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Estonia is pure white and bas.....

Explain this right now you Estonian cunts

The face of a man who would willingly participate in his own political assassination
What 45% atheism does to a mf
Nice legs
I’m convinced they MKULTRA’d this kid. Maybe they thought he’d be too much of a force in the future or something. There’s not logical reason for this.
Soon to be common in Belarus if these Globohomo pawn protesters succeed.
Honestly I feel bad for the dad. No effort in the son trying to hide it.
What the fuck eestibro?
What the hell is even that?
Shes probably done as president in the next election.
>Estonia is a parliamentary republic in which the president is a ceremonial figurehead with no executive power.
I hoenstly wouldn't know what I'll do if my son insisted to be a ladyboy.
I'm guessing that the elites molest their children and then shower them with money.
>Scott's Humor
The future of all whitebois. You can’t help it. Surrender to BBC
Look into what came out of Estonia in the mid 1800s. Brace yourself for it because the level of subversive kikery that festered there is mind blowing.
isnt there a guy part of the government (and 2nd in charge of his party) who said their immigration policy should be 'if its black, send it back'
>pic related is the son of the Argentinian President

it was doomed form the start
No we weren't faggot
The husband looks miserable.
Jesus Christ.
Arent they one of the most ATHEIST nations? There goes that claim to basedness
uh who is who in this pic
It was award ceremony for anti violence stuff, they purposely left that one name out of submission to the minister

He then started talking how traditional family is danger for kids and we must break it and all old people must die. He is notorious estophobe who called our national song festival as nationalist propaganda and Estonia doesnt exist

Then the news became very big, I think most shares ever on article , minister revoked everything all awards first because his name wasn't in the list for awards and because of his speech. The news comments are /ee/ tier. I say this event is good we need mkre desu because society is getting redpilled very hard very quickk
Atheist always become fags
Really heysus riced why.
>Child education in Estonia
>countries with a 20%+ shitskin population trying to bully Eesti

There's sure a lot of assuming ITT, but I'm not surprised. If I couldn't live a day without seeing a jogger, a pajeet, an asian or any other shitskin I'd also be eternally butthurt.
It's MA'AM
WTF nooooo I thought Estonia was based
Is that left to right?
There aren't even any Jews in Estonia to do this. It's just further evidence that white people are inherently a cuckold effeminate race. It's genetic
Loos like Estonia is need of the return of the KARL BOGA!
False information.
The older man is the minister of justice and the ladyboy is some communist who got an award from preventing violence.

The minister took the award back from the ladyboy a few days later though.
This deserves an honor killing
that hurts to watch, hitler was truly the second coming of Jesus and we all betrayed him like judas
>Gets Mogged by the even purer white nation Argentina.
They wanted to be freed off Russia. This is the price they chose to pay. Don't feel sorry for them for a second.
Fucking kek
Funny-tragic thread.
I bet that these 1.5 meters is the shortest distance between the father the and son in the last few years.
they are waking up soon.
The tomboy girl on the right has nice legs
American Imperialism is truly an evil
Estonia is like 40% Russian and like 10% of the Russians have HIV, Estonia is very not based.
>Discussion in Estonia about tolerance and integration has focused mainly on the cultural and linguistic divide between the Estonian and Russian communities. Looking forward, the GOE intends to broaden its Integration Action Plan to include initiatives designed to address integration of new, and non-European, arrivals. The timing is auspicious. In the wake of several racially-motivated incidents involving Embassy staff and the wider diplomatic community, on March 2 the Ambassador initiated a Tolerance Action Plan to raise awareness and sensitivity with GOE officials, law enforcement, academics, NGOs, and with the Estonian public.

>While Estonia's minority population (of non-European descent) is tiny, membership in the EU, rapid economic growth, growing tourism, and declining birthrates will increase immigration pressure and potentially lead to an increase in the number of racial minorities (i.e., foreign workers, students, tourists, immigrants, etc.).

>Estonian authorities ought to add the teaching of the benefits of diversity and living in a multicultural society in school programs.

>On April 18 Post hosted a DVC between the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Estonian working-level government officials (national and local) and NGOs to discuss promoting tolerance in education and sharing best practices. The Estonian participants found the SPLC's relationship with local government and law enforcement very informative, and the SPLC has promised to share its latest tolerance material for use and adaptation by Estonian officials.


Masonic humiliation ritual?
all fags have terrible mothers & absent fathers
my god, the look in his eyes. haunting. its all gone and its never coming back.
Well, you guys atleast don't have lying jew as a president.
If Europe is to prevail, liberal Western democracies will have to be destroyed.
Dear God,
I feel for fathers like that.
You are stucked forever with an embarrassing degenrate and your hopes and dreams for a family are shattered forever.
Why even stay?
Lmao that woman is president. This cunt can't even run her family. And look at the fat cuck. Anyway the puppets chosen by the west to rule its colonies do really suck.
How can someone let themself reach such a level of degeneracy and pose publicly in front of their own father like that.
russia will take over the baltics no problem with sons like that... LOL
I want to penetrate that son
>Female “president “
>Her “son”

Bring the fire. Urgently
Im not surprised
What in gosh darnnations is this? Where have they been hiding this?!?!
the composition of that photo seems purposefully jarring and unsettling
If my son would do this, I would go fishing with him and there very likely would be a terrible accident.
estonia, did you forget last time we had commies in charge ????
Her legs are so crooked. They look like the fucking XRP logo.
Baltic buffer states are pathetic eu/us lapdogs and germ larpers so they are cringe and pathetic.
And to think the same cucks are helping protestors in Belarus, they want Belarus to become the cuckshed of a country like theis are.
Estonians are finno-ugrians, who try to cope Sweden in everything. The opposite of pure white and based.
>Trans son
>Beaming mother
>Depressed father
Another one to add to the collage
We may need to bring back Eugenics programs again. Because clearly we have crossed the Rubicon.
wealth and power comes at a price


The west is degenrate more news at 11
Just look at them shoulders
Damn man does he dislocates those too when he fully transitions?
No way he leaves himself like this.
Esti stepping up to the plate for professional junkie league.
That's not her son, that's an activist provokateur and he did this to present himself vulnerable/target for mockery, he wants to bring attention to the low age of consent (14) in the country that has to be raised. And the older man is not the husband, but Minister of Justice.
Mitä vittuu?
fake and junkie

"Yesterday, President Kirsty Callaid and Justice Minister Raivo Aeg awarded people who have contributed to the prevention of violence. Writer Mikk Pärnits was invited to the stage thanks to the launch of the Instagram campaign "It's not OK". He went on stage in a pink mini-dress and high heels shoes, writes. "
>estonia is pozzed
Whoa there, stop the press!