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This a village in Denmark

Why can't we have this in America?

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/DEG/ Danish Elections General: PROGNOSIS EDITION

We have elections today everyone. Who do you think will win? The blue bloc or red bloc? RESULTS SO FAR: 33,9 % counted: A: 28,4 % V: 15,2 % Æ: 11,4 % M: 8,6 % I: 7 % F: 6,9 % C: 5,5 % D: 4,6 % Ø: 3,2 % O: 3 % B: 2,6 % Å: 2,1 % Common questions: >why do I need to care? You don’t really >Is Denmark part of the EU? It shouldn’t be but yes >will Russians hack the election Probably but it’s for the better at this point

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Denmark REFUSES to accept ANY asylum seekers to protect social cohesion. Most based headline I've seen in YEARS. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9176397/Denmark-sets-target-ZERO-asylum-seeker-applications-protect-social-cohesion.html

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Danish Prime Minister says Denmark will accept 0 SKITTLES

https://www.thelocal.dk/20210122/danish-prime-minister-wants-country-to-accept-zero-asylum-seekers Female PMs in Europe aside from Merkel have been a bulwark against globo homo while male politicians import skittles nonstop. But /dk/ will still sperg about how women are all bad in politics

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Moroccan trying to live in Denmark

m a 23 Moroccan young man living in morocco , i have a good job and a very quit life , recently i started talking to a philosophy teacher in Denmark and we had really interesting conversations , she made me fall in love even more with the Danish culture , history , and atmosphere (which i was interested in before talking to this lady) , i just love so much that dark cloudy weather , those hills and the nature overall , everything in Denmark is quite magical , i started to like everything about it , i started seriously thinking of moving even i have never thought of leaving my beloved country , i work in an IT technology company, i know a lot of the latest technologies in the field such as react.js , I'm wondering if i got a Schengen visa to visit Denmark and start looking for a job in this period , will i be able to find something ? is this even possible ? is it possible to find a job in IT in such short period ? is life in Denmark hard for a foreign ? because i heard some serious racist acts on Refugees...

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McDonald's workers in Denmark get $22/hour, 6 weeks paid vac...

McDonald's workers in Denmark get $22/hour, 6 weeks paid vacation, year paid maternity leave, pension + universal health care/sick leave In the U.S. that job can be $7.25/hour and no benefits The cost for all this? The Denmark Big Macs cost 27 cents more https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/08/opinion/sunday/us-denmark-economy.html

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Can we have a briefly talk abut this!? A Danish Children’s...

Can we have a briefly talk abut this!? A Danish Children’s TV Show with naked Adults Facing the children, and the cameras, they stood completely naked, like statues, with their hands and arms folded behind their backs. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/18/world/europe/denmark-children-nudity-sex-education.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dcayhmf3A4

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Danish pedo TV show

>In Denmark, an award-winning television program called “Ultra Strips Down,” puts nude adults in front of school-age children. >The series allows its young participants, ages 11 to 13, to ask the grown-up volunteers whatever questions are on their minds in order to promote body positivity and combat body-shaming, according to the New York Times. https://twitter.com/nypost/status/1307122451386716165 Why is it always protestants?

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Most Vikings WEREN’T blond after all: New Danish research debunks popular myth

Willerslev told the Guardian that being a Viking was “not a pure ethnic phenomenon,” but rather a “lifestyle” anyone could adopt. Commenting on the study, historian Kasper Andersen said that many modern myths about the Vikings were actually “invented” in the 19th century, when Danish nationalism was on the rise and blond hair “may have fitted in well.” However, it is not possible to say anything about the Vikings’ hair color based on historical sauces, he said. It was also found that, contrary to their depiction in movies and art, dark hair was relatively common among the raiders from the north. “Vikings were not genetically pure Scandinavians. From the end of the Iron Age and into the Viking Age, there was a large influx of DNA from Southern Europe and Asia. This also probably means that very few of them were fair-haired,” Eske Willerslev, one of the geneticists behind the study, told the Danish media. https://www.rt.com/news/500920-viking-...

