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So Estonia is the smartest, Norway is the richest, Sweden...

So Estonia is the smartest,

Norway is the richest,

Sweden is the cuckest,

Poland is the best at building concentration camps,

What's your country the best at?

We're the best at getting other countries horny for our clay.
Building rape dungeons

Estonia thread

a thread about the greatest country on earth, Estonia.

amerimutts will be seething.

Stop dragging attention to yourself if you want to stay based you absolute fucking retard.
>amerimutts will be seething.
We will?
I'm just sitting here with my coffee thinking:
>Estonia? You mean Discount Finland? Why would I seethe about that?
What I know about Estonia:
It's flat, more or less. Some little islands. You could stand in Tallinn, throw a rock and hit Finland. Lots of boats. Tallinn itself looks nice.
Other than that?
Not much.
Baltic states are russian clay,u faggots will be pumped and dumped again.
Seethe more faggots.