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is Estonia really forcing Russians, 25 % of population, to s...

is Estonia really forcing Russians, 25 % of population, to speak their disgusting language ?
Russian should be made official language in Baltic countries.
Why is the EU silent about this brutal violation of human rights?
>Estonian language disgusting
>Says a Russian
Fuck off.

Russian speaking slavs should either conform to Estonian culture or fucking leave. The Baltic states will always be 10x more beautiful and respectable than your shithole, Ivan.
maybe they should fuck off back to Russia?

if not happy go back to Russia
Lmao, better than being raped, pillaged and sent to labor camps.
Wow, what a horrible punishment for invasion and attempted genocide. I can''t even...
>Live in Estonia
>"forced" to speak Estonian
No one is forcing them to stay in Estonia if there is a problem. There is a country with a lot of free space where the main language is russian not far away.
Well, they could always leave...
Russia should annex Estonia or create their own Kosovo. If West could fuck with Serbia. Russia can do same.
me no hablo nigger so have this aliens passport and fuck off back to the moon
Hope they fucking are.
Any cuck who isnt willing to force the forigners in their country to speak their own language is beyond discuss
If russians dont like it they should get the fuck out of estonia
Russians are illegal immigrants in Estonia.
They arrived in Estonia like mexicans in California.
You do not belong there.

You are lucky you're not genocided, subhuman slavshit
then pick up your shit and get the FUCK out, oh wait, even you know how big of a fucking shithole Russia is so you'd never actually go home. im really fucking tired of you European niggers

>lives in a country for 30 years
>refuses to learn the native language

Russians are literally the niggers of the East.
they arent forcing shit, just barking like dogs, in high school estonian exams russian speaking pupils have been outscoring estonians every year
Oh boo fucking hoo Russia why should a minority population be allowed by the people whose country it is to just live in there and not even have the courtesy to speak the language?
Also it’s a matter of interest for both Russians and Estonians/Latvians to clean up the beautiful north from nonwhite subhumans like georgians, tatars and armenians that the USSR brought
I hope so
Idi Nahyu Durak
Whenever someone wonders if Russians are literal niggers you can point to Estonia and there's no counter argument.
They aren't doing enough from banning their Russian minority from speaking their disgusting slavnigger language.
whatchu gonna do about it pepik? lmao

You heard it in this thread. They allready forced lots of russians out and try their best to wipe out the remaining.
When the EU makes a new refugedeal the fasict allwaysrussiahating baltic people will find a knew enemy and gonna wish us back.
A finno - ugrian from russia says to you: go fuck yourself, katsap

>live in foreign country
>refuse to speak native language

Russians are a mistake
> Estonian language

Estonia for russians, all world for russians.
no one is forcing them to speak estonian, russian is just a useless language which will die off naturally
They could just leave
Wouldn’t it be disrespectful to live in a country and not speak their language?
>How dare they not allow me to speak Russian in Estonia? This country should cater to my needs
Nuke Russia, publicly rape Putin's ass on national TV. Fuck what Russia wants.
russians know they are lower than niggers who escape to europe on boats, at least they learn language of the natives
russians can't even learn to use human alphabet, that's why they larp so hard about "muh empire" "muh ussr" "muh stalin muh lenin muh putin". inferiority complex at hand
Nobody is going to war with Russia for them.
Leave balts alone fucking slavniggers
>American message board

who gives a fuck, you dumb nigger? The only thing good about either of your countries is the number of girls that blacked.com hires and exploits. Your skank girls are approx 60% of the whores getting nigger fucked on blacked.com
It isn't fair, I agree. Russians are too stupid to learn and they should gas them all instead
If they don't like it, the gates are open to go back
You dont like it? LEAVE. Good job to estonia.
>5 people protesting
oh no quick burn the constitution
If they don't like it, they should go to Russia. What is it about foreigners and their entitlement on other countries?

>move to another country that consists of a single ethnicity and its language, culture, and tradition
>move there against the will of the natives, so they don't get any ideas about seceding from the USSR
>USSR collapses, you're still there thirty years later
>Russians living in Georgia start a war and break off from Georgia, stealing Georgian clay and giving it to Russia
>Russians living in Ukraine do the exact same shit a few years later
>Russia threatens to do the exact same shit to the Baltics
>"oy vey, comrades, why do dese people expect me to speak their language and assimilate into their culture while I am living uninvited in their country?"

You're as bad as the fucking Jews.

I hope so.

When I was in the Estonian military I knew Russians who couldn't speak ANYTHING except the most basic words.

I'm Russian myself but I don't want to be associated with these niggers or work as a translator.
All Estonians should just learn polish and happily join Three Sea Empire
Estonians should speak Estonian first and English second. Russian should be suppressed by law.
Drink your vodka and jump down one of your commie blocks faggot
The Russian border isn't that many kilometers away. They can pick their alcoholic asses up and move to Russia if they don't want to learn Estonian.
>Live in 17mill km2 country.
>"No, I want to move here, to this 45k km2 spot where they don't speak my language and be upset about it"
>russians oppress every minority they can get their hands on
>bitch about others doing the same
ultimate dindu nuffins
You have enough land to shit up, fuck off.