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Estonia thread

a thread about the greatest country on earth, Estonia.

amerimutts will be seething.

Stop dragging attention to yourself if you want to stay based you absolute fucking retard.
>amerimutts will be seething.
We will?
I'm just sitting here with my coffee thinking:
>Estonia? You mean Discount Finland? Why would I seethe about that?
What I know about Estonia:
It's flat, more or less. Some little islands. You could stand in Tallinn, throw a rock and hit Finland. Lots of boats. Tallinn itself looks nice.
Other than that?
Not much.
Baltic states are russian clay,u faggots will be pumped and dumped again.
Seethe more faggots.

Estonia is based #1 country in the world. Prove me Wrong

- Can smoke cannabis in front of cops, they wont arrest u, almost as good as decriminalised (dont try it tho)

- More blue eyed people per capita than anywhere else in the world

-Wages are ok, enough for ppl to buy flat screen tvs and pizza night a couple times a week

-Dat coastal position, lots of ppl have seaside or lake side (lake peipus) villas and live da confort life

- Plenty of islands, can go summer cruisin on a smaller or bigger island and live sexy life there

- Women are slim, fatties are far and few between

- Growth country, so wages are going up most years

- Women generally medium-tall, usually can date them before marrying, they can respect guy needing sex 3-4 times a week

- Based location 50 miles across sea from finnish capital of Helsinki means u can hang out with finnf*gs in pubs and drink beer with them. Finnf*gs are cool!

- Swedunndunns sometimes come to visit their ancestral land (dat west estonian swedish genetics, uhhuh even I have dat swedish blood in me)

- No cons. DOnt believe me? Come visit. We arent racists so africabros are also welcome

Kuule piider, milles probleem - kas homourgaste sulgemine on sitaaugu sügelema ajanud?
Estonians are ugly
I don't knwo who started the cliche that they look good
I'm Chinese am I welcome?