to disagree? What's the point of this thread exactly? To assert a very small way "your" pathetic country might be marginally better?
The Vote is the one real 'weapon' The People have against "the man".

Funny how the J-Left is always against valid election laws, even with lots of cases of looney right winger Voting Machines company, uh, shall we say "very strange behavior".
but Hans, the Jews don't even let you pretend to have real elections.

At least in USA, you CAN run for office as Nazi, Communist, etc.

In Germany its strictly "student government" and rulers simply outlaw anything close to real opposition.

Of course, USA's "winner take all" means no real opposition ever gains ANY real power.

Merkel says Big Corporates want a replaced German people

Big Corporates will just leave Germany unless cheap labor from Mexico, India and Vietnam is brought in by the millions to compete on cut throat international wages.


Germany is most in need of electrical engineers, metal workers and mechatronics engineers, cooks, nurses, aged care workers, computer scientists and software developers. The government has been looking to draw people who qualify from Mexico, the Philippines, Brazil, India, Nigeria and Vietnam, among others.

Labor Minister Hubertus Heil sought to allay concerns among immigrant-wary sections of the population, telling the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper that the recruitment drive "is not about uncontrolled immigration, but about qualified people who we need so that our country can remain economically strong in the future." Heil added “We will have a shortfall of 5 million workers by 2030 and the only way to fill this gap is by finding workers in the fast growing countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.”

So, there are many third worlders who must learn to swim.
You should kill her and all the corporate kikes that support this. Why have you not done this?
>let's become poor third worlders so that we can compete better against poor third worlders for minimum wage jobs!
Just imagining that there is even ONE German who agrees with this makes me absolutely livid.