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The Republic of Estonia turned 29 years old today. Say somet...

The Republic of Estonia turned 29 years old today.
Say something nice about it.
Feels like home. Bretty comfy in the summer.
You didn't get official independence until sept
Idk much about it, but those two islands look pretty cool
Eesti on beesti :DDDD
You should prolly join up with Latvia and Lithuania and recreate the Lithuanian Empire. Fuck Russia AND the EU. God bless
>Say something nice about it.
The age of sexual consent is 14.
joggers fuck off
kikes fuck off
mutts fuck off
ladyboys fuck off
germans fuck off
russians fuck off
refugees fuck off

thats as nice as i can be
Literally who: the country.
Estonia would be speaking Finnish if we didn't save it. Happy 29th.
Schmäppy Schmörsdäy, Schmestonia!
congratulations, eesti
based poor country that somewhat resembles a white nation
first in europe to be juden-frei in ww2
I cherish your independence my eesti frem. You balts got off easily, you didnt get any russian backed separatist movements after breaking off from s*viet """union""" and you are the only ex-ussr countries to join eu
They have some russians inside. Not enough, but there are.
You guys have the highest AIDS rate outside of Africa so congratz on that i guess
Prettiest flag out of all of them. I love winter mornings when I can see it occur naturally on the tree line
Return Narva finngolian baltshit
I've never been in your country. And that's my birthday present for Estonia!
I played as you in HoI4 and unified the Baltics as a fascist state then invaded the Soviets alongside Germany and got half of their territory. So, yeah.
hurry up
by the age of 30 90% of your eggs will dry up
you have islands? didnt know that
Happy Birthday!
No VAT on silver, nice job!
Best sex I ever had.
Congratuallations let's hope the Baltic sea will continue to make our countries prosper
Nice country, very comfy and probably the best Baltic country (never been to Latvia so not sure)
artor rehi is based as fuck!
I was in Tallinn some years ago and it was a very nice city. You're all very good looking, friendly people and I learned just now that your country and I have the exact same birthday.
Happy country day or whatever you say over there, friends!
>t. 29 year old boomer
Viru Valge
Your republic is... ESTONISHING
The most cucked baltic state.
Estland is Bestland
Nice place but some russians are fucking retarded to be honest.

Many problems in Estonia are due to Russian retards.

Nice girls over there.
We're the same age! Hopefully Estonia out lives me!
Never had independence and even now suck a eu cock. Your nation has no pride and does not deserve to exist.
All the best! Keep your spirit high! Should drop in someday, preferably by yacht :-)
How can I move to Estonia? I am white and American.
Happy birthday comrade!
Your beer used to be extremely cheap, not sure if that is the case still
I plan to go on a roadtrip from where i live (Szczecin) to Tallinn, any protips? What to see? How are the prices of food, hotels and gasoline?
Nice country, I did not saw a single Jogger there.
Sadly the alcohol is expensive.
Estonia has been a republic longer than that.
who the fuck is estonia?
Happy birthday Estonia
I like the colors of your flag
i was born there, nice place
I love Estonia and I'm sorry that our faggot government was trying to push diversity on you guys
Great people, beautiful scenery, delicious food, astonishing beer. Truly an honor to be so close to your nation. Delightful language as well.
Head Taasiseseisvumispäev
God bless the our white parlamentary republic :)
I've been to Estonia once. Its a nice place. Looks like Scandinavia but everyone's white
You guys have cool flag colors and qt3.14 women, I wish I could understand your language
P sure i drew a map of estonia getting raped by Russia, once. That's about all I have to say about estonia.
Your country is fake, Hail Russia
Happy birthday!
Based balticbro
They make decent (but expensive) vodka I guess.
arent you the place that sweden conquered temporarily and now LARP as scandanavians every now and then?
I just want to officially thank everyone for the nice posts. I enjoyed reading them.