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Would you actually fight for him? Imagine this: >you are te...

Would you actually fight for him?

Imagine this:
>you are teleported in 1935
>you receive 4 year of excellent training in fitness and intellect and will learn German and everything about National Socialism
>you will get a small German house, nothing fancy
>you will get a 7/10 qt blonde German waifu again not a top model, but not ugly either
>this is a timeline where Hitler doesn't make some crucial mistakes so the chance of Germans winning is much higher
>you could die, but you could also survive. however you WILL risk your life.

Would you do it?
>Would you actually fight for him?
Yes are you kidding me? Sign my dumb ass up for the RUNDFLUGZEUG program, it's time to spook the shit out of some B-17s
This is a dream come true, perfect life desu.
>Blood and soil
>Drugs and oil.
Gee let me think what's preferable.
Thou talkst of dreams. Which are begot of naught but vain fantasy and are of made up of thinner substance than the air.
>Hitler doesn't make some crucial mistakes
Hitler had subversive Generals and other higher ups working against him, once he discovered a conspiracy against him he found it difficult to filter out the shit and if you think the Eastern Front was a mistake it wasn't, Germany desperately needed oil and they were running out of time and resources for making Synthetic Fuel, Africa was taking too long as well, Moscow was never the prize, the oil fields of Grozny were.
Even if I knew things would end exactly the same, to the bitter end.
The only way Germany could have won ww2 is if the British surrendered, which would not happen.
>Fighting for a kraut
Fuck no.
Germany needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.
Armed with the most powerful weapon of all, hindsight, I could lead Nazi Germany to total victory. I'd have no need to fight on the front lines, the greatest mistake that Hitler had done, I believe at least, was allying with Italy.
No. I am not cucked enough to die for someone else's war. Anyone who actually says yes after reading that is unironic cuck in the literal sense possible. Using your mind and body for years for someone else's use and die in the process is pretty pathetic.
I bring a Ohio class submarine with me, full crew and full load of ICBM's.
>Hard win
Full technical packages of HK roller delayed blowback rifles and SMG's, proximity AA fuses, synthetic rubber, and every strategic book ever written about WW2.
>Lose, but fun
Just my Marine ass.
yeah ok bro whatever you say ill give up the good stuff i have and go starve in stalingrad great
Achmed pls
When your homeland goes to war, you don't fight for it's current mortal leader.
I fight not for Herr Hitler but for the Deutschland Volk to right the oppressive wrongs of the Treaty of Versailles.
Yes, even if I knew that It was doomed to fail anyways, I still would.
I think he could motivate anyone to do anything.
I'd do it even if I was sure to die.
If i had to learn german i would give up. Im a brainlet who cant learn new languages even english i didnt start talking til age 3
I don’t need training in fitness nor intellect. It’s your duty to be responsible enough to lead a worthwhile life and that’s the very core of the natsoc philosophy

You sound like the kind of person that would become one of the first victims of the ideology you praise due to your degenerated mindset
I wouldn't kill my own countrymen for Hitler's personal gain. Neither did the British Union of Fascists, 50,000 members all fought with no desertions.
>>you are teleported in 1935
>>you receive 4 year of excellent training in fitness and intellect and will learn German and everything about National Socialism
>>you will get a small German house, nothing fancy
>>you will get a 7/10 qt blonde German waifu again not a top model, but not ugly either
>>this is a timeline where Hitler doesn't make some crucial mistakes so the chance of Germans winning is much higher
>>you could die, but you could also survive. however you WILL risk your life.

I WILL fight for him regardless. Your 'rewards' mean nothing.
>Would you actually fight for him?
>Imagine this:
>you are teleported in 1935
>you receive an MP 40 & a backpack stuffed with pervitin and 9mm
Absolutely. I'm tired of living in this reality.
>hey here's a totally imaginary scenario where things come to you without effort

Pretty much what I'd expect from the people here.
I wouldn’t fight, I’d be more useful larping as an American “spy” and be a double agent feeding hitler crucial knowledge to win
Give me good numbers and I will do it!
i'd absolutely Jihad for Hitler.
Literally the only leader in world history I would gladly fight and die for.
I am thinking a list of things basically anyone could inject into Nazi war machine

Most effective:
>Enigma encryption is weak, use one time pads instead and fill Enigma traffic with garbage thus rendering allied decryption efforts ineffective
>Go to war economy immediately

>Stay on target when bombing eternal anglos
>Do not let Bismarck leave port without full tanks

Tide turning things:
>Weather will be super cold. Do not send wine to troops freezing.
>Sloped armor mass production top 1 priority
>Stg.44 top priority too, make it Stg.40
>Remove exotics from LW development and focus on two or three jet designs
>Do not waste resources torturing unwanted ethnic groups, that is a problem which can be solved after the war.