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No more jews in Denmark

There's a big debate about circumcision right now in Denmark, whether it should be allowed or be banned by law. In this article mr. Goldstein says it's 'the biggest crisis of the Jewish society in denmark since WW2. Judaism in Denmark will slowly but surely perish if a ban on circumcision is made into law.

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>rich countries will have to do free gibs to poor corrupt shitholes (80% of EU) >swedistan, denmark, netherlands and austria will have to accept just giving away without getting anything in return how long can this go on? holy fuck I am glad we're not a part of that BS. Imagine if you personally had saved money your entire life, lived within your means etc and then some day you had to give it all away because your neighbour was broke. It's still early in the EU so I haven't seen too much rumbling about it, but expect this to blow up sometimes later today because this shit is literally a robbery; >The money will be distributed by the EU Commission. Countries that receive subsidies do not have to pay the money back.

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Refugee brothers in Denmark have Europeans shitting themselves

Let's see you go up to these brothers and tell them they have to go back. Let's see you tell them they follow a "pedo prophet" >REFUGEE immigrant gangs in Denmark are stronger than ever and hatred for the native Danish population continues to escalate. >In certain parts of Copenhagen, it is simply too dangerous for Danes to live there. Ethnic Danes feel unsafe there. They can not even sit outside and eat a ham sandwich or set a Danish flag on the table without the risk of being accosted by Refugee gangs. >Refugees say they hate Denmark and the Danes. And these young Refugees who were born and raised in Denmark. The youths are attracted by radical religious environments and immigrant gangs, where they come together to hate Denmark.’“ >Refugees are using immigrant gangs to enforce religious Sharia laws in residential areas throughoutDenmark. The unholy alliance between religious extremists and hardcore criminals is prevalent in residential areas where younger people being forced...

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DENMARK YES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_bG3aJkTFU

DENMARK YES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_bG3aJkTFU

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Muzzie attack danish white boy and makes him kiss his feet

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJNyl095qZI >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJNyl095qZI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJNyl095qZI >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJNyl095qZI Why did whites become so weak and unwarlike?

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Muzzie attack danish white boy and makes him kiss his feet

How do we stop this from happening? VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJNyl095qZI >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJNyl095qZI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJNyl095qZI >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJNyl095qZI

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USA vs Denmark

Danes marching peacefully to protest George's Floyd death. Can anyone tell me why there's no looting?

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Migrant tells Danish man: “You Danes are animals, you will be exterminated”

https://voiceofeurope.com/2020/04/migrant-tells-danish-man-you-danes-are-animals-you-will-be-exterminated-video/ >“We have more children. You get one or two. In ten or fifteen years there will be more Refugees than Danes in this country. … The Danes are five million, You are almost extinct man. … You fuck with animals, that’s why you don’t get children…You Danes are being exterminated. You’re like animals… I will never be Danish, I want my mentality and my tradition, but I will stick my Danish passport and the Danish People’s Party in my ass, I will burn my Danish passport… We will not integrate, we will continue to fuck your society… Suck a cock!”

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Around the ...

Pakistani man, aged 39, who brutally abused his Danish wife for decade before murdering her, was sentenced to detention and deportation last week by a court in Roskilde. Kamran Khan was sentenced last Friday after being convicted of beating his 34-year-wife Aya Bonde Jensen – an ex-beauty queen – to death in their home in Osted, south of Roskilde, in October of 2018. The 39-year-old Pakistani was found guilty of subjecting his wife to “severe violence, incarceration, surveillance, and humiliation” for ten years leading up to her death. Khan is also convicted of systematic, crude and brutal abuse of his three children, Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet reports. https://ekstrabladet.dk/112/lige-nu-familiefar-faar-forvaring-for-konedrab/8100045

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Denmark to imprison those who refuse coronavirus vaccine

And deny citizens access to grocery stores and public transit if they don't submit to being tested for the virus. https://www.thelocal.dk/20200313/denmark-passes-far-reaching-emergency-coronavirus-law How are they going to check at the door of the grocery store if someone has been tested/vaxxed? Wrist band, tattoo, micro chip?

