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We are finished

This is it. Germany is done. I hate this country.
Merkels party surged by 6% in the saxon state elections. Which were the elections to change everything and break merkels goverment.
I hate this
I hate my country
I hate my retarded people

Merkels succsessor tried to kick some guy who wants the CDU to return to its roots.
I expected this to tip the Balance and make the remaining conservstives in the CDU vote right wing but now they surged to an high since the beginning of the election cycle.


afd second? isnt it a wet right wing dream?
I don't see your problem. In the last state elections in Saxony CDU got 40% and AfD got 10%. It's silly to compare to the EU parliament elections. Those have less effect on the day to day lives of individuals and thus people are somewhat more willing to risk voting outside the mainstream.
>This is it. Germany is done.

German immigration stats are overblowing the issue

The truth is, Germans are still 100% Germanic and don’t mix. Just look at the images of high school graduations.

What is happening is that there are various societal layers building up. A small, 100% Germanic upper class, a larger middle class 99% are Germanic or original Europeans (French, Polish, Czech, Italian) and then a small but significant underclass mostly made up of foreigners from the East or non-EU as well as some lowly Germanics.

meanwhile some kindergartens in Germany have already banned pork lmao kys op
imo this scandal is overrated: https://www.noted.co.nz/currently/currently-world/the-ridiculous-islamisation-sausage-scandal-in-germany
>Germany: 20.8 million people with immigrant background
>Deutsche Welle-1 hour ago

pic related