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EU army thread

One way to get a powerful EU army is to require each EU member state to designate parts of their military (EU Panzer Groups, EU Stormtrooper Units, EU Airforce Battlegroups, EU Navy Groups, EU logistics etc.) as “EU groups”.

If course these groups would then need to be open to all EU citizens to join. Command over these units would still be in the hands of the state, but overall coordination would be on an EU level.

How does this not make sense? This means tiny countries e.g. do not need airforce units because Germany could fly over them for protection.
This is good. With euros paying for their own defense we would no longer have to foot the bill, exactly what trump wanted
didnt read
reminder that an EU military was a "conspiracy theory" a few years back
PDF: Constructing Europes Identity
Why does Germany feel the need to seize control of Europe? Is it an involuntary, subconscious compulsion?
Why does Germany push for a EU army but not fork over even 2% of their GDP for national defense? Gotten a little too comfortable under the security blanket that is the US military?
Waffen SS part deux : the squeaquel?
Hitler failed because he could not achieve this. This entire timeline since 1945 has been the eternal Hun working to forge control over Europe and her armies, and thereafter conquer the entire world. Well played, Fritz. Frederick would be proud.
What is the Germans obsession to "lead"

You haven't won anything or got any experience to lead you bunch of retards
We need to nuke you guys

Seriously, imagine if germans had been exterminated 3000 years ago, all the shit they caused, we would have colonies on the moon and mars by 500 ad
Lol the European Union is such a fucking joke.
EU army would probably lead to EU countries abandoning NATO. You do realise that the freedoms you enjoy are thanks to the Americans? what the fuck would an EU army be able to accomplish alone, fucking nowt. Endless bureaucracy and has more of a chance to be turned on its own citizens to stop another Brexit situation occurring than being used to fight an external threat. Good luck with that.
Looks like germs are back on the menu boys.
>Dissolve their own military to near nothingness
>Ask everyone else to contribute instead
> How does this not make sense?
it will be lead by Germ**s, just look at the state of your own army Kevin Öztürk.
> Germany could fly over them for protection
nah, your Cucksweht will bow down to Russians & Turks immediately once one of your planes are downed.
I think we will also need a special unit comprised of EUropeans only (meaning no anglos, new europeans would be more than welcome) to symbolize EUropean unity. We could call them the Protection Unit, how about that?
EU army would be:
>made out of ladyboys, junkies, lesbians, somalis and other refugees
>commanded by the worst Stasi officers who never left the 80's
A superstates of Europe would turn into Eurabia in a flash.
>If course these groups would then need to be open to all EU citizens to join.
There is no institution where ethnic homogeneity is more important than the military.
>how not make sense
Have you walked on your streets lately? Tried to have a coffee somewhere? An eu army now lol
>How does this not make sense?
does germany even have an army anymore? we literally train your fighter-pilots
>Germany is willing to disband their military to gain control over EU military
I bet it does. The Reich will finally be complete again
We need to leave this shitpile asap.
This globohomo shit has gone on for too long.
Yes I learned from black pigeon speaks video one of the goals of the EU was to assemble a military on par with the US now I support the EU
Fake news
European army group has been a project for 25+ years now. It hasn't worked out, why should this change? NATO European command is the closest to a combined European force so far. Reason for it's failure is that all minor countries would have to give up combined arms warfare in order to join (the actually ability to defend their nation in case of foreign aggression). Even though laughable defense budgets, this is still the sentiment. Convincing Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria to join will be extremely hard with the political aggression of Western Europe, so the best hope of a multinational army is Germany-France, but I highly doubt that this is going to work.
all fucking germans should fucking hang
There’s a joke. Germany has no military to give up.
>How does this not make sense?
Why would a country with functional military trade that with a military that trains with broomsticks, sets woods on fire and sinks their own ships? Because that's what they get if germany has any say in it.
I'm glad the UK left the EU. We can't even rid ourselves of our shitty PM let alone ever be given a chance at nexit.
Germany doesn't even arm their troops. What are they giving up exactly?
I sincerely hope you know what the goal of forming an EU army is.
I fully support it as long as it is not under NATO command and control and as long as its purpose is to replace the U.S. military occupiers of Europe rather than augment them.
I'm a Brexiteer and while I voted for sovereignty (achieved, get fukt remoaners), it makes me so fucking erect that the EU losing their 2nd largest financial contributor really put a spanner in the works for them getting their army to enforce a "benevolent" Empire on Europe.
>How does this not make sense?
OP, there are already EU units working for PESCO and EU operations in Africa, the Mediterranean and the horn of Africa.

You have Portuguese, Spanish and Italian navies working together for the safety of the European trade interests on sea that also helps other European countries like Austria or Switzerland that have no navies.

You have 22 Euro countries in Mali helping the French keep their colonies and containing the increasing destabilization of Africa to at least reduce the flow of inmigrants.

You have Frontex, a public company that controls the borders of the EU that all EU citizens can join and is reinforcing European countries law enforcement organizations to stop the flow of illegal inmigration.

You have the Eurocorps which is a literal european army composed of 5 member countries that has fast reaction and deployment capabilities and has become the probing grounds of the Euroarmy project

You have the EDA that is lobbying EU countries to give up their local arms production to create an standarized EU army industry and coordinating EU armies to exchange officers and centralize military education in several EU countries with the final objective of having a unified EU doctrine.