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Danes of Eurochan

Join your ancestral homeboard with the rest of us. https://nordchan.net/

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China trolls Denmark with swastika's and fanny pads

Dane's start a cliche war with China over corona virus. Chinks appear to be winning so far. http://archive.is/ZJck8

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Denmark did an oopsie

As is tradition, our satirical cartoons are getting in hot shit again. Pic related, chinks are SEETHING https://twitter.com/jyllandsposten/status/1222126193517809667 Their only defense seem to be poorly made shoops, and posting about our WWII surrender

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CHINKS ARE LOSING THEIR SHIT. Based Danes are at it again. T...

CHINKS ARE LOSING THEIR SHIT. Based Danes are at it again. The newspaper Jyllands-Posten (you know and love them from such blockbusters as The Muhammad Cartoons) published this image and now the gooks are blowing up with rage. #Denmark to join the fun.

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Danes bant with chinks, chinks demand apology

So a Danish newspaper banted a little with chinkland. While the chinksects are busy waging biological genocide across the world, they get butthurt over a mere picture. >"(This) is an insult to China and hurts the feelings of the Chinese people. Without any sympathy and empathy, it has crossed the bottom line of civilised society and the ethical boundary of free speech and offends human conscience. We express our strong indignation and demand that Jyllands-posten and Niels Bo Bojesen reproach themselves for their mistake and publicly apologise to the Chinese people," https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/china-complains-after-danish-newspaper-publishes-image-of-chinese-flag-with Absolute state of these bat eating freaks. China hate thread.

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I'm a fervent Nationalsocialist and i usually discuss with m...

I'm a fervent Nationalsocialist and i usually discuss with my ultra-conservative nationalist father, brother and uncle. They tell me i can't be a Danish nationalist and Nationalsocialist at the same time as the German Reich invaded and occupied our homeland for five years. How do i respond to that?

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Chinese women creating a race of autistic hapas

>“Before choosing the sperm donor I had not considered a particular race,” insisted Carrie, but after seeing the catalogue she realised she had a preference for foreign physical traits – and now has two half-Danish children. >For baby Oscar, Xiaogunzhu said personality was the major factor in her decision, as the donor was listed as “full of joy”. >But on her Weibo blog, photos of Oscar with the hashtag #mixed-race baby draw admiration. >“I personally don’t care about the colour of the skin,” she said. “I only care that the eyes are big and the features are good.” https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/health-wellness/article/3041258/wealthy-single-chinese-women-choosing-white-sperm-donors

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Denmark tells Sweden "We're closed"

https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/11/11/as-bombings-spread-denmark-closes-border-with-sweden/ Guess that cultural enrichment failed you rug worshipping fucks.

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Happening happening

Referendum happening in Greenland Leaving Denmark and joining the US for economic growth

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>President Donald Trump declared Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s dismissal of his idea to buy Greenland “nasty” and an affront to the United States Get ready to have your NATO membership and all associated protections revoked. You could've sold Greenland for billions if not trillions, now it will be taken by force.

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USA now belongs to Denmark

COPENHAGEN (The Borowitz Report)—After rebuffing Donald J. Trump’s hypothetical proposal to purchase Greenland, the government of Denmark has announced that it would be interested in buying the United States instead. “As we have stated, Greenland is not for sale,” a spokesperson for the Danish government said on Friday. “We have noted, however, that during the Trump regime pretty much everything in the United States, including its government, has most definitely been for sale.” “Denmark would be interested in purchasing the United States in its entirety, with the exception of its government,” the spokesperson added. A key provision of the purchase offer, the spokesperson said, would be the relocation of Donald Trump to another country “to be determined,” with Russia and North Korea cited as possible destinations. If Denmark’s bid for the United States is accepted, the Scandinavian nation has ambitious plans for its new acquisition. “W...

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The hilarious thing is that Denmark, an irrelevant country, is getting free press and interest out of this. This attention is like a drug. As neo-liberal post-modernists they had to try to insult Trump. Now that he shrugged and said "ok, whatev" they are going to come down off their attention high and realize they should have at least engaged in negotiations just for the attention and opportunity to get the President of the United States into their country, which could have led to bilateral agreements. Now, because they acted like impotent children, they missed a huge opportunity. As this realization grows, they will have no choice but to backpedal and start considering the sale. It's delicious.

