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Germany debates China style lockdown...for no reason

Despite record low deaths and low hospitalization, German politicians debate tight lockdowns. Why? Nobody knows, infection rates have dropped like a stone in the past days.

At this point, it is just about taking away freedoms, fight?
Stop voting for people that don’t wear consdaple
We already know they'll completely shutdown movement between cities
Because they know you won't do shit since you don't have guns
No. They believe China succeeded in stopping the virus and want to mimic China. They are misguided though. China is a authoritarian government. Nobody will ever know their true numbers.
>Don't you know about the X'th wave!
>Scientists fear the X'th wave will be the deadliest yet, because of the X-mutation that is so much more aggressive than other variations of the incredibly dangerous and deadly covid19
>We gotta lockdown to prevent it!

We can have lockdowns forever if they just copy paste this
>At this point, it is just about taking away freedoms, fight?

They know vaccines aren't the way out of it.

You either go China on it, or...face year after year of about 3-10 flu seasons each year.
>Nobody knows
You realise despite all the muh China rhetoric they'd love a single party system like they have?
>China style lockdown
imo, I see EU as the one superstate organization that really inspired (and obsessed) by China's "ruthless but effective" government and want to shape Europe just like China by the government model.
Also, this makes me think as one of the glimpse of the future of Europe (the continental/mainland) on how EU superstate will be based on China. Europe as one nation will be literally indistinguishable from China (one big continental "unitary state") but inhabited, governed, and build by white Europeans instead of Chinese.
1. Euro as sole currency, just like Yuan
2. One planned unified military; check. Still need to kick out US enormous influence in Europe. (think of NATO - US&UK = European unified Armed Force)
3. Each sovereign member nations of EU -> autonomous regions for each ethnicities.
4. One total centralized government model like CCP (but EU will still go with multi-party democracy. Think of comparing EU parliament like CCP but with periodical elections to reshuffle the cabinets)
5. Big populations
6. 90-92% Han ethnicities (and it's variations inside) + 8% other 55 recognized minorities = Chinese citizens. Same will follow suit with the concept of "Citizens of Europe" where all ethnicities in EU will be classified like what Chinks did in China. In the future, you will hear "I'm European of German ethnicity, or French ancestry, etc."
dude, 4000 in ICU!
we have only 1500 Hospitals with ICU!
That's 2,7 Patients per ICU!
a china style lockdown for one month would mean zero infections afterward.
>1 month lockdown
>close borders unless you have a negative test, 15 day quarantine and second negative test afterwards
>your citizens no longer need lockdowns
The china model is the only one that works, the half assed stuff we are doing is a permanent low instesity lockdown which doesn't stop infections, kills businesses and strips personal freedoms for years
It's a time honored german tradition to cuck as hard as possible whenever an opportunity presents itself
Wtf happend to the once Glorious and proud Germans. It sincerely depresses me to see the cucked state of the Germans. I can't believe they accept shit like this. It goes from bad to worse. Not that it's much better over here, but still.
because the economy is fucked and they need an excuse for the impending fallout
non of this had anything to do with the virus but the western financial system collapsing
our state of emergency and lockdown (at district level, we can't even travel) and curfews will be lifted on 12 April, in effect non stop since October and before that in effect with some lesser impact since I think the end of fucking March. I am so God damned angry at everyone right now. Politicians need to hang.
Laschet versucht sich beliebt zu machen beim deutschen Volk um Kanzler zu werden. Die Mehrheit von euch will ja einen härteren Lockdown. Aber es wird letzenendes Söder werden.
You don't understand it's this totally innovative concept - the bridge lockdown - for when you need a lockdown between one lockdown and another lockdown.
Germans are declared unfit to own firearms because they where spotted on demonstrations against the government. Faschism and depotism has already arrived.
The fact a politician hasn't been sniped yet (in Minecraft) is a goddamn mystery.
>24 World leaders call for a one world government.
The media are using weasel words.
*a settlement
*a pandemic policy
*a treaty
*a Great Reset
A One World Government is to be the immediate consequence of the covid ‘crisis’.
The New Age(TM) cult of complete corruption is completely lawless.
The IMF, Davos and every political party in your government is lawless.
They have made the agencies that serve THEM (never you, you are the prey) like the FBI lawless.
Also figuratively, spiritually and morally.
The only authority now is God. Let Easter 2021 be the day that we knew the line in the sand had long since been crossed and that we declared there to be no authority but that of God. And let there be Holy War.
Cliche war of course, glowies. Would we consider starting anything less?
Control that’s all it ever was about
no..it's about making everyone suffer enough that they will all want the vaccine.
It never was about anything else, OP.
Some WEF aligned reporter whore laying it out pretty openly:
Her WEF profile:

Also have french politicans attend some underground party without any masks or distance, shortly after they were talking about yet another lockdown forced on the citizens:
The true reason for the increase in cases is that the average retard gets tested multiple times a week since rapid tests were made available in supermarket. Pupils are testing themselves in schools EVERY FUCKING DAY. The average retard will also test himself so he can book an appointment to buy whatever consoomer crap he can't get in a supermarket. You've got to be blind not to see the correlation. This is a feedback loop that will go on all summer to drive the cattle towards the vax when they are tired to have their brains stabbed with a graphene laced toilet brush.
how dare you talk like that about our future kanzler
but muh einzelhandel!
China style lockdowns are better than limp wristed closing down of small businesses, at least they also accomplish what they set out to while destroying the economy



>infection rates have dropped like a stone in the past days.
Germoney I...
china did that and got rid of the virus. that's what they probably want. you know, those evil chinese communists, getting rid of the virus on their own country. who the fuck do they think they are. i think it's a conspiracy
>At this point, it is just about taking away freedoms
>At this point, it is just about taking away freedoms, fight?
fight? jogger i have never seen people in my life as spineless as G*rmans. In the second week of lockdowns in my country people already started rioting. I am living this shithole soon. Enjoy your open air prison.
Read this anon, translate to german and spread the word.
First page, paragraph 3 is crucial.
they're retarded and/or corrupt in some way
Strategic bribery and blackmail by The Beshekeled One™ and his evil cohort. Ain't complicated.
CDU boomers.
They are trying to push the vaccine mandate.
>At this point, it is just about taking away freedoms
they test in every western country how far they can go
They have gone completely insane. Everyone is talking about "the third wave" now, even though a third wave literally does not exist. It should be time to open up, there should not have been lockdowns to begin with, and they are doing the exact opposite. In some cities it's illegal now to go outside after 9 pm and any criticism gets shut down as lunatics being irrational. Nothing makes sense anymore.
>At this point
I'm afraid that's the whole point