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Estonia, Ireland and Finland have the smartest European students

Listen mongoloids.
those countries have the least amount of niggers and sandniggers.
the other Euro countries statistics, minus the shitskins, would have the same result as these 3.

its the same with guns in the US. America has the same gun crime stats as Europe or ANZ...if you count white gun crime only. America does not have a gun problem. it has a Nigger-Spic problem.

statistics, faggots, learn it.
Western maths taught in school is absolute childish tier. Eastern Europe kids need to learn calculus and trigonometry in 8th grade while english mutts draw and shit.
How did Greece go from the intellectual giant of the world to this? Shame!

It's socially acceptable to be a Nazi in Estonia

It's socially acceptable to be a Nazi in Estonia

Meanwhile in the (((Land Of The Free™))) your life is ruined for being a white man who openly opposes globohomo niggerdom.
>Talks about nazis in estonia
>Doesn't even post estonian related pic

As you can see, this is a russian girl
>Posting jewish occult picture

OP is a fag
>Baphomet picture on the wall
Yeah, that's a cringe from me. Western culture comes from the church and the Roman tradition.