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Let's talk rationally about Greenland

I don't really like Trump, but this is one of his best proposals (please, all you cringy "let's invade Greenland" Amerimutts, get off this thread, I want a rational discussion with rational Americans and Danes and of course, all others). >buying territories is a much better option for utilizing geopolitical potential than conquering them by force, and Greenland is simply a giant burden for Denmark (most of all, financial) and they can't utilize it the way it should be done >USA already bought certain territories; Alaska from Russia, Louisiana from Spain and France etc. >USA already traded land for money with Denmark; In 1916 and 1917, Denmark and the United States, respectively, ratified a treaty in which Denmark sold the Danish Virgin Islands to the United States for $25 million in gold >Denmark's budget is around 100 billion dollars, which is only around 2% of American federal budget. In other worlds, if America bought Greenland for only 4% of it's budget (200 billion dollars...

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>Denmark >"come and take it" ok *NAVY* ------------- DEN: 3,400 personnel USA: 329,867 personnel DEN: 16 ships, 28 vessels and 30 boats USA: 288 ships, 3,900+ Dept. of Navy manned aircraft *AIR FORCE* ----------------------- DEN: 3,476 personnel USA: 321,444 active duty airmen 69,200 reserve airmen 105,700 air national guard airmen DEN: 93 aircraft USA: 5,047 aircraft NUCLEAR SUBMARINES ------------------------------------------ DEN: 0 USA: "The U.S. has 18 Ohio-class submarines, of which 14 are Trident II SSBNs (Ship, Submersible, Ballistic, Nuclear), each capable of carrying 24 SLBMs"

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Trump plans visit to Denmark >Trump: Let me buy your country...

Trump plans visit to Denmark >Trump: Let me buy your country >Denmark: Actually Greenland isn't our country. We can't sell it >Trump: tHen i'LL cAncEL mY vIsiT!!!11 Are all Americans this dense and why is the answer yes? Even for burger standards Trump seems to be acting like a, dare I say it, snowflake.

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Trump cancels Denmark trip after PM says Greenland is not for sale

>President says he is postponing meeting with Mette Frederiksen because she was not interested in discussing transaction https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/aug/20/trump-greenland-denmark-mette-frederiksen And this retard is in charge of the biggest military on earth and thousands of nuclear missiles. Honk honk!

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I've had it with Denmark. Anyone else feeling this way? What the fuck is their problem these days? They treat our president like shit They are stalling like crazy on selling us Greenland They keep talking about NATO They're being really disloyal just like peanuts who vote for Democrats I just don't understand it. What the hell happened to these guys? They used to be so cool.

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Trump is rescheduling his meeting because Denmark won't give up Greenland

LMFAO, GIVE UP GREENLAND YOU FUCKERS https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1163961882945970176

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Greenland Ethno State General

Greenland has a population of 65,000 (most inuit) and currently belongs to Denmark. It is already semi autonomous and the local parties are already open to indepndence. The plan is simple gentlemen. Get around 100,000- 500,000 ethno nationalist from across the world to move there (there are likely a few million of us world wide). These will likely mainly come from south africa, swedenstan, and england and began calling for independence on anti imperialist grounds. The non-white current population of the island will be given one year and payed to leave to canada were they will be welcomed with open arms by the fucked Trudeauian government. Once we have our independence and have become ethnically homogeneous we will start building infrastructure in ernest and create a nation by whites for whites. Heil our people Heil Vicotry Heil Greenland.

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Danish salt thread.

The Greenland Question has exposed the Danes as either anti0American or autistic. Either way, it's salt. Post what you got. Greenland flags are about 60% in favor of U.S. annexation but Danish flags are overwhelmingly against it. Daneposters are even sperging out on other Euros pointing out how irrational they are being.

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b-but it’s in muh constitution

why does denmark think their claim to greenland is legitimate because they say it is? fuck off my continent cunts. Greenland is American clay.

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Greenland General: Why The Fuck Not Edition?

What has Denmark done for Greenland? Why not join America? Why not abandon the failing EU project? Greenlanders have nothing to lose. There's only 57,000 of them. That many get killed in Chiraq 2x a week.

