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b-but it’s in muh constitution

why does denmark think their claim to greenland is legitimate because they say it is? fuck off my continent cunts. Greenland is American clay.

fuck denmark. we should just tell them it’s ours now and if they whine about t send em a fee drone strikes free of charge.
>Russia guarantees Denmark.
What will you do then?
America owes china to much money, they cant afford this. poppa xing would not be pleased at such frivolous spending. tisk! tisk!

Greenland General: Why The Fuck Not Edition?

What has Denmark done for Greenland? Why not join America? Why not abandon the failing EU project? Greenlanders have nothing to lose. There's only 57,000 of them. That many get killed in Chiraq 2x a week.

Report Jaden animations and her musclefaggots for tax evasion to the IRS
We're taking over Greenland by force unless people start paying their fair share into NATO.
Trump is a Peanut, the Peanut gets what he wants. Greenland is US soil now, to say otherwise is antisemitic.