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I'm a fervent Nationalsocialist and i usually discuss with m...

I'm a fervent Nationalsocialist and i usually discuss with my ultra-conservative nationalist father, brother and uncle.

They tell me i can't be a Danish nationalist and Nationalsocialist at the same time as the German Reich invaded and occupied our homeland for five years. How do i respond to that?

>and was infamous for it within the NSDAP.
Not really majority of the Party members supported splitting the of "SS" foreign legions that weren't German/Germanic into units that had no Power and were simply just Auxillleries and rear guard duty units and the majority of the Party members also didn't consider these foreign legions which were not German or Germanic to be actually SS either.

It's like retards talking about "Nazi stuff" while 99% of the things the "Nazis" were using was just German things that predated the "Nazis"

Uniforms? yup German predating the "Nazis"
Medals? yup German predating the "Nazis"
Country build up upon 1 Leader? yup German predating the "Nazis"
Strong Military? yup German predating the "Nazis"
Most Civillians involved in the Military? yup German predating the "Nazis"
Military Culture instead of a Civic one? yup German predating the "Nazis"
Strong ideals and Virtues which were called "Prussian" virtues(Prussianism)? yup German predating the "Nazis"
Marches? yup German predating the "Nazis"
deprogram yourself. Seperate hitler from national socialism. While he was a very iconic and insightful guy, he and the nazi area are not insperable from natsoc idealology. Like romans are not insperable to congress in america. Though i would just say thats just a product of the times. I firmly believe hitler would unite the european men against zog if he where here now
You can be a Danish National Socialist and still respect the German National Socialist.

Chinese women creating a race of autistic hapas

>“Before choosing the sperm donor I had not considered a particular race,” insisted Carrie, but after seeing the catalogue she realised she had a preference for foreign physical traits – and now has two half-Danish children.
>For baby Oscar, Xiaogunzhu said personality was the major factor in her decision, as the donor was listed as “full of joy”.
>But on her Weibo blog, photos of Oscar with the hashtag #mixed-race baby draw admiration.
>“I personally don’t care about the colour of the skin,” she said. “I only care that the eyes are big and the features are good.”


Stupid chinks I’ll donate my sperm for free. I’ll even directly transfer into it your vagina with my penis.
White genocide is a myth
I’m betting most women take white chads sperm where ever they are.