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White Supremacists spread AIDS to Africans

>White mercenaries planned to spread HIV to black South Africans via a phony vaccination program, according to a former member of a secret parliamentary group in a new documentary. >Danish documentary-maker Mads Brugger set out to investigate the mysterious 1961 plane crash that killed the head of the UN in modern-day Zambia for his latest film, but says he ended up uncovering something vastly more sinister. >Jones tells the filmmaker that the group undertook nefarious HIV research in the 1980s and 1990s as part of a white supremacist plot to devastate black communities with the virus. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7358707/Film-claims-group-plotted-infect-black-Africans-HIV.html

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Denmark's Power Level Revealed

Holy shit... how come Denmark was able to LARP as a tiny country for so long when as a matter of fact it's technically the biggest European country. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. >Greenland size compared to Europe map

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America hate thread

ITT danish anons laugh at amerilards jerking off to the idea of acquiring Greenland.

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What are danecucks going to do about it?

Trump can just take it. Nothing is stopping him. Since Alaska was worth 7 million they can get, let's say, 10 million because Greenland is a little bigger. They can take $10 million or they can choose confrontation and get nothing (besides DU and smart bombs). What does Denmark need Greenland for anyway? There are 50k people who surely yearn for freedom. 50k people who reject monarchy. Nobody wants to be ruled by despots. Everybody seeks freedom. Especially if it comes with being part of a superpower. I think there is no question of what the inhabitants of Greenland want. And if not, just send them back to Denmark.

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Here is how you “buy” Greenland

Greenland is its own country, it is only technically part of the Kingdom of Denmark. It has “home rule” with the exception of foreign affairs and a few financial limitations. Greenland is entitled to declare full independence at any time. What Trump needs to do is offer 1 million dollars in gold or silver to every single adult Greenland citizen. They are mostly poor beggars. 95% would vote to join the US. Then you send in the bulkdozers, get rid of that shitty icecap and heat up the island making it as nice as Martha’s Vineyard.

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Danes of /dk/ declare war on mutts

Fuck all mutts on this board, we will NOT give away Greenland or sell it to anybody. The peanut Trump will regret the decision, when his daughter is hanging from the flagpole in front of the White House. The Danish Royal life Guards will kick the shit out of US and A!

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>COPENHAGEN - Greenland on Friday dismissed the notion that it might be up for sale after reports that U.S. President Donald Trump had privately discussed with his advisers the idea of buying the world's biggest island. >Trump is due to visit Copenhagen in September and the Arctic will be on the agenda during meetings with the prime ministers of Denmark and Greenland, an autonomous Danish territory. >"I am sure a majority in Greenland believes it is better to have a relation to Denmark than the United States, in the long term," Aaja Chemnitz Larsen, Danish MP from Greenland's second-largest party Inuit Ataqatigiit, told Reuters. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-greenland/greenland-tells-trump-it-is-open-for-business-but-not-for-sale-idUSKCN1V60AQ?il=0

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All Danish Volksgenossen get in here! >/dk/ is celebrating...

All Danish Volksgenossen get in here! >/dk/ is celebrating the possible demise of the Danish Empire so that the US can frack oil and put more weapons there Disgusting.

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How would the U.S. purchase Greenland from Denmark?

How would the U.S. purchase Greenland from Denmark?

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Nuke, exterminate us and exploit our resources, god emperor...

Nuke, exterminate us and exploit our resources, god emperor End our eternal suffering Please buy us so we can stop leeching off of Denmark please please PLEASE PLEASE

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Rydaholm Denmark invasion the sky is full with them media blackout https://m.gva.be/cnt/dmf20190812_04555972/UFO-ALERT-MASSIVE-FLEET-heeft-menselijke-oorzaak https://www.telegraaf.nl/nieuws/27143380/ufo-alarm-cyprus-vermoedelijk-door-russen-veroorzaakt

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What's wrong dk? Everyone knows Danes come in all colors, wh...

What's wrong dk? Everyone knows Danes come in all colors, why is it wrong to cast a black woman as a Danish character?

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Global warming is not rea- https://www.euronews.com/2019/06...

