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McDonald's workers in Denmark get $22/hour, 6 weeks paid vac...

McDonald's workers in Denmark get $22/hour, 6 weeks paid vacation, year paid maternity leave, pension + universal health care/sick leave

In the U.S. that job can be $7.25/hour and no benefits

The cost for all this? The Denmark Big Macs cost 27 cents more

>The cost for all this? The Denmark Big Macs cost 27 cents more
Wow, so maybe we could pay farm workers $30/hr plus benefits so we could get Americans to work those jobs instead of illegal immigrants
>noooooo you bigot that is a completely different situation and won’t work because reasons!!!
>The Denmark Big Macs cost 27 cents more
big mac's cost about 10-12 USD depending on current exchange rates. guaranteed that price difference quoted is when they had a campaign but the drive through menu is pushing the McWestern Deluxe for $14-15 usd each and noody even notices the discounted big mac which conveniently isn't even listed on the menu that week. go fuck yourself
>get $22/hour

More than half taken in taxes right off the top than have to pay sales taxes.

Then have to pay San Fransisco level rent.

>6 weeks paid vacation

Deducted from your pay every week than paid out when taking your "paid vacation".

> year paid maternity leave

Yeah, learn to love living next to Akbar and his three wives spitting out a car bomber every year and living ten to a room.

Can we have a briefly talk abut this!? A Danish Children’s...

Can we have a briefly talk abut this!?

A Danish Children’s TV Show with naked Adults

Facing the children, and the cameras, they stood completely naked, like statues, with their hands and arms folded behind their backs.



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