You have the military EU commitee and the EU Military Staff that is literally the headquarters of the EU military which directly answers to the EU governing bodies and directs EU strategy.

Since brexit and Trump came to power, the EU army project has made leaps and bounds like neve before, and we are still trying to figure things and let all of these things develop and settle to have a strong foundation, so this house of cards that is having 5 different military industrial standards, 27 countries with different languages, doctrines, budgets, equipments, military needs and worldwide interests work together, while having to promise NATO constantly that this is a unified EU force that is going to work for and not against NATO.
>How does this not make sense? This means tiny countries e.g. do not need airforce units because Germany could fly over them for protection.
Because in reality EU troops would be used primarily for crushing anti-EU dissent. If anti-EU movements begin in France, they'll send in Romanian troops to crack French skulls. If anti-EU movements begin in Italy, they'll send in German troops to crack skulls. The Roman Empire used to use troops foreign to the region to police its own citizens very effectively, this is what the EU wants to do.
>supporting tiny countries
>Germany cannot even afford to pay for NATO membership.
>Cant even afford to give all their soldiers guns
No country in that group can pay for an army.
You increase the bureaucratic load, increase standards, increase total numbers of military personnel and no one will be able to afford it.
This is just a money sink that will make a small group of people billions every year.
I haven't even mentioned the logistics, historical grievances, cultural and lingual difficulties that multiple nations within Europe will have.
You think the American military is expensive? Wait until this gets rolled out and it wont be 1/10th as effective...
It's a question of logistics. Many different languages, many different weapon types, made by different country's. Which country's are willing to give up their weapon industry's. The cost of standardisation would be massive.
I can't wait to give up whatever army we have left so EU can use its remnants to attack my country when they decide we are the undesirables
great. Which language will they use for communication now that English is off the table?
>a powerful EU army
why would you even want that?
eu is anti european shit.
I thought they said this was just a conspiracy theory when talking about Brexit?
And why would we need a EU army?
Can't you just recruit your YUGE migrant and illegal force into an army and throw it at the meat grinder called Ukraine?
Hopefully than we can tell the Americans to fuck off and make friends with Russia
The Roman Republic is back!
Pathetic Anglos scared shit out!
>Germany loses two world wars
>Still rules Europe in the end economically and legally
>Strongest economy in the EU
What is it with Germans and winning? They just can't stop winning.
EU army for what? when we had a 'skittle' team they didn't even kept shitskins out but imported them in, we don't need EU army since EU doesn't care about interests of it's native citizens
I can hardly imagine unified EU military since countries still have contradicting interests and ambitions, and trusting EU burocracy is something not any sane state woudl do.

More over France, Germany, Italy, Greece, all have different interests. France will never give up its army, Germany can if thinks EU army essentially will be theirs - but it`ll not. Imaigine if UK didnt leave, then it`d be even more unrealistic.
>Mfw Germany tries to rule europe again and succeeds, now using the help of jews and gentile globalists.
As much as Russia tries to spam this cliche it will never happen. You can't have every country holding military assets that the whole force would rely on. It just takes one country to say no to supporting a specfic operation and then the whole thing would be fucked.
I suppose when your army hasn't taken over 2/3 of the planet you're not that fussed about having it dissolved into a globalist fighting force with no tradition.
They want an EU military so they can send foreign soldiers to strike down uprisings in EU countries. Those will be more eager to gun down protesters than their fellow countrymen. That's it.
The eternal kraut strikes again
Told you.
EU is just bizarro mirror world Reich. Globohomo, power consolidation from the outside-in
>How does this not make sense?
Because the primacy of violence lies with the nation-state, not some postmodern globohomo bureaucratic shitshow.
>Germany willing to give up military for Brussels
HAHAHAHAHA how cucked can you be
This makes sense if you plan on depopulating through guerilla warfare and pretend it's a world war 3 problem.
EU army is a terrifying idea. They would not hesitate to use it on their own citizens. Leaders of the EU are megalomaniacs and downright insane.
we need an EU army now
also united states of europe when
Why would a trade union have a "powerful force" ?
It's a union not a confederation or federation you dumb kraut. God the burgers should've nuked you as well in '45.
cant even protect her own borders from the unarmed
No, thank you, were fine, you can keep your globohomo agenda.
As an American I'm all for a European Army. Maybe America would go back to being isolationist.
Of course it makes sense for you, you ruined your own army and now you want to take control of the French armed forces and what's left of ours.
>How does this not make sense?

Distrust in Germany as a bloc leading force is rampant. Taking sovereignty from EU member states at this point in military questions could and imo will trigger anti-German resentments hard.
You have to create a sense of unity amongst Europeans. History tells that this only happens when a group is against a common foe. There's a lot of potential for creating this common opponent and provoking that into actions that will in fact pour fuel and that.
From that the feel of needing a common European army will arise. Although I see the rational reasons behind it, people would see it as a wet dream of the elites being made true without having the justification or the need. The elites as a whole are barely having the trust that they need to get anything big done anyway.

It doesn't make sense, because we're governed by retards who fail to enforce common social interests and laws on the inside but want to create a European military for the outside. Just fucked up lunatics at this point. They don't make sense and should they just roll it out, watch the EU cohesion crumble even more. It's stupid, because there's no readiness for it on the popular level.
The EU has to become a superstate for this to happen. I fully back it, along with the balkanization of my own country