Global warming is not rea- https://www.euronews.com/2019/06/17/the-viral-image-that-illustrates-the-scale-of-melting-ice-in-greenland >Danish climatologist Steffen M. Olsen captured the image above on June 13 on a routine mission through the Inglefield Gulf in northwest Greenland. >Olsen had the difficult task of retrieving measuring devices that had been planted on the ice for the Blue Action mission. But when he set out with his dog sled, he found that the ice sheet was hidden beneath a shallow lake of water. >Figures from the National Snow & Ice Data Center show that approximately 712,000 km2 of Greenland’s surface has melted on June 12th, more than 470,000 km2 more than the same date in 2018. This was also more than 600,000km2 more than the median average from 1981 to 2010. Over 40% of Greenland experienced melting on that one day alone, with total ice loss estimated to be more than 2 gigatons (equal to 2 billion tons). >In 2012, Greenland experienced the most melting on record, when, for a...

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4 sandniggers gang rape 16 year old girl in Denmark

Happened this morning, 3 days after the election, where 98.2% of the voters voted for mass immigration and white genocide. Normally, I would feel some kind of compassion, but it's really hard these days. This is what people want, so let them have it. KEK.

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BBC reporter gets triggered

Danish politician lectures BBC journalist about NWO and she gets triggered. All in spoken english. https://youtu.be/KNqLl6J8jM8 https://youtu.be/ZmPz2Typw9c

popularity: 89

Shitskins assault elderly Danish man

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvYqmlW0cTM >On the video, which has recently been posted on the social media, two young men are seen, who approach their victim with abusive words such as "I'll fuck you". The elderly man does not reach the road until two men jump him. One pushes him hard in the back, while the other afterwards jumps up on him and hammers the man in the head. This causes the elderly man to collapse, after which the two young men turn around and leave the place. Police are still looking for the suspects. Danish media is worried the video may increase support and voters for trending Rasmus Paludan and his right-wing party Stram Kurs, which advocates for mass-deportations of non-Westerners, specifically Refugees. Election in Denmark is just around the corner - 5th of June. Danish sauce; https://ekstrabladet.dk/112/voldsvideo-paa-facebook-politi-efterlyser-offer-og-gerningsmaend/7648488

popularity: 55

Danish streamer assaulted by Refugees live on stream

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbYsw4_6rO4 And then for no reason at all, Paludan was elected to power

popularity: 92

Richest man in Denmark lost 3 children in Sri Lanka Terror

The richest man in Denmark (worth $7 billion) lost 3 of his 4 children in the Sri Lanka Terror attacks. They died together in the same place: https://ekstrabladet.dk/112/danmarks-rigeste-mands-boern-draebt-i-bombemassakre/7605136

popularity: 74

Denmark's Richest Man Loses 3 Children in Sri Lanka Terror

The richest man in Denmark (worth $7 billion) lost 3 of his 4 children in the Sri Lanka Terror attacks. Last pic of them from Instagram. https://ekstrabladet.dk/112/danmarks-rigeste-mands-boern-draebt-i-bombemassakre/7605136

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Denmark is burning

While we're all watching France burning something more significant happened in Denmark. Rasmus Paludan, edgy free speech activist, went to our multicultural capital and held a Quran throwing competition. Refugees from all the nearby kebab shops and Uber Driver kiosks went full war mode and shut down around 25% of the city. Some of them were even wearing ISIS clothing (pic related): https://www.bt.dk/krimi/uromager-iklaedt-toej-med-is-logo-bekymrende-siger-ekspert After dozens of fires, riots and 30+ arrests the police had to pull their guns which finally made the Refugee crowd disperse: https://ekstrabladet.dk/112/betjente-foelte-sig-truet-trak-vaaben-paa-noerrebro/7597591 Later "someone" called the police about "youth" jumping on a car. When the police arrived and went to check the car a timed carbomb went off: https://newsbreak.dk/by-i-knae-betjente-traekker-pistolerne/ They are literally bombing our police now....

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Thank god for haplogroup I-M253

Denmark is literally filled with blond qts that value family and tradition. Wife material all around. I hear other races prefer blond women aswell, but whenever I go to other countries they're nonexistant. How do you not wanna kill yourself knowing you'll never have an aryan gf?

popularity: 63

"14 danish men sings at quran burning" https://m.youtube.com...

"14 danish men sings at quran burning" https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xH398NOdPLY