Anything else?
>Would you do it?

If I wanted to live in Nazi Germany that much I would've just fought to change the world into it.
Yes, even death in that world would be better than life in this one.
No, I’m not a braindead germannigger who wants to exterminate poles ( your fucking neighbours )
Plus that mustache dinaric pussy let go the only important jew he managed to catch.
Fucking pathetic. Imagine slaughtering 60 million aryans while being a neolithic french-looking dinaric shitskin lmao Germans are retarded.
1000 times yes
First I burn the german trash house.
Then I kill the german whore.
Afterwards I try to assassinate Hitler, unite with russian underground partisans and start genociding germans.

Death to all germanics. Death to all asians. Death to all africans. Death to all animals.

Glory to the Imperum of Russian Mankind.

Exterminate. Consoom. Expand. Repeat.
Are you actually joking? Of course I would. I wish he was here now. Europe is falling apart to Refugee shit stains and joggers
Javohl, mein Führer.
If you have had to sell your white neantherthal daughters to Jewish slave traders for 2000 years because you never learned to read and we’re tired of eating shit in tenement housing, then the idea of killing all the eastern Slavs and Jews and raking their land would sound like a great idea. Shit all your shit eating German cousins just got rich in America killing the aboriginals of the mid west plains America. Why not kill all the slavs, Cossacks and Jews. Decent farming land.
Well of course. Even though you die, you will create a better World. Its the only logical sacrifice one can make.
>you will get a small German house, nothing fancy
>get a house
>a house

Holyshit that is my lifelong dream. Im in!
You can’t have and ideology and win wars. Only the most based, immoral opportunists win wars. Hence why Jews stay on the winning side. Russia, British commonwealth, Israel, etc
Absolutely yes
Germany lost the war because it wrongly thought that the commonwealth was the biggest threat. It should have never asked Japan to bomb america. It should have begged Japan to leave Thailand and other common wealth targets, Hawaii for later conflict and focused on Russia. If Japan would have attacked Russia from East it would prevented Zhukov from convincing Stalin to mount western counterattack. In the end it was Nazi hubris thinking the French would be the toughest opponents and the Cossacks were slaves. America was a 40ish% Nazi sympathizer until Pearl Harbor.
In the end this is all geopolitically economic history. Basically. Europe cannot grow enough food to feed its over populated lands, so since the beginning of history until 75 years ago. All those neantherthal cousins in Europe go on a genocide spree against each other. Why FOOOD. Only north America and Russia have enough arable land and water resources to grow enough surplus food to feed the worlds populations and cattle. And since world war 2 we have subsidized the worlds economies by managing all water trade routes with out military. Make sure you Europeans don’t kill each other for wanting.
>can't play vidya

sorry OP, not gonna bite that bullet.
>participate in our ritual goy slaughter, goy
let me see....
>he put Jews in Luna Parks in order to protect them from the war
>he wanted to destroy every culture Europe had replacing it with paganism of marvel superheroes
>totally incompetent in war
>racial hierarchy based on phenotype and invented miths, pretending that modern Europeans never had non-Europeans ancestors
> his plan was partially succesful cause betrayed everyone, not a reliable person
>unable to write properly a fucking book, modern footballers are able to do it
>Lenin + Mussolini + exoterism + random stuf + Darwin (modern science proved the fallacy his ideas) = his ideology
>he had exoteric schizoid ideas based on his immagination
>he decided he was better than other Germans not allowing neither at its people to take decisions, have free speech,etc...
>when war went bad, he excaoped in a bunker, too scared of dying in combact he commited suicide
>The final proof of his "competence" is given by his loyal people, that at the end of the war simply helped US to get rid of him
>His modern follower, fat people without social life of any sort, grew up at the bottom hierarcy of their present society, unable to do anything different from watching Japanise cartoons all the day. They comfort themselves supporting the most hated man of their present society, at first they were fashinated by him for its fake diabolic Hollywod representation. Once they learnt the harsh true about him they try to camouflage his incompetance making him a sweet pacifist. If someone insulted their star, they'll insult the offender with cliche regarding his native origins, (as said before they only watch cartoons, they're not better than other people, they can only be proud of their appearce well hidden behind a screen of course). How they know if vpn is used or the appearce, the ethnicity,etc.. of people they are insulting? They simply hope that if a lot of people say something that will become the truth.
... I mean, who wouldn't fight for him?
Of course I'd do it. I often fantasize about fighting alongside my German brethren on the frontlines of the eastern front
Hitler was a zionist , helped in the creation of israel by transporting like 20k jews to Palestine, didn't kill a single jew( most died by starvation in the camps due to allied bombings of food supplies) , built hospitals and swimming pools for them, didnt kill a single freemasons( but they like the jews they used the victim card) and was financed by (((them))) . with that said yes i would fight for Him because i wish to participate in a war.
Only if it's on the Eastern front. I can't kill my country men, even for Hitler.
I would do it for nothing and return to America afterwards. Why the hell would anyone not?
>Would you do it?
Absolutely. If I could do it for ZOG I’d without question do it for a cause just and righteous.
this is an 18+ board anon
yes anon, I would.
I would immigrate to the US or canada so my descendants wont have to be faggot eurocucks living in shoeboxes and commieblocks.
Does my fighting change the outcome in this hypothetical situation?
I like that idea so much I'd do it twice.
Yes. It's better than what we have now.
Also if no crucial mistakes they'd win, wouldn't they?
How is this even a question?
I would even fight if I knew for sure I would die, regardless of the outcome of the war.
Just like everyone should. Unless you are an individualist faggot.
I fight ONLY for God, Family, and Texas.
why did you nazis never told me only 25 were convicted in the Nuremberg trails and the rest roamed free and went on to be part of NATO and royalty and other organizations

you are just as NPC as the normies
with passion and grace my fren
In a fucking heartbeat, brother.
What’s a life without honor? A wasted one. Hell Yeah id fight for Hitler.
I didn't even read the rest after the first sentence. Of fucking course.
I'd gladly sacrifice my life for Füher, Volk and Vaterland.
Führer befiehl, wir folgen!
>>you will get a 7/10 qt blonde German waifu again not a top model, but not ugly either
say no more
Only if I get to personally line up Jews against the wall and shoot them.
of course, what kind of question is that?
I would fight for him = I would fight for my country. Hitler was literally the voice of disgusted and betrayed Germans. 1488.
>implying you have a choice under totalitarianism
I d rather be ported to Frankfurt in 1774 and kill Mayer Amschel Rothschild in his crib
Yes. Seig heil.
replace the faggy wife and house with a possibility to join the warlocks in the secret occult societies and yes 100%
Nope. Long live da Kaiser.
I rise through the ranks and kill Hitler, this is the most American answer
You bet your ass I would.
tell fuher how to make nuclear bomb
I would tell him to not invade Russia and just spend the kikes to Madagascar, then enjoy the beauty of the third reich
sorry, very tired and misread, yes I would have fought for him
I would take the training and use everything i learned to ensure Germany loses. Just like krauts did to the Romans.
There isn’t anything left to fight for any more any way.
How is it a question? To finally have a purpose to live and die for? I wouldn’t hesitate to go even if it were in vain.
Considering what is happening in the west, absolutely.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I probably would. I used to be a libertarian, but the dream is gone now. Everyone I know is depressed. The world seems to be ending. It's so much worse than some people think, you can read the declining health of anyone's face now. Imagine what could have been if we'd won the war and a future was prepared for us and for our own children. Without a fantasy where there would be not a single problem, I still think I'm ready to admit it would have been better.
Yes I would.
>Would you actually fight for him?
Without a second of thought.

But, If I can travel back in time, then take me to the hanging of Leo Frank instead.

At least THAT jew actually died.
id try but the cassandra dilemma
Even to someone that isn't a nazi that sounds like a good, meaning alternative to this soulless, postmodern existence.
Those conditions weren't unreasonable for the working German at that time - which was practically everyone because there was no unemployment. What's your point?
This is the most retarded thing I've ever read on a chan. Thanks for the keks faggot
>"Yes, Germany back then was a democracy, before us. And we have been plundered and squeezed dry, no? What does "democracy" or "authoritarian state" mean for those international hyenas? They don't care at all! They are only interested in one thing: Are you willing to be plundered? Yes or no? Are you stupid enough to keep quiet in the process? Yes or no? And, when a democracy is stupid enough not to stand up, then it is good! But when an authoritarian state declares “You do not plunder our people any longer, neither from the inside nor outside”, then that is bad?"
Dilate lolbergtarianstein.
I would rather in his side with him even as an indian! At least Germany won't have immigrants and skittles who are absolute